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  1. JarFull

    Least Used Truck

    Least used has to be Iveco, but it doesn't deserve more love
  2. I drive for Viva trucking, well I am sorry 

  3. hey huns 

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      hey, long time no see :o

    2. Fezz98


      Welcome back! :D

  4. Can anyone explain the logic in blocking the road off In Bratislava? Surely it's making it worse giving people one enterance, yes it would probably mean more carnage but it's nmot exactly controlled now anyway

  5. Can't even download the mods, is it going to be re-uplaoded elsewhere? How come it's not through the launcher?
  6. @DJ Jefferz are you just salty because they removed you or whatever? I've left some constructive feedback
  7. Funny how TMP claim they can't delete bans from your profile yet when players become admins they seem to disappear... 


    Safe to say its been a nice 3 month break from the forums (:

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    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Well, I will kindly ask to not complain here mate, before making assumptions confirm that they are real. :wub:


  8. Anyone know what the wait time is for a feedback to be looked at? Its been almost a week now 



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    2. Kráľovná Ciest
    3. JarFull


      Yeah, I was just wondering..

    4. 01FALCON


      pode ser até 2 semanas mas geralmente se for em carácter de urgência em até 3 dias ..


  9. Congratulations to all, shame about the mixture of 5/6 series on the scania
  10. Can someone please explain how it works when you report someone and the user is already banned at the time the report is dealt with, admins just reply with "user already banned" and the evidence isn't added to the report or it isn't extended. So if someone goes rams around 20 people and 10 people actually bother to report it on the website. he only gets banned for one count of it? 

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    2. JarFull


      @Mike Dragon The reply is just "user already banned" and if I click on the profile the evidence hasn't been added, and I'm pretty sure it's valid it's clear what the offence was

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      If you think your report wasn't handled properly, you can try reaching the admin in question, though it's best if you contact the feedback, instead: 


    4. JarFull


      @the bored hermit I was never tipped yesterday and if I was off slow it's because I had a WOT contract and a heavy cargo load :P 

  11. Happy Birthday JarFull!

    Hope you get the skin you wish for!

  12. Does anyone know why hardly any world of trucks contracts are appearing around me? I get like 3/4 but they're all short distances, is there anything I need to change? 

    1. JarFull


      Oh I thought that was for freight market jobs, cheers

  13. Fatal error on DAF E6 with the CB? Has it not been done for the reworked interior? 

    1. JarFull


      Oooh yeahhhh

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