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  1. Big fan noob

  2. 您好,我的账号被封了。可以私发给我视频吗?谢谢你。

    1. Nody




      Thank you so much for using our Forum Status feature, however, I will be proceeding ahead and locked this status as discussing bans or anything which is related to the in-game matters such as reports or appeal is strictly against our Forum rules.


      I will quote down the rules which were broken here,


      §4.2 - Forum topics, posts, status updates, and private messages


      ● Discussing punishments, reports, tickets, appeals, applications is prohibited, including complaints about staff.


      If you wish discuss the ban or If you believe the ban wasn't right and want to make an appeal then you can use our Ban appeal system and make an appeal and the respective game moderator will discuss this with you - https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      Being said this, the status will be locked to prevent any further rule breach.


      Thank you so much for your kind understanding over this.




      Kind Regards


      TruckersMP Forum Moderator.

  3. .George

    FIFA or PES

    I play FIFA a lot more, but I don't play ultimate team. I sometimes play either co-op seasons with @Raymond_ or @Flaming. (who I easily beat every time) - or career mode with Leeds United
  4. I'm a bit late ^-^ But happy birthday mate! 

  5. Happy Birthday! ❤️ 🥳

  6. Happy birthday 🎂 🙂 

  7. Happy Birthday! 🎉

  8. Happy Birthday to you 😄

  9. Happy Birthday! 🎂🎉🎊 Thank you for keeping the servers safe! 

  10. Happy Birthday 🎂🎉

  11. Happy birthday 🎂🥳

  12. Happy Birthday🥳

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Happy Birthday bro

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