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  1. ❤️   Thanks for following me! ❤️  

  2. guapetón 

  3. They tell you to submit a feedback ticket so that you have a concrete answer to the situation you have experienced, the managers will not give you an answer of something concrete that has happened to you for everyone to look at that answer. You will never know what the manager's answer is if you don't send the feedback, your argument is completely wrong.
  4. heyy hope you are well and hope you appreciate my reply to you in a thread 🙂 

  5. Buenas noches. Hasta donde tengo entendido, la comunidad latina esta conforme con nuestro trabajo, incluso nos piden ayuda cuando lo necesitan y les damos asistencia cada vez que podemos. Es una lastima que cierta parte de la comunidad solo nos insulte y nos trate mal sistematicamente, y despues se queje cuando son baneados por cometer violaciones a las reglas de TruckersMP. Tienen el sistema de Feedbacks disponible si tienen pruebas de lo contrario y estan disconformes con nuestro accionar. Saludos cordiales Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator Trainer
  6. Hello. I understand your frustration you might have at that moment while a player was using his time to troll other people, but I think that you are ignoring something very important... You said: Each member of the Staff is a real person, just like you or any other user, who has a real life and priorities just like any other person. It's not a paid job, we are all volunteers who invest our free time in TruckersMP in each sector, providing help to users, moderating the servers and dealing with reports, creating new events and objets / new cars for you, etc. But, as I have said before, we have a life behind this monitor that we must take care of, we have a family that we must support, a job that we must attend, time with friends and free time that we need to use for other things. This means that we are people just like you and we deserve to use our time for other things too, just like you. You, as well as all users, have the report system available to use in case there is no GM present to deal with the situation. By simply recording the situation and creating a report you can make a change so that the player will be sanctioned according to our rules. In addition, Euro Truck Simulator 2 map is a huge map, if you have the map extensions it is even larger, and if you have the Promods the map is huge enough to spend hours and hours driving all over the places. If you have a problem at a single point on the road, just make a report against the user and then you can choose another point to continue driving, the CD route is not the only route on the map. Here are two guides to help you to capture a valid piece of evidence and create a valid report: How to use the Report System How to Record In-game & Upload Evidence One point must not be forgotten: the TruckersMP Staff are people too, real persons, with a real life and priorities just like all of you, we have a job IRL to attend, a family and friends to share our time too, other games to play, and time to sleep, just like you. We always dedicate our time to the TruckersMP Community and we perform our tasks giving our best as we can for all of you. But we are normal people at the end of the day, just like all of you. Kind regards, Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator Trainer
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