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  7. Hey there, I have no idea if this is the place for reporting of trolls/players who ruin the game but I have had 3 people by the usernames of Nick666, Believe261 & one another player in the screenshot blocking the road & ramming me & another fellow trucker off the road, this other trucker who has been rammed off the road goes by the username highsteppingtrucker01, me & him were in a convoy when this happened, I have tried to use the in-game reporting system, this has failed. Thank you for your time, hopefully, this gets resolved.

    20181002150936_1 - Shortcut.lnk

    20181002150952_1 - Shortcut (2).lnk

    20181002150952_1 - Shortcut (3).lnk

    20181002150952_1 - Shortcut (4).lnk

    20181002150952_1 - Shortcut (5).lnk

    20181002150952_1 - Shortcut (6).lnk

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there,


      First of all, I would like to tell you that if you want to report people on the website, you're definitely in the wrong place. Let me point you to the right place to start off with for future reference - here.


      Now, if you wish to report someone for blocking or ramming, you need to have video evidence for those offences as screenshots do not show the full picture of the situation. If you have a low-end system, you can try game-capture programs such as PlaysTV that don't see much of an impact on your processing power while recording at lower resolutions, for higher-end PCs I would use Shadowplay or AMD ReLive or OBS depending on your graphics card and then upload the footage onto a place like YouTube.


      For more information on reports, please see this link to the reporting guidelines:

      I would like to see if your problem has been resolved.




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