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  1. London  Truckers.FM

    If you become a game moderator

    True, but... I've always enjoyed seeing GM's on the road showing they are present. It's good for the community to see Admins out and about in my opinion Kind of like how a police officer might stand in very populated areas just so folks feel that little bit safer.
  2. London  Truckers.FM

    Funny Old Video ETS2/ATS

    A crash montage of me that I never asked for... thanks TFM
  3. Live on Truckers.FM .. it's been a while ^^ come join?

  4. u wot VIII @RootKiller  'appy birthday. 

  5. London  Truckers.FM

    Who would you like to meet IRL ?

    meeting anyone from TMP is pretty cool in my books, except Rootkiller (who is this guy anyway ) I got lucky to meet some TMP people at Truckfest in Peterborough, it was nice hope there are more little meetups like this in the future.
  6. London  Truckers.FM

    TruckersMP Annual Community Awards 2018 (The Results Are In)

    Very proud to see Truckers.FM taking the title of 'Community Radio Station of the Year 2018' and not only that, but (correct me if i'm wrong) We also had the biggest amount of votes among all the categories. Thank you for overwhelming support, it really means a lot to stand along side a community who shows their appreciation and support. It brings warmth to my cold Prague heart (haha, but seriously it's so cold here) On behalf of all the Truckers.FM Admins, Devs, Mods, Presenters, and Discord Staff, Thank You. We really do appreciate every one of you. CHEERS!
  7. They said i couldn't bring outside snacks into the cinema... But I've got a few twix up my sleeve!

  8. London  Truckers.FM

    Why wouldn't SCS want to work with TruckersMP?

    Guilty. Though I played (and still do) TMP long before I started working for SCS, and I am still very active within the community especially when still looking after Truckers.FM
  9. London  Truckers.FM

    Hot topic #10: Holiday season

    Flying back home to renew my name so i can still be called 'London'. Eat a traditional Christmas dinner, enjoy time with the family, watch cheesy Christmas movies and chill-out till my return to Prague on New Years Day
  10. London  Truckers.FM

    SCS Christmas Event Main Hubs?? (ANSWERD)

    You should be able to find these cargoes via External Contract pretty easily. Once you find one, you are sure bound to find more! Cargoes are found in the same areas you find them in or drop off in, so you should never really be left without any!
  11. London  Truckers.FM

    [SCS Blog] International Christmas Gifts Delivery Event 2018

    Yup sure can Just remember folks. There is no minimum distance required for the Job, you can deliver the same cities and loads and it will count towards the progress. There is more to the event that meets the eye keep a keen eye on worldoftrucks.com
  12. London  Truckers.FM

    How Long Have You Been Playing?

    I actually began playing ETS2 in August 2014. and TruckersMP (known as ETS2MP) in the same month
  13. Is it ACTUALLY your birthday!? 


    /ᐠ. ᴗ.ᐟ\

    Happy Birthday Tuxy, you cool cat. Have a great day :)