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  1. come faccio a diventare admin sul ets2 mp? grazie spero di avere una risposta




      scusa mi ero sbagliato a scrivere. volevo chiederti how faccio a diventare admin su ets2 mp

    2. marco6158
  2. We have rules put in place for a reason, the only way to deal with trolls is to report them; Going against rules because other do that, is not allowed, never was and never will. Writing you don't want to join the team anymore because we are telling you that what you're doing is against the rules doesn't make any sense. Me and other members of this community are stating a fact, that what you're doing is clearly against our rules: if you don't like the help this community is giving you, and trying to avoid to get a player banned, I can't do nothing else than wishing you good luck and fun with our mod.
  3. What you're doing is also bannable, in case you didn't know.
  4. ETS2 Hidden city

    Considering how close it is to Saint laurent it could be Orléans. Probably not included due to lack of space.
  5. what is that picture

    1. marco6158


      Overly excited parrot

  6. New rank: Trial Admin

    No, they're administrators.
  7. Sempre problemi passando per Calais-Duisburg

    In ogni caso questa non è la vita reale, ci sono delle regole e vanno rispettate, si deve mantenere un ambiente calmo ed educato in ogni situazione. Come puoi vedere stava guardando altrove quindi non può sapere cosa è successo, fatto stà che è contro il regolamento, anche se io personalmente in quel caso non avrei bannato. Tuttavia puoi contattare il feedback di truckersMP se ritieni che il ban sia scorretto.
  8. Ban for a cheater regardless of the history

    No, not at all. You accept rules after registering, it's the newcomer's fault if he didn't read them. And in any case, I have yet to see a game where hacking is allowed.
  9. Happy birthday 

  10. Happy Birthday

  11. Happy Birthday

  12. Happy birthday 

  13. happy birthday mate thank for workıngs us  for gıve tıme for us . I hope you have very good years always

  14. Ban for a cheater regardless of the history

    Even though we never publicly said how we treat cheaters, we have always had internal rules which punish that kind of violation much harder than usual.