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  1. Hello. The problem I see here is that many players think that "we should do our job", many times I read the phrase "do your job" when in reality we are volunteers, it's not our job, we don't receive money for being a staff member and as my colleague said in a message above we do the moderation tasks in our free time. Behind the role of game moderator there is a person who has responsibilities, has a job, has to study, or simply has to do his life like the rest of you, the moderators also want to enjoy other games, enjoy the day with their friends, we don't have to be all day on the server to control users and ban people. If you join on the server and you only drive on the CD route then you must understand that this kind of situations happen frequently, you must be patient and adapt to the route that you have chosen to drive. For that reason you have the necessary tools to report the player. There is an extensive map that you can travel freely, you can expand the base map with the DLCs and drive with more tranquility if you wish. So the problem is not if there are few moderators, the problem is the lack of patience of the player and also the choice of a route that is known for the high congestion of players and the problems caused by players who circulate on that route and only play to annoy other players. I believe that, from the staff side, we do our best to provide a correct service, but don't forget that we are people, and that we are volunteers. Use the tools to report annoying players, that way you can help us.
  2. Hello @[B.A.P A-07] Coca.Cola You can have one or several accounts if you wish. Answering your questions, if you have several accounts and none of them has a ban you don't need to be alarmed, you will not be banned for having several accounts. If one of your accounts is banned you cannot log in to the other accounts to avoid the ban and continue playing, you must wait until the ban ends to use that account or any other account you have or play in single player until your ban expires. If you have one or more accounts and none of them are banned = You will not be banned. If you have one or more accounts, you have been banned and you use one of your other accounts = You will be banned in all accounts. If you have one or more accounts, you have been banned but do not use the accounts until your ban expires = You will not be banned in the other accounts because technically you are not evading the ban, you are just waiting for your ban to expire. I hope my answer will help you to solve your doubt. Kind regards, Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator.
  3. "I need a tow truck, my police car is too low"




  4. Hola @Hernan84 La sección de ayuda, sea en el idioma que sea, se modera para dar una respuesta clara y apropiada al usuario que esta preguntando. Si tu comentario tiene información que ayuda al usuario que ha preguntado se publicara tu respuesta. Caso contrario, si tu respuesta a la pregunta del usuario tiene información ya escrita por otro jugador, información innecesaria o que no ayuda a responder la pregunta del usuario tu comentario sera evitado para no confundir al usuario. Incluso tu pregunta actual esta siendo moderada. Saludos cordiales, Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator
  5. Hola @castigador301 El equipo de moderación califica la calidad de los reportes que los usuarios realizan, para ayudar a eliminar la mayoría de los reportes que no son utiles o que son reportes sin sentido. Cuantos mas reportes con puntuación positiva presentes usted podrá realizar mas reportes, caso contrario si usted presenta reportes con una calificación negativa usted podrá realizar menos reportes. Es posible que tu puntuación ha llegado a 0 y usted no pueda volver a reportar a otro usuario. Para mas informacion puedes visitar este link https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/83 Saludos cordiales, Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator.
  6. Hey! Thank you for your follow! 😁

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  8. Wee Woo 🚔




  9. Thanks for the follow! 😁

  10. Hola! Ese problema se produce cuando el launcher no se ha actualizado correctamente o tenes un launcher antiguo. Para arreglar ese problema usted debe abrir el launcher y pulsar la tecla F1. El launcher te pedira que lo actualices, tocas el boton para actualizar y el launcher descargara los archivos necesarios para actualizarlo. Con esto tu problema estará solucionado. Saludos! Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator.
  11. Hello! As mentioned above, TruckersMP only works with Windows OS. The only way you could try is to build a "virtual PC" with Windows OS on your current PC. This way you will have Linux as your main OS, then you will run your virtual PC with Windows and you will be able to run programs that only use that OS. The only disadvantage would be that you will have to open the virtual PC every time you want to play TruckersMP or any other program that uses only Windows. Kind regards, Mystere TruckersMP Game Moderator.
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