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  1. Happy birthday my fav Support nub. I wish you all the best man❤️🥳

  2. Thank you for the follow ❤️

    1. cmlr_axel


      Thank you also for your follow ! 

  3. Thank you for the follow❤️

  4. as always, they look amazing Zyga
  5. Thank you for following

    1. _The Witcher_

      _The Witcher_

      Thanks for the follow back ❤️

  6. I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else.

    I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.

    Good morning Community❤️

  7. I think the limits are just fine they way they’re set up. If a modification was to be done, I’d set up 100km/h even if trucks are limited to 120km/h as said above, on simulation servers
  8. Finally.. I missed the last one but i won't miss this one
  9. Bonjour, As-tu déjà essayé de lancer l'appplication TruckersMP Launcher avec les droits d'administrateur? Car j'ai eu exactement la meme erreur, et c'est ainsi que j'ai résolu mon probleme. Tiens nous au courant
  10. Why can’t we be happy for others success? Why do we constantly have to try to ruin others work? What do we get in return? Strictly nothing!!  I will never understand why people act this way

  11. Happy Birthday CJ Legend🥳

  12. Thank you for the follow ❤️

    1. [BG] ZENUHOV

      [BG] ZENUHOV

      I thank you too! ♥️

  13. Thank you for the follow ❤️

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