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    I'm a very typical guy, I like most normal things like films, food, going out. Abit of a secret intellectual as well I guess
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    Arizona: Tucson
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    The Netherlands: Rotterdam
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Community Answers

  1. To Be Decided Convoy TONIGHT at 20:30 GMT! - https://tbd.rip/dc

  2. Jackbox Party 8 & 9 at 20:30GMT tonight!!! - https://tbd.rip/dc

  3. Tonight is movie night! Join us at 20:30GMT - https://tbd.rip/dc 

  4. Win your Human Fall Flat game now! https://tbd.rip/dc 

  5. VR Chat Escape Rooms TONGIHT @ 20:30 GMT - https://tbd.rip/dc 

  6. Crab Game TONGIHT @ 20:30 GMT - https://tbd.rip/dc

  7. Movie Night with To Be Decided Tonight! 20:30 GMT - https://tbd.rip/dc 

  8. To Be Decided Christmas Calander - https://tbd.rip/dc

  9. Want to win £10 Steam Card? https://tbd.rip/dc 

  10. Tonight is the closing day for votes to pick your favourite name for our members on our server! Head to https://dyno.gg/form/66033043 to vote now!

  11. Annoyingly I won't be able to make it due to having treatment in hospital. Hopefully I can attend the patron convoy next week though!
  12. On Question 2 I can not see "Yes, I drive the speed limit." So I am not able to vote.
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