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  1. Thanks for the follow! :HaulieLove:

  2. Hello, hope you are doing well! Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you currently telling us that drivers who are trying to drive as safely as possible should be banned from the TMP platform so that trolls who enjoy causing us problems by speeding and dangerous overtaking can happily continue to drive at 110 km/h? That would be a bit unfair, wouldn't it? I am in the group of players who keep their speed below 90 km/h. I usually have my cruise control set to 85-90 km/h. I don't think that going 90 km/h or 110 km/h is a big difference, although many players may say the opposite. Some people may get upset and honk their horns because of this, so when it's safe, I move to the right side of the road, slow down and let them pass me. I also let people in front of me when they wait too long to leave an intersection or when they have crashed and need to get back on the road by reversing into my lane. It's not often, but there are people who don't like it. They use their horns and are sometimes rude to me. In these cases, I politely tell them why I took that action and that "blocking" (I don't consider it blocking because it usually takes about 10 seconds) was not my intention. I usually don't get any reaction, so not many people swear at me. And here we go again. By driving carefully, respecting others, and using common sense, I've managed to not have a serious accident for several months, and I've also managed to save a lot of players from having accidents when possible. A lot of people do the same thing I do, so banning us wouldn't help much because we're not the biggest problem here. But the problem here are drivers who just don't care about their surroundings and what's going on near them (so they don't know if a bad driver is approaching, which could lead to an accident.). If most players were more respectful and predictive, the number of accidents could be lower. You or anyone else may not agree with me, so feel free to convince me otherwise. Have a nice day MartinPlaysCZ
  3. Hello, I don't think drivers would respect these signs when they usually don't respect signs placed anywhere else (e.g.: highway exit from Brussels, highway exit from Calais leading to the C-D road, etc.). The main problem here is the service station. I think it should be relocated so that players turning right from the intersection on the screenshot posted above doesn't have to wait for drivers coming out of the service station to leave. Drivers turning left from the intersection in the screenshot above could continue if players stopped at the green light when they can't continue. This way the intersection would not be blocked. Everything is about respect to others and patience. Also I think that instead of traffic lights, there could be one big roundabout. It shouldn't be much complicated, because less experienced drivers could have problems with it, but from my point of view it would help with these traffic jams. What do others think about that?
  4. Thanks for the follow. ❤️

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      You're most welcome thank you too.❤️

  5. Hello, I usually have rain probability set on 15%. However, I turn it off when I am driving on C-D or near it, because when it is raining, you have to slow down and drive more carefully unless you want to end up parked in a field on the side of your truck. Unfortunately, when huge amount of players want to go 110 km/h, you can't go much slower, otherwise they will dangerously overtake you and this could lead to enormous damage, as I have seen it many times.
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  7. Hello, everyone, I have to say that after many years it was necessary to change the design of the chat because I use a steering wheel and my monitor was far away from me and the letters were very small so I couldn't see much. So I'm very happy that the chat UI finally got some care. However, from my point of view, I find some of the new commands a bit messy. For example, the old command to change the radio frequency (/cb 0) was faster and more comfortable to type than the current /channel 0 even with a shortcut. Overall, I am glad that developers made something new, and I thank them for it.
  8. Happy birthday! 🎉

  9. Happy birthday! 🎉

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