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  1. Sad to hear of Stan Lee's passing this evening. What a legend and legacy he leaves behind. 

    1. [VIVA] Kravatie [S64]

      [VIVA] Kravatie [S64]

      dont even know who he is

    2. Curve


      WHAT?! How do you not know who Stan Lee is?! GOOGLE IT NOW!

    3. [VIVA] Kravatie [S64]

      [VIVA] Kravatie [S64]

      cos im not bothered about marvel etc

  2. London  Truckers.FM

    Special Transport Released!

    Glad you all like it Sending on the good vibes to the SCS Team here!
  3. Lads Lads Lads. Happy Birthday! :wow:

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fantastic day and here is to many more years! *Clinks beer glasses*

  5. London  Truckers.FM

    New Volvo Truck Thoughts?

    She really is a beautiful truck. Personally.. I love speed break noise on her. She really purs!
  6. Ooh that new colour smell. Thanks to whoever changed it. I like it ^^

  7. London  Truckers.FM

    [24 November 2018] Driving For Hope

    Looking forward to being apart of this fantastic event.
  8. London  Truckers.FM

    What is your favourites Trucks

    I am a Scania guy! The sound of the engine purrr....
  9. New week ahead, Goodnight all! 

    1. Pillow_


      Good night to you too!

    2. TFM DJ ccowie
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  10. London  Truckers.FM

    What is your favorite radio station to listen to while playing ATS

    This might be a bit obvious ... But I usually listen to Truckers.FM or Spotify thanks for all the TFM Love in the posts previous!
  11. I'm up way to late... O/ hello other timezones. 

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Heya! Go to bed. :P

    2. Noxii


      Oh you got the other rank now I see, wonder when they'll figure out what I am and mess up my rank like that as well. :thinking:


      Anyways don't complain about the timezone, you're like 1 hour off from what you're used to. It's not like you moved to China or something... xD

    3. London  Truckers.FM

      London Truckers.FM

      @Noxii I'm not complaining! I was up till 4am so I was saying hello to like to the other timezones awake :P


      And surre... Messed up rank ;)

  12. London  Truckers.FM

    Dirt roads?

    I really enjoy discovering dirt roads and back roads in-game that aren't on the map, even if they are meant be accessible! Hope to see more of it in the future for sure
  13. :ph34r:

    1. Smalley


      I'm sneaky boyo. I lurk in darkness :troll:

    2. London  Truckers.FM

      London Truckers.FM

      Looking again? <.<

    3. Smalley


      I'm stalking, shhhh. You'll get used too it ;) Who knows, you might tease us with upcoming SCS thingies 

  14. That #FridayFeeling ! What's everyone upto this weekend? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. [TFM DJ] Sam

      [TFM DJ] Sam

      Give me free key pls

    3. denn1s


      also 1.32???????

    4. [TFM DJ] Sam

      [TFM DJ] Sam

      when ets 3 and battle royale 

  15. London  Truckers.FM

    The Last Post Wins!

    You saw right through my trap! Dang!