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  1. It would be great on the arcade server, but I guess it might not come because it's only for tournaments.
  2. I agree, the arrival of badges like this could be interesting and different
  3. Something like this is really pointless, you want to control the admins, but the game moderator leaders do these controls. Instead of such small things, I would prefer you to offer more useful and useful things to the more comprehensive tmp.
  4. It's a good idea, but you understand tmp players because they will abuse this application. It would be unfair this time to include only good drivers, new registrations and good driving players.
  5. Congrats buddy!

    1. Sjovn


      Thank you 🧡

  6. 'Matheja

    Ford Trucks

    Before a licensed truck can be added to the tmp, it must come to the scs fully.
  7. I think that the colors of the players coming from the opposite and most importantly standing still should be different, not for Patreons.
  8. Happy Birthdayy GEMINI🎂

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