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  1. DJ Jefferz

    No jobs

    Mods in TruckersMP are not supported EG If you have subscribed to a mod in the steam workshop or downloded a mod and put it in your mod folder, these will only work in single player. As for jobs, Sometimes jobs dont show on the list on TruckerMP. All you need to do is either, A) Find a sleeping spot and sleep b) Press F7 and teleport to a garage C) Teleport to a company garage.
  2. My confusion has cleared now... 

  3. I'm hella confused right now... xD

  4. DJ Jefferz


    Mods aren't supported in TruckersMP. EG if you have subscribed to a mod in the Steam workshop, This won't be support by TruckersMP
  5. It doesn't matter whether it the smallest thing or the worst thing possible if the rules are broken then everyone kinda does have the right to record and report.
  6. DJ Jefferz

    Do your "In-game" reports get looked at?

    I used to be a GM so you don't need to explain the system to me. Alot of GMs are just ignorant to their role and want to be there to look fancy and important. If you want to just drive round the map and be there to participate in the event itself then you should be logged out. As I say 40 reports compared to 100s shouldn't mean reports don't get looked at at events.
  7. DJ Jefferz

    Do your "In-game" reports get looked at?

    I'm sorry but this is going to come across like a rant. Whilst I understand not all reports can be looked at in time on a server like EU2 due to the amount of reports made etc and that it's better to just make a web report, This is what really annoys me, when we are on event servers where there like 5+ GMs and less than a few hundred people playing. I prefer to use the in game reports as you would expect a more instant decision and action. But even after I have still made a IG report no GM bothers to look a majority of the time. I have often also PMed or prompted GMs to my report ID and been told "I'll deal with it" for it not to be dealt with and presented in game with the message "No Action was taken". It just boils my blood when people who are there to do a job, just aren't doing it. There's been an anticipated wait for an improvement of IG reports so lets hope it comes soon and is a good change.
  8. CB could be much better than it is now.. It's a shame everytime I log on all I hear is music, shouting, insults, profanity and just all round crap on the CB. There's not enough moderation around the CB which is why people abuse it so much.
  9. When all you wonna do is this.....

    1. Flindix


      Why would you want to have headaches for doing that :(

    2. _J-M


      Do you even english bro :troll:

  10. DJ Jefferz

    Cargoes better paid

    Yeah, you are now able to filter your job results so you can have the most valuable cargo at the top of the list
  11. Awesome little drive with @Forerunner, @Wheezy, @Sgt_Tailor, @V4NTAGE and [TR] LimaFox BR Tonight! I must do this more often...






    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Nice photos :) Ye must have been somewhere behind me on C-D :thinking:

    2. V4NTAGE


      You got a picture of me :love:

  12. DJ Jefferz

    Story of your username!

    Jefferz was my nickname at school. DJ was because TFM was the first project I joined...
  13. Some exciting changes coming to Atlas Logistics soon! Keep your eyes peeled.....
  14. Long overdue recognition here for you now!! Congrats. A well earned position for you

  15. At least some order is being restored....