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  1. Yeah I bought the Mug and TMP5 Hoodie last year. The mug I havent touched as I fewel it's too precious to use lol. The Hoodie is actually quite comfortable. Here's some pictures.
  2. Tired of clunky events systems to advertise your event? https://trucky.events has got you!
    A system which has YOU the player in mind, making it super easy to plan your event in one place!
    Check it out now.

  3. Happy Valentines Day from the #BlueTeam... xXx 💙

  4. Rest assured, You won't be the only one waiting for the next Real Ops. I'm really glad you enjoyed the last one! The TruckersFM reports was a nice little feature too . Very much as @Pillow says. These events require a lot of planning across different teams, Therefore, Real Ops are several months apart to prepare gracefully for the next one. Since the last one was a little while ago, I can imagine that one will be on the horizon soon™. Just keep your eyes on the https://truckersmp.com/blog/ or the https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/5-news/ section on the forum for the announcements of the next one! Looking forward to seeing you at the next one . Awesome Trucking!
  5. Another awesome turnout for the TFM convoy! Had lots of fun..

  6. Thanks for all my votes!! I really appreciate it
  7. Happy Brexit Eve! 🇬🇧

  8. Glad to see a massive turnout at the convoy! Hope you all enjoyed it..

  9. Looking forward to seeing you ALL tonight!! 


  10. I'm really sorry to learn about your friend and what he had driven himself to. My condolences go to you and your friends. I'm really happy for you that you were able to make a good friend from TruckersMP. This is exactly what it was made for. Suicide is an awful place to be in. To be at that point in life where you truly believe you are better off not in the world is one of the most horrible feelings anyone can encounter. There is too much stigma surrounding men and mental health and this is one of things that is being worked on but has so much more work to have done. We're all here for you in TMP through the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope things for you get better soon.
  11. Finally nearly back at full health..🚑

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Glad to hear that, very glad! :)

  12. With your first point: The event has dedicated staff to deal with these issues. If you have an issue of being rammed you in this instance use the in game reporting system. The staff will look at the report and take the appropriate action. You should also do this for overtaking. Make sure you select the correct reasons so the GM knows what's going on. With your second point: It is really difficult to maintain a constant speed without gaps, stops and everything else. My best advice: Keep enough distance between trucks (about 2 truck lengths), to stop you from any lag, brake checks and give you enough time to react. When you see stopped trucks ahead, instead of stopping behind them (unless necessary), Slow down and roll, try not to completely come to a stop. That way, stopping is kept to a minimum. Hopefully this helps a little. Also in addition any issues you wish to let us know about you can do over at https://truckersmp.com/feedback where this information can be taken on. See you on Sunday!
  13. I've had such a stinking flu, I spent 4 days in bed couching my guts up. Just about getting better now. Will see you guys at the TruckersFM convoy later.

  14. I really wanted to go for a drive today. However, my body isn't coping well with the cold weather. I'm currently sat here coughing and spluttering with a cup of tea to make me feel better. 😣

    1. MarkON


      I would like to you a speedy return to health.

    2. Truckerpilot


      Sad to hear man. I have had a cold for 10 days now and just constant coughing its driving me mad

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hope you feel better soon :)

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