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  4. Hello everybody, After looking at this topic for a while, I've noticed that certain people aren't quite replying in an appropriate way. Whilst some people have more knowledge of something and others have less knowledge, there's no reason to get disrespectful towards anyone. I'd kindly like to ask everybody discussing this topic here to remain calm and respectful towards each other. We do not need any heated arguments or comments here. If the situation is not going to improve after this message, we will take necessary action against the people in question and / or close the topic, d
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  10. Hey! Whilst I've "only" been on TMP for around two years now, I also think that people greeting each other has degraded quite a bit by now. But let's get to your questions, shall we? 1. How do you react to passersby? Do you honk, flash lights, chat, etc? Usually, if someone greets me, I'll flash my light-horn, or use the normal horn (if it works). I don't really use the chat though, only if it's friends that greet me 2. In your experience, how do passersby react to you? Any reaction at all? I don't really greet "to" anyone anymore, unless for friends, a
  11. Hello @Trucker_Nathan, First off, thank you very much for starting a new discussion on our forum :)! Unfortunately though, I have to inform you that this is not the correct place to advertise your VTC. We have a dedicated VTC System which you can find here, which is the correct place for such matters. Additionally, you can advertise your VTC on our official Discord Guild, but keep in mind you have to fulfil certain requirements to post in the corresponding channel. If you'd like to learn how to be a part of our Discord Guild, I suggest you to look at this Knowledge Base Article. Once you'
  12. Hello everyone, I'd like remind you all to remain calm and keep a nice and friendly chatting environment :)! This might be a difficult topic with lots of different opinions, but that doesn't mean that there's only one perfect opinion everyone needs to agree with. I personally wouldn't mind if the speed-limit was "only" 90km/h, as I prefer more realistic driving than arcade-like driving, which can sometimes be seen on our servers. If you disagree with me or someone else here, then that's totally fine. You might wanna add something to the topic by sharing your opinion, your welcome
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  14. Ger.: //Post wurde nach Anfrage / Änderungen archiviert Eng.: //Post has been archived after requesting it / changes.
  15. Hello @Carl Langford, Please do not take matters into your own hand like this. As said before, this just makes you open to being banned as well, if they report you with valid evidence. No matter how many times you get trolled (or similar), you should never ram them as some sort of revenge. Doing it is simply being just as bad as the trolls themselves. Instead I highly suggest you to just ignore them, let them do their thing and record them, so that you can later report them on our website and we can take appropriate action against them (check this guide out for some recording prog
  16. Ger.: //In die Hilfe-Sektion verschoben Eng.: //Moved to Help Section
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