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  1. thanks for the follow @Chev

    1. Chev


      Thank you. 🙂

  2. 487919518_Annotation2020-03-08175003.png.600236512a1080d876435422e8495235.png

    5 years on the forums what a great thing

  3. congratulations @Ratcho for becoming a developer for truckersmp hopefully we can talk on discord soon i have some questions and a favour to ask

  4. thanks for the follow @Silver_xD

  5. happy birthday @Armonk

  6. thanks for the follow

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      You're welcome and thanks for the follow as well! :) 

  7. happy birthday @Krewlex

  8. happy birthday @ShawnCZekI am a bit late in doing it but not too late

  9. thanks for the follow

  10. Happy birthday  my friend ! 

    Do not drive drunk :D The police will issue a fine. 


  11. Happy birthday! ;)

    I remembered that you were born on the same day, but I didn't remember it was the same year as well :wow:

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