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  1. salut, am si eu o problema, am ets 2 ul cumparat un timp a fost totul frumos si dintr o data nu mi mai apare jocul in colectia mea de steam, dece se intampla asta ?
  2. Suggestion Name: GPS Language Suggestion Description: I mean there are a lot of languages in, but Romanian is not in, it's like the language of the game but not like the voice of the gps Why should it be added?:Because it's like translation in the game but not like voice on gps
  3. Thanks for following me! :D

    1. The*MASK**


      no problem m8 ❤️ 

  4. this is true, for example: I'm with skoda I go with 90 and I feel like I go with 70: (((
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