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    Cajuru, São Paulo, Brazil
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    Interests: Animes, Computers, Games and Learn new languages

    Languages: I intend to improve my English and in the future I am curious to know some languages such as Spanish, Arabic and Japanese.
    Fav. Games: Too many games :p
    Fav. Anime (currently): マギ (Magi)
    Fav. Manga (currently): マギ (Magi)
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    California: San Francisco
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    France: Paris
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    Brazilian Portuguese (Native) and Basic English

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  1. Happy Birthday, @EPS!LON. o/

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      Thank you! :wub:

  2. The theme of the forum took on a more modern aspect and apparently I saw that there were other adjustments, but I believe that the new theme can still be improved.
  3. Happy Birthday, @DJ ccowie! 🥳

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      Thanks so much for taking the time to wish me a Happy Birthday! Have a great day! 


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  4. Thank you follow me!Your activities today are very interesting,looking forward to seeing you again!!Have a nice day!❤️

  5. Atualização do Tópico: [20/10/2020] A mensagem do tópico foi alterada recentemente e inclui a adição das regras temporárias do evento e dentre outras informações. Pedimos que você verifique cuidadosamente as informações acima para evitar problemas durante o CarFest da ALLIANCE, pois não queremos ver ninguém punido, zangado ou chateado com algo em nosso evento.
  6. About: The European continent always has a place in our hearts and so far there have been many trips through the countries and roads of Europe, haven't we? For those who like to surf in news and you can take time off to relax, explore new landscapes, roads and meet new people, we invite you to participate in the ALLIANCE Convoy in November which will have the theme of Country Convoy on the roads of the American Truck Simulator . The event is public and you can invite your friends to participate in this adventure with ALLIANCE! Therefore, we count on the collaboration of all p
  7. Happy Birthday, @Scar. o/

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