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  1. I still am regretful for leaving the team a few days ago. As much as I'd like to go back, I simply can't until certain things are sorted. Until then, TMP, I'll miss you. :wub:

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Dam it, you just slammed the door didn't you.....I just fixed it! You don't have to leave as a player, is it that bad back there? 

  2. DJ Jefferz

    Road to Simulation #2

    This was so needed. A good step.
  3. sad to see you go :( 

  4. Hope you come back 


    Miss you :(

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Maybe one day. Thanks 

  5. Sad to see you go, will miss you :( Thanks for all your hard work in the team and good luck for the future :):wub:Hope we see you back again someday :)

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Maybe you will see me one day. :wub:

  6. You left again, dam :unsure:

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Yea, Sorry.

  7. DJ Jefferz

    What's up with the new TruckersMP gameplay?

    I'd suggest taking a quick look at this.. I'd also just like to make a quick note about your post too. Please remember to look through solved topics before making posts. Whilst I understand you want to find information, a lot is already available without having to make a post. Happy Trucking!
  8. DJ Jefferz


    Reputation is based on when users reply with reaction to any of your posts or comments
  9. DJ Jefferz

    Game relegation

    Can you please provide more information on what you need help with? You're not being very clear in what you want.
  10. DJ Jefferz

    Reports not viewed after half a week.

    Generally, you can see reports taking up to 2 weeks to be answered. There are a few factors which you must consider when waiting for reports to be answered. TMP is completely run by volunteers, this means GMs are not online 24/7 The reporting system is based on first in first out. Meaning your reports are added to the back of the queue. If you have made a report in a different language, that needs to be translated first. Expecting a reply in a few days is not realistic, please be patient while the GMs get to your report. The appropriate action will be taken at some point, so don't worry, your report WILL be dealt with. Additionally, f you really are unsatisfied with the turn around rate of the reports being dealt with, then I suggest that you create a feedback ticket. You can do this at https://truckersmp.com/feedback. Remember, when making a feedback ticket you should always include details. EG, Explain the reasons why you're making the ticket, Explain how it affects you as a player, and suggest how the problem could be solved. Hopefully, this provides more insight for you and you find this answer helpful. All the best!
  11. DJ Jefferz

    Size that can attach photo

    Don't attach picture. Use places like imgur to upload photos and paste the image url where you want your picture to go. https://imgur.com
  12. I can't express how much I have enjoyed Real Ops V7 Today!!. One of the biggest events ever in TruckersMP with a peak of 1600 people on the server. That's amazing! Thanks to everyone involved!

    1. MarkON


      :Tru:Amazing event. +-7 car for staff & a few random event + big cargo + a lot of police




    2. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      The event was a lot of fun today, thank you truckersmp for putting something together. <3

  13. What an amazing event that was!! Really had fun.. Can't wait for the next Real Ops...