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  1. Been quiet for a while, for those who might be wondering why check out this link:

    1. Donovannn


      Aww buddy I am so sorry to hear of all of this. I hope you take care mate!

  2. Well an interesting turn for TruckersMP. I've always wondered what was going to happen with the funds from Patreon. I have always wanted to see more tranparency about it. I think I have mentioned it before regarding potential benefits of being a patreon but I will make my suggestions here too: TMP Merch at a reduced price. Special Patron only merch. Patron competitions where people can win actualy items. Larger upload capacity on forum. Larger private message capacity on forum. Patron only servers. Patrons get to keep alternate cars for longer or they do not disapear. Patrons can get closer community action. EG included in upcoming decicions, like a poll. Patrons included on credits when videos are made. Unlimited /fix. Ability to free cam a longer distance. Exclusive Patron events. Ability to teleport to fixed places that are not near a garage. These are just some suggestions, I constantly have thoughts of things that could be done. Thank you for providing more insight into runnings, can't wait to hear more.
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      No problem

      Happy Birthday 🥳

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      happy birthday 

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    1. [ IT' Eternally' ]

      [ IT' Eternally' ]

      Happy birthday to you, happy every day


      Thank you sir for sharing your birthday party with me

  5. You should always avoid uploading screenshots dirtectly to TruckersMP forum. You get very minimal allocation of space and you will fill your quota very quickly. There are several places you can upload your screenshots, you can then get the image link and post it in the forum, the forum should automatically show the image. You can use sites such as https://imgur.com/ https://gyazo.com/ When you upload your picture, if you "Right click" the image and select "Copy Image Address", and then head to where you would like to post the photo, "Right Click" again and then select "Paste". When posting large image, it is advised to "Quote" your photo so as to minimise scrolling, You can do this by clicking this button "" Then "Paste" your image link in the quote box that appears. Hope this helps!
  6. In my opinion, If you pick A, You are probably traveling too fast in the first place. If you pick B, This means you're most likely traveling on C-D road, Really? Try and drive somewhere else.... If you pick C, The most ignorant option. This just means your already going to fast to stop and you have no intention of stopping. Total disregard for anyone else. If you pick D, Kind of a temporary solution, it then means you need to put the effort to restart the game and get out the way before you re-connect. My personal choice: I generally drive to the speed limit, especially on a road like C-D. That way, if anything occurs, I have enough reaction time, If I see an incident, I then have enough time to slow to a stop, I will then stay stationary until the problem is cleared. Once cleared I continue on my way.
  7. I agree with most of these statements, TMP will obviously go on, it may be slightly effected by the smaller groups. Remeber though, SCS have only announced 8 players, it could all be subject to change. We might in the future see lobbies of bigger capacity. EG maybe when they hold a community world of trucks event? At the moment yes, it is focused on events, hense why they have called the feature "Convoy". I am really happy to see the AI capability, as well as mod and job support. There may also be a ability for TMP to be able to now develop themselves into features they have been looking to branch into? EG the AI they would like themselves.
  8. Of course, it would never be the end of TMP. it was just a topic name that would catch peoples eye. xD
  9. SCS have released their latest blog today going into detail about their highly anticipated feature their calling "Convoy". We can see the beginning of this implementation in the next 1.41 update. You can also update to the experimental beta and be able to test the feature now! My question is though, how much do we think this will effect TruckersMP, is it the end? Read more about it at https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=300266&p=1556613#p1556613
  10. I'd prefer that.. xD. just rename it Not Alternating Vehicles
  11. I wish the vehicles were not removed after.
  12. This can be done at https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create under the "Account Issues" category.
  13. You should open a Support ticket to request this.
  14. Formerly it was forbidden to do this in populated areas such as C-D road. It was under the useless traffic rule. However, from what I can work out. It IS NOW allowed, however be mindful not to block anyone's path.
  15. Head to https://truckersmp.com/download and you can specifically look at this area:
  16. Once again. Shot down for the tiniest thing.



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