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  1. Zapraszamy do składania podań http://forum.edgelogistic.pl/
  2. This is not really happening...

  3. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    @RomeQ I agree. EDIT: Criticism is not banned, unless...?
  4. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    @KOZIK They broke the rules because upper staff did not understand anything.
  5. Polish Power! I'm proud! :D

    *Please do not delete this. I do not want to  provoke anyone.



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    2. DerAmpelmann


      Have a nice convoy ;)

    3. scarface0359


      Doesn't look much different compared to what we usually can find on that road

    4. mati216PL


      @scarface0359 It's only about Poles here ;)

      Thanks @DerAmpelmann :rolleyes:

  6. Co ty robisz? 

    1. RaneMoro


      I może jeszcze frytki do tego ???

    2. mati216PL
    3. [JT]Rosyjski Elektryk

      [JT]Rosyjski Elektryk

      Dziękuję, wolę cebulę :D



  8. Jeszcze w starym malowaniu
  9. Szkoda gadać... Trzymaj się :(

    1. Kargho </pl>

      Kargho </pl>

      Co zrobić... mogę jedynie powiedzieć do zobaczenia! :) 

  10. Trzymaj się! :(

  11. You lose, you already lost...

  12. I remember when you were in Support :D

    Congrats! :tmp:

    1. mati216PL


      Ooo, delete answer... Nice @Penguin and thanks :)

  13. Wszystkiego Najlepszego Mateuszku B) :troll: