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  1. Amazing event, I hope I can participate.
  2. Happy birthday 🎂

  3. Kael_

    Happy birthday! 🎂:HaulieLove:

    1. mth.


      Thanks!! ❤️

  4. Most people use it as a way to keep troll players away from their truck, however, players use "Rec" "Ban" for practically everything in the game, whether written in the tag, names or in chat, others use it just to troll, taking advantage of the word to gain "benefit". An example. A truck ended up braking suddenly to avoid a collision, the driver behind has reduced braking time but manages to stop, even so he types "Rec" in the chat, often he even enters his ID. As if the truck that stopped to avoid a collision was to blame for something. These are daily events, it happens more in Calais-Duisburg, the rest of the map is calmer, away from arguments . But you can use "Rec or Ban" to alert other players that you are recording that moment.
  5. Happy birthday

  6. In my opinion, TruckersMP has more positive points than SCS convoy, which in my point of view is just a dedicated server to play with friends, while TMP is a mega server capable of supporting triple the number of players without crashing. sudden changes in FPS and the like, in SCS Convoy, the lag with just 8 players is quite noticeable. Both servers are good, but TMP is better as well as other positive points mentioned above.
  7. Congrats 🤩

  8. Congrats :tmp:

  9. Kael_

    Road Events

    It's a great suggestion, but if it is implemented, it should be in different points on the map, excluding of course Calais Duisburg, considering that it would be chaos if it were implemented on that road.
  10. Happy birthday🎂

  11. Happy birthday 🎉

  12. Take care 

  13. Happy birthday, bro🥳

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