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  4. there is a issue with the rest area next to kolico its not a no collision zone and really should be a no collision zone since its a rest area and another issue with the rest area is the players are entering and exiting the rest area wrong from what the road sign show and also duisburg should have a bus station now since thats what the players have been asking for and the city is a lot bigger now
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  11. The buses them self are a good idea and i will be using them sometimes but the players are driving the buses to slowly when driving and another problem is the dbus world client isn't going to work for players who only play on 1 screen i have tried to set up a bus route from calais to dortmond when i hal alt tab out of the game and just says waiting for game to start and when i tab back in the game i am still wating for the bus route to start so there 1 problem and it would be nice to have more paint jobs for the buses where you can have 2 colours and more
  12. the event was alright only saw a few real ops feel like the event could have went on a bit longer
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