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  1. Type of event: Truckfest/Convoy Server name: 48th Victory Day of Bangladesh URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/90642-16th-december-2019-bangladesh-48th-victory-day-convoy/ Organiser: @Late_Comer Date and hour of the event: Start at 16 Dec 11:00 - End at 16 Dec 20:00 Participants: https://ets2c.com/view/83900/efatshikder-praha-service-station Event Rules: 1.All truckers Mp rules will be applied for event members. {Some rules will be disabled for event staff} 2.You have to join server before 5 minute left for the convoy. 3.There will be a 1 hour truckfest before Convoy.You are allowed to park with trailer in truckfest but only for good looking. Without trailer you can't join the convoy. 4.Becons will be disabled for everyone except Convoy leader,Convoy tail and Truckers MP staff. 5.Free roaming is disabled. If you need oil or something please park the car outside of convoy lane and let Event CC guide you. 6.Overtaking not allowed for members. 7.Please do not use horn in convoy or truckfest. 8.Event staff and TMP Staff are allowed to use cars.If you use car in convoy you will be kicked from the server. 9.Please keep 50 meter distance from your front truck to avoid any collusion.
  2. [GAME MODERATOR] @[RLC] Martin has been promoted to the Game Moderator Leader role. [GAME MODERATOR] @[WTLVTC] TheGoodGuy1515 has been promoted to the Game Moderator Leader role.
  3. The reason for which we won't enforce this rule is because we have applied it for a long time, ever since the Europoort times and know that it doesn't work. It has been proven that kicking players for parking in busy areas indeed reduces lags, however it also steals an enormous amount of work to our staff members that need to focus on more important matters than people parking on a sidewalk or an NCZ without impeding anyone. This is also the main reason why the old 2.7 rule was removed. Another issues is that as soon as staff leaves an area, people will immediately start parking there, making staff efforts null.
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  12. [GAME MODERATOR] @[Интегра] ResTed rejoins the Game Moderator Leader role. [GAME MODERATOR] @LaserX joins the Event Team while remaining in the Game Moderation Team.
  13. @Greenfox According to your idea we would inevitably see people driving through each others in all servers and intentionally trolling other players with the ghost mode by slowing down and speeding up triggering the ghost mode to be enabled and disabled constantly. Without considering all the unattentive players that would be totally unaware of their ghost mode and drive through or against other players. Same goes for the ghost mode to prevent blocking, to counter that I could just drive back and forth a road by going 2 km/h and still be able to avoid the kick for hours, or I'd get kicked while sitting at traffic lights, for stopping to refuel or simply parking for a few minutes. As I said above, we are very well aware of what we do and it's likely that if we haven't done an idea you might have, it's because we already thought about it years ago and fully know it won't work as it should. Even then, we're open to suggestions but post them in the appropriate places if you want them to be listened at and most of all, do start to think that TruckersMP staff members are not here spending our free time to annoy people and intentionally overcomplicating things, but doing stuff according to accurate analysis of our data, from bans, to reports and usual driving behaviour. I often have to find myself to say that when TruckersMP provides all these services for free (forums, support, servers, feedback, knowledge base system, events, ...) it is extremely unpleasant to us to be considered as scatterbrained people that do stuff with barely any cognition of how stuff works. And despite all that, look at the effort the whole team makes to make everything run: you spend your free time to play, we spend our free time to ensure you can play. A suggestion for many people that will always be useful for everyone is to be openminded and be able to see the bigger picture and not only see what matters for yourself or a closed circle of people.
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