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  1. Helping in your convoys 😉






    1. .Pedro.


      Nice pic.

  2. Amazing photo! PH: @Mingran7❤️



  3. It's a big event, with immense planning behind it. For me it's comforting to see the users enjoy an event that we do together, so yes, I love this kind of events. I'm waiting for the next Real Operations
  4. Buenos dias! Con respecto a lo que usted esta tratando de debatir en este momento creo que es inadecuado debido a que usted esta debatiendo acerca de tu propio ban. Esto es una violación a la regla 4.2 de TruckersMP. Usted debería apelar al ban que usted tiene y esperar la respuesta del moderador que te ha baneado, ese es el lugar correcto donde usted puede debatir acerca de tu ban y si las reglas de tránsito se aplican en tu caso especifico o no. Saludos cordiales. Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator.
  5. Very nice profile 🙂

    1. Mystere


      thank you!


  6. +1 As a Game Moderator this feature is very useful to issue bans and perform our tasks. I think this feature would also be a great feature for users to identify perpetrators quickly, without having to search them in the tab.
  7. Real Operations 11 is over, I hope everyone enjoyed this great event with us ❤️




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    2. wesleyr99



    3. Santi.


      Muy torcido cheeee :kappa:


    4. RedWolf_TMP


      TruckersMP is awesome team and will never end 🙂❤️ 

  8. Hello @Mike_Knight_1977 Unfortunately TruckersMP is not compatible with any type of VR headset. You can play with your headset in the single player. Kind regards, Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator
  9. Thanks to our developers for the hard work they have done these weeks
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