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  2. Lowlander

    Road Events

    If we did this we might as well not implement road events at all. Implementing it like this would mean road events would spawn/appear everywhere but the more popular places, making the road events basically irrelevant, I fear.
  3. That would work, yes. As for people saying it'd break realism, etc: You can't compare TMP with singleplayer, IMHO.
  4. Suggestion Name: Make /fix command fix permanent wear Suggestion Description: See above Any example images: N/A Why it should be added: I recently found out that, even if you fix the regular damage to 100%, you can still get engine failures if the permanent wear of your truck is becoming too much (not sure what the threshold is yet). It would be nice if /fix also fixed the permanent wear. While this would make the whole permanent wear mechanic useless, I feel that for multiplayer, it is more important to avoid unexpected engine failures to the best of our ability. And of course most people have a lot of money on their save file and stuff to replace trucks/complete restoration but well .. some people like me who like to not cheat money, etc, don't. There's also the fact that damaged buses and trailers still cost money, too. But that's a different topic entirely.
  5. Now that I think of it: Is there a 'central place' or road people like to drive mostly in ATS, like C-D in ETS2? Perhaps there could be made a topic or something where we could establish some general/default meetup place so that you know where the most players are or something like that. As has been said earlier: Crowds attract crowds.
  6. I hadn't thought about this, very good points. Especially the first one in regards to truck handling.
  7. Does anyone have ideas as to how we could improve player count on ATSMP? It's criminally underused while the map size is not small, even though ETS2 is bigger I think? It's also not really an argument because ETS2MP is focused on C-D mostly despite the sheer map size. ATS is a beautiful game as well as ETS2. Just a different area and vibe. I wish more people would try it.
  8. @Kael_ the link to the feedback page gives a 404 error.
  9. Also keep in mind there were over one million (!) (game+web) reports filed in 2023. They resulted in 222K bans (according to the 2023 recap post). That's a huge amount of reports and bans. That means a lot of work which means they can't be everywhere any time so there will always be moments where you wish a GM was around, but wasn't. And then there's the fact that everyone, be it you, me, anyone, has a personal life and other things to do/attend to.
  10. It feels to me that you are upset that you weren't helped (fast enough). Do keep in mind that you are not the only person playing the game. Specifically on C-D road, there are literally hundreds of players at one time. With perhaps as many reports made in-game (taking a guess here). They can't be everywhere all the time.
  11. Perhaps creating a proper, big Aire de service AKA Aire on both sides of the road would be the best option. Enough gas stations and parking spaces.
  12. You can make a suggestion here. Be sure to follow the template.
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