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    I'm a very typical guy, I like most normal things like films, food, going out. Abit of a secret intellectual as well I guess
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    Arizona: Tucson
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  1. Hi guys. I'm looking for people who use social media for a project I'm working on. If you use scial media eg Twitter, instagram, tik tok, facebook, reddit then please send me a message on here or discord @ DJ Jefferz | 🌈#6969

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I use social media, sent you friend request on discord 🙂

  2. Its software that tracks/logs the jobs you do.
  3. Hey all, not posted for quite some time, hope you are all doing well. Also sending my love and strength to our #Ukrainian friends . So I was one of many of us who completed the #TMPHQ event. However after a little think I began to wonder if there is more background things going on for TMP regarding this event. Obviously TMP has their own job dispatcher, but with this event there would have been a need to have a way to track jobs so people could have the achievement attached to their profile. Therefore, I'm wondering if TMP is secretly developing a Job tracking software in the background and that in the event was also a way to test the software before official release? It's pretty inevetable that TMP will eventually develop a job tracker, completing their enourmous range of services. What are your thoughts? I look forward to hearing them.
  4. #TruckersMPFebConvoy #BESTCOMMUNITYEVER @RICKY9618
    22fca80254447da6aad6e748f1485dab.jpg 0c6da6df5b056e4321670a7a88a8f2e7.jpg

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    2. "RICKY"


      It was a pleasure to have as a companion in this great TMP event. 

    3. .Pedro.


      Nice photo!

  5. It's not beneficial I agree, but I do have the interest in how productive the teams are.
  6. Its sad to see that TMP doesn't think making an appeal to apologise is an acceptable reason to appeal. Just being banned is not always the best way of making people learn their lesson. If I was able to apologise and show TMP I learnt my mistake on a minor incident, I would somewhat expect to have the appeal accepted. Then with thi So the problem here is if you get reported by web for a small offence and get banned your appeal will be declined if you write and apologise and recognise the mistake you made for getting banned but if you break the rules in game and apologise to the player and they decide not to report you for it, then it's fine. A little bit contridicting in my view. However, I do realise the GM team do put a huge amount of work into their duties, remembering my time from when I was a GM myself. It is interesting to see the figures and it gives a much clearer perspective. I wonder how accepted it would be to see the GM or even the whole teams figures every month? EG support tickets dealt with etc
  7. Not at all surprised. Once again, I told you so... GG TMP 😉 

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