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  1. Mystere

    TruckersMP for Linux

    Hello! Unfortunately the TMP Launcher only supports Windows. What you can do is install a windows OS on a separate partition, and in that case you would have linux and windows on the same pc I hope i solved your problem Kind regards
  2. Hello! I use Logitech G27 with shift lever and clutch. it's very comfortable, once you use it you don't want to go back to the keyboard and mouse
  3. Hello! The option you have is to copy the @ and paste it when you need it with CTRL + V. Another option you have is when you need to put the character put ALT + 64 (with numeric keyboard) I hope I have helped you! Kind regards
  4. Hello again! As @[BAR] Drexyy said, try "Verify game cache" option. -After that step I ask you to delete the Promods files and leave the Mod folder without any files. -When you no longer have any mod in your folder, try to enter the normal MP server. If you manage to enter the server, it means there is a problem with your Promods files. -After you have done that, please extract the files once again from the downloaded ProMods Archives. -After this "Reinstallation" of ProMods is done, please try again to launch TruckersMP ProMods. Please let us know if these tips were helpful or not, to continue helping you. Kind regards
  5. Good week to everyone! Drive safe and stay home 👌




    1. KneyS



      I wish you a nice and healthy week. 👍

    2. Mystere


      You too buddy!

    3. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Hey,Have fun!!😉

  6. Hello! Try the following: -Must have at least 2 garages -Travel from one garage to another by "quick trip" Tell us if the advice was helpful Kind regards
  7. Try the following. When you stop playing in SP, make sure the truck you chose last time (the one you drive) is a game truck (not mod). Then enter the MP, the server will disable your truck mod as it doesn't allow any external mod. drive a short stretch and then close MP to return to SP. If it works as the Skoda mod, as long as you start MP with a truck in the game and don't try to use the truck mod in MP, the truck mod will remain saved in the truck list and you can use it when you return to SP. In the case that this is not the case, unfortunately you must clone your profile and use one for SP and one for MP
  8. Hello! looking at the problem in your image, it may be a problem of some mod. *uninstall TMP completely and reinstall it *Delete all modifications, if desired leave Promods and delete all modifications you have added. It is possible that some mod that has this outdated. Only leave the files that are from Promods (I leave below the files that you must leave in an image) I hope this helped you. Please let us know if these tips were helpful or not, to continue helping you. Regards
  9. Hello! It would be the same situation with the Skoda mod. You must choose a truck from the game when you exit the single and enter the TMP, since if you enter multiplayer with the chosen mod truck, the server will change it for a normal truck. Have a nice weekend!
  10. Mystere


    Hello! You can use the Virtual Speditor program, which allows you to create your own loads specifying the city of departure and arrival, and the load you want to transport. Here below I leave you a video explaining how to use the program. I hope the video has helped you Have a nice weekend!
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