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    Cajuru, São Paulo, Brazil
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    Interests: Animes, Computers, Games and Learn new languages

    Languages: I intend to improve my English and in the future I am curious to know some languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Japanese.
    Fav. Games: Too many games :p
    Fav. Anime (currently): マギ (Magi)
    Fav. Manga (currently): マギ (Magi)
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    California: San Francisco
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    France: Paris
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    Brazilian Portuguese (Native) and Basic English

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  1. @Barba' To use Botdottir, I believe you can use the "+" prefix for commands. However, to list all Botdottir commands, use the "+help" command.
  2. Congrats and Welcome Back, @AdaBey! o/

  3. This is a good initiative, however, I think there was a problem with your images, lol.
  4. About: 2020 was a long year, wasn't it? Faced with so many events, whether good or bad, here we're for another ALLIANCE Convoy whose theme in December will be called Christmas Convoy, christmas is a typical holiday that takes place on the 24th and 25th of December. "Oh, christmas! Day of celebrations, fraternity, solidarity, day of exchanging gifts, eating french toast and panettone... ". This date is the centerpiece of the new year parties and the holiday season \o/ (bosses, don't forget our holidays huh!), although traditionally it's a christian festival, the christmas holiday is celeb
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