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    I'm interested in anime, games, programming and learning new languages.
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      ALLIANCE Jean M.

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  7. It's great to know that TruckersMP is trying to listen to your community to improve the players' experience within the game and also on their platforms. I hope we can see changes soon About the forum-related comments on this topic, I'd like to say something that no one has commented on yet: People can have different opinions but one thing I think about the Forum is the language sections that are partially abandoned due to not having specific and active forum moderators for each language. It's a great idea, but in my opinion, it's not being used and/or managed properly. I say this for the Portuguese discussion, which was once active, but nowadays, as there is no specific "Forum Moderator" for this international section, it discourages Portuguese and Brazilians from interacting since the official content is outdated. I think this isn't an isolated case and that the same happens for other language sections. In addition, when a topic is created or moved to the "Portuguese Help Section", community responses must be approved by a community moderator and precisely because there is no moderator, most times these responses take 30 days or more to be approved. An example of this is a topic I answered on December 21, 2022, and has not yet been reviewed and approved (i.e. that's been 68 days). Tbh, this is not at all friendly because it discourages people from interacting and it's a super moderated section, but there aren't even moderators to take care of the topics and answers posted there I imagine the same problem must happen with other international sections (e.g. Arabian, Italian, Spanish, and the like) that there are no "Forum Moderators" or higher who speak that language and can be active to moderate a specific language section. Anyway, TruckersMP Upper Staff should think of new plans to solve this problem too. For me, closing the international sections isn't the solution. I understand the importance of having strict requirements in any position as this is how TMP screens potential new candidates who will offer serious, quality volunteer work. However, I think that in this specific circumstance, the "Language Forum Moderator" role should be created where the requirements should be more flexible to allow people who have advanced knowledge or are fluent in a specific language (e.g. Arabian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and similar) can have this opportunity to contribute to the community without English being a priority. This means that even if the applicant has difficulties with English but manages to understand and communicate well in that language with the help of a translation tool, this shouldn't be a problem as it can be difficult to find people who speak the local language and basic English. If the above idea cannot be a solution for some internal reason, then I also think that there should be something like a "Language Forum Moderator Leader" that requires knowledge in both languages so that he can make the proper reports to his Manager or higher, and that also allows recruiting new volunteers for that section without requiring English. This can work, but it must be well-planned. I forgot to say these things in the website survey and I can't edit my answer there, but if TMP wants to listen to your community. So, I think it's okay to share this here
  8. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, @Mystere! 🥳🎉

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      Gracias! 😄

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