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  1. Following the previous statement, I can now confirm the rules were slightly updated for added clarity. However, since the violations we've spotted have always been against rules, any ban that had been issued up to this point will not be reverted. I wish everyone a nice weekend. §2.1 - Hacking/Bug/Feature abusing - PERMANENT BAN §5.1 - Server Auto Kicks
  2. Good afternoon everyone, A minor rule update will be coming soon in order to clear out some doubts many players have been forwarding us in the past hours, however, before that happens I would like to clear out some confusion here. While basically any sort of save editing is allowed (unless excessive and that affects other players), you also have to consider the other rules too. More specifically, the auto-kick features that our servers have, mentioned in the rule §5.1. Players will get automatically kicked from the servers for the following (plus the other things mentioned in the rules): Using a truck trailer with the Scout car; Using a caravan with any truck; Using unsupported accessories (such as the trailers contained in the Special Cargo DLC, both for ATS and ETS2). For this reason, using save editing to go around the servers' auto-kicks is classed as Bug Abusing and subject to a Permanent ban according to the rule §2.1. Please keep in mind that using unsupported DLCs (especially through save editing) and going around server automated kicks has always been against rules and it still is. Thank you for understanding.
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  4. Hello everyone, We have accurately read your positive and negative feedback on the latest changes on TruckersMP rules. Feedback has been taken on board and we will immediately start discussing internally on further improvements following your comments. In order to clear out some doubts, I can definitely state that most save editing changes were implemented for two main reasons: Constant abuse from certain players, especially caused by the almost infinite amount of possibilities that the save editing techniques allow for; Clear misunderstanding of the rules both from players and staff members, which forced us to increase restrictions and write down clearer limitations. Our focus is to ensure everyone can understand easily the rules, also thanks to the brand new guide we have written (which will hopefully be translated in many languages). We totally understand the genuine part of the save editing community and we will work to find a good compromise that can accomodate the most common modifications in order to let players create their favourite real life trucks in-game and show them off on our servers without causing any issues to other players or rolling away from the simulation environment we're looking for. Eventual changes will be promptly announced on this topic and made clear on TruckersMP rules and the Knowledge Base system, stay tuned for further announcements on this matter. Kind Regards, Marco6158
  5. Hello Truckers! New year, new changes. Fresh into 2020, we’d like to announce some big changes that we’ve been making to TruckersMP which revolve around our rules, player punishments, and save editing. As many of you know, we have been steadily moving more towards a simulation environment since last year while trying to bring TMP back in line with the vision of ETS2 and ATS. Still however we face many users who only seem to be here to ruin other players' experiences. Below you can find an overview of the big changes that we’re making which should begin to address some of these issues. Major Rule Changes Ban History The biggest change that we’re making is a modification to how we handle bans due to overall ban history. We are now lowering the amount of overall bans a player can receive in a single rolling year to five, with the removal of the 3 months due to history punishment, this will be effective immediately. This means that if you currently have 4 active bans on your profile, your next ban will be permanent should you receive another ban within your current ban history. If you currently have 5 bans, you will not be banned immediately under the new rule. Be aware that if you are banned again, it will be permanent so long as the active history supports it. Also, if you receive a secondary history ban at any time, it will be extended to permanent. Punishment Length Changes In addition to the changes in how we handle ban history, we are also changing the punishment lengths for the offenses that are listed in our Game only rules. Players that are found to be breaking the rules will begin to receive much longer sentences than in the past. We are also becoming more strict on what we consider to be “kick-only offenses” as well. We ask that all players be mindful of how you choose to drive. Save Editing Changes Much of the save editing rules were done for added clarity, however there are a few big changes to the save editing rules: We now do not allow users to mix different trailer types in doubles and triples. We are lowering the amount of duplicated items you may have to one. This goes for both trucks and trailers. Strictly one per each. Following this announcement, we're giving players 7 days time to adapt to the new Save Editing rules you can find here. Additionally, we have made a specific guide to save editing which will explain in depth how rules work and some examples to let you understand what is allowed and what isn't. More can be asked to the Game Management through the feedback system. Happy Trucking, The Game Management --> View post on homepage
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  8. Type of event: Truckfest/Convoy Server name: Epilepsy Awareness URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/87448-28th-march-2020-epilespy-awareness/ Organiser: YamYam281 Date and hour of the event: Start at 28 Mar 11:00 - End at 29 Mar 15:00 Participants: https://ets2c.com/view/81940/yamyam-tartue-baltic Event Rules: Follow all TruckersMP rules and the extra temp rules No overtaking apart from Event supervisor/staff, media & Event Founder/Manager Ensure you leave enough space between yourself and the truck in front of you (5 seconds gap) You must have a truck and trailer apart from CC members and event staff/supervisors, Media, Founder/Manager NO ONE to use cars No spamming of horns, [beacons OFF] and no spamming chat No dangerous/reckless driving if not in the convoy then expect to be kicked from server Drive on the correct side of the road apart from media and event staff/supervisors, Event Founder/Manager and game admins no one to block roads apart from CC, Event staff/supervisors & Event Founder/Manager and game admins No VTC advertising or anything of this sort Type of event: Convoy Server name: R+K Tiger Company URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/91996-convoy-der-rk-tiger-company/ Organiser: homi 98 Date and hour of the event: Start at 22 Feb 18:00 - End at 23 Feb 02:00 Participants: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TJgJQV_7-JJx--Z34YIlNCOyrnYW9vKN7QfVFc_ei-0/edit Event Rules: None Type of event: Convoy Server name: RKVTC is one year old! URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/92041-21st-march-2020-the-first-anniversary-of-rkvtc/ Organiser: RK ^[453]^ ingingiwliwl X Date and hour of the event: Start at 21 Mar 11:00 - End at 22 Mar 11:00 Participants: https://ibb.co/x7xvPRv Event Rules: None Type of event: Convoy Server name: IV Urodziny Firmy Quality-Logist URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/88734-iv-urodziny-firmy-quality-logistics-25012020/ Organiser: DokGrej [PL] Date and hour of the event: Start at 25 Jan 18:00 - End at 26 Jan 00:00 Participants: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/88734-iv-urodziny-firmy-quality-logistics-25012020/ Event Rules: Truckersmp rules Additional rules: No consequences for driving at a red light The possibility of going against the current if the pilot or a part of the convoy overtakes the convoy to get to his company.
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  10. Type of event: Truckfest/Convoy Server name: 48th Victory Day of Bangladesh URL to thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/90642-16th-december-2019-bangladesh-48th-victory-day-convoy/ Organiser: @Late_Comer Date and hour of the event: Start at 16 Dec 11:00 - End at 16 Dec 20:00 Participants: https://ets2c.com/view/83900/efatshikder-praha-service-station Event Rules: 1.All truckers Mp rules will be applied for event members. {Some rules will be disabled for event staff} 2.You have to join server before 5 minute left for the convoy. 3.There will be a 1 hour truckfest before Convoy.You are allowed to park with trailer in truckfest but only for good looking. Without trailer you can't join the convoy. 4.Becons will be disabled for everyone except Convoy leader,Convoy tail and Truckers MP staff. 5.Free roaming is disabled. If you need oil or something please park the car outside of convoy lane and let Event CC guide you. 6.Overtaking not allowed for members. 7.Please do not use horn in convoy or truckfest. 8.Event staff and TMP Staff are allowed to use cars.If you use car in convoy you will be kicked from the server. 9.Please keep 50 meter distance from your front truck to avoid any collusion.
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  12. The reason for which we won't enforce this rule is because we have applied it for a long time, ever since the Europoort times and know that it doesn't work. It has been proven that kicking players for parking in busy areas indeed reduces lags, however it also steals an enormous amount of work to our staff members that need to focus on more important matters than people parking on a sidewalk or an NCZ without impeding anyone. This is also the main reason why the old 2.7 rule was removed. Another issues is that as soon as staff leaves an area, people will immediately start parking there, making staff efforts null.
  13. Have a great birthday marco!  🤘



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