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  1. London  Truckers.FM

    SCS - A Road to Somewhere New

    my lips are sealed.
  2. London  Truckers.FM

    [April 6th & 7th] DriveForLife 2019

    It's gonna be big folks! You do not want to miss out See you all there.
  3. London  Truckers.FM

    Which radio station you listen while driving?

    Mainly Truckers.FM (totally unbiased) and after that just either explore other random radios or spotify.
  4. London  Truckers.FM

    Where do your truck sim roots come from?

    My brother bought it as a joke because it was on sale and thought it was hilarious that such a game existed. That is until, he got hooked on the economy aspect of building a trucking business. I then too became interested and started playing, but not long into my hours into ETS2 I came across a twitch player, in which i was a bit perplexed that there was no cars on his game.. i thought "how boring" - Until he explained he was online, driving with his friends. I immediately found the ETS2MP (now TruckersMP) link to download. The rest is history
  5. London  Truckers.FM

    How has TruckersMP impacted your life?

    Honestly, I think i could write a small book from my history. I first discovered that Euro Truck Simulator 2 had a multiplayer mod in early 2014 via a Twitch stream, I immediately went to the ets2mp link and signed up to try it for myself. As you can imagine things were different back then. A lot of the features, roles and support tools that the TruckersMP team have now were almost non-existent back then. Every city was a non-collision area, and had an enforced speed limit. Europort and Rotterdam was the place to be, with constant 2 hour traffic jams going around the port, and the TMP team was still pretty fresh and learning. I guess I started to become a bit more known, from hanging in the teamspeak server ETS2MP had back then, with the likes of zmaster and other folks and then especially when I made the decision to join a radio station that was being creating. Know as the legendary and original EuroTruckRadio.com - there, I spent my most of my time driving with the radio team, and presenting on-air with a very simple setup. I had always been into radio, and done a few community stations before EuroTruckRadio. Whilst in that station, i made many friends, and got very involved with events and the community surrounding the mod. I decided that it would be right for me to only involve myself more and give back to the community i'd had grown to enjoy and love. So I applied for the support role in the ETS2MP team, for which i was successful. I had the intentions of doing my best, especially since back then, to become an in-game admin you would need to work your way up. I was lucky enough to get as far as being promoted to Forum Mod, which then unfortunately through my own fault, became inactive from the role as real-life commitments limited my hours for both ETS2MP and EuroTruckRadio. However, i still kept going through and doing my best to stay active within the community, and within the radio scene. Late 2015, due to other circumstance, I decided it was right for me to leave EuroTruckRadio as the winds were changing, and with a couple of friends who decided it was right for them too, I decided to commit myself to making my own radio station which I could really run the way I thought would be best for our community. It was then in October 2015 we opened and put Truckers.FM on the air! - To save the long post. read about our history and an awesome article about us here: https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-01-30-the-truck-simulator-radio-stations-making-waves-in-the-real-world From then, we've grown to be TruckersMP's and the TruckSims choice of station for driving on ETS2 and ATS, and well... i couldn't be more proud. Not only to see how far my little station has become, but because of the non-stop support and time the Truckers.FM volunteer to make it what it is today. This station led onto fantastic things, including the awesome opportunity awesome to co-operate with SCS Software in some events and even supporting our anniversary event! It really was bliss. That entire time looking back led me to the decision which ultimately leads me where I am today. Thanks to all the experience and skills and support i have learned from my time working and volunteering in ETS2MP/TruckersMP and TruckersFM I made the wild decision to apply for a position at SCS Software. Which I was absolutely over-the-moon as just out-right gobsmacked that I was accepted after several interviews including a video call. The rest is history. I now work at SCS Software as a social media and community manager, to work and support the community I always have and do love. So thank you, every single one of you, who I've come across on my journey, or driven. You've made this journey possible to where I am today, and I wouldn't have it any-other way. and that's the basic's of it... what a journey and how time flies! I would love to in the future do a more detailed post, but i'm not sure if anyone would ever read it TL:DR - i drive trucks since 2014, made a radio, got a job at scs.
  6. London  Truckers.FM

    Share Your Real Ops V6 Pictures!

    I personally had a fantastic time at the Real Operations V6 event, and was very impressed by the range of scenarios and events! A huge well done and thank you the TMP Team for organizing this one, taking their own time to allow us to enjoy the event... and for bringing EP back to life for the veteran drivers. Post your best pictures from it below, and let's see what different events you saw! I personally loved the #TMPRoadTrain
  7. Had a really fantastic time at Real Ops V6! From remembering the old days of driving in Europort, to being in awe of a steam train convoy... seriously well done TMP! 


    1. Ali.


      Glad to see you get unstuck ;)

    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      It really was a memorable event.

  8. LIVE for convoy tings at twitch.tv/LondonLad come say wag 1 

  9. London  Truckers.FM

    Ask a question without saying yes or no.

    Nope, but I am part of a Radio Station! Do you prefer the word Yes or No?
  10. London  Truckers.FM

    New MAN TGX Euro 6 is out !

    @SalePro You do know it's out now right? obviously not supported on TMP just yet. Simply update your ETS2 Steam version and enjoy the drive.
  11. London  Truckers.FM

    Truckers.FM - We have to thank you!

    @Zakxaev68 and I respect that. Thanks for your comments If you read the eurogamer article near the bottom, there might be something you might be looking for
  12. London  Truckers.FM

    Truckers.FM - We have to thank you!

    This is a bit of a cheesy post, and one that will probably be seen as a bit of sellout thread too, but. On behalf of all the Truckers.FM and especially myself, I just want to thank you, the TruckersMP community for giving us a platform to learn, grow and be a apart of what can only be described as a rose. Beautiful, but which sometimes grows with a few thorns You may of seen a few posts about our station being featured in 2 very large news/gaming outlets - and for us, is a huge milestone and ... just wow. It's really cool to be able to expose our niche community to big wide world. We have been voted by you the number one community radio 4 years running, seen our twitter and Facebook grow, and to think we are only at the start of 2019. So thank you - The TruckersMP community. To the team who develop, create and make the roads clear and safe for us - to those who support us everyday by tuning in, requesting, through patreon and on our discord. To our team of out-right talented presenters, mods, discord team, and admins. To you the community who we love to drive with, rub shoulders with, stream with and ultimately who we work hard for. Thank you. really . You can read our articles here: Eurogamer - The Internets Largest news source of all things gaming https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-01-30-the-truck-simulator-radio-stations-making-waves-in-the-real-world Metro (UK) - One of the UK largests free newspaper https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/27/how-gamers-made-their-own-radio-station-for-american-truck-simulator-readers-feature-8393898/ ( and if this is is wrong place/not appropriate please remove :3 )
  13. London  Truckers.FM

    Community Service providers section on forums

    I personally like the idea of people offering a service to others. A lot of these things can be quite foreign to some people, It's not easy being a one-man-band trying to create a site, tools, graphics, photos, videos, socials and so much more that come with just what seems a simple site for a VTC. I personally think it's a cool idea
  14. London  Truckers.FM

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

  15. London  Truckers.FM

    MAN Euro6 speculation with serious evidence

    I had no idea!