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  2. Happy birthday! ?

  3. Who remembers First Class Transport? Only the real OG's will...

  4. Happy Birthday Jacob! Have a great one ;)

  5. Oi oi sausage! Happy Birthday bud and hope you have a great day :) 


  6. Typical... Status that was perfectly fine gets deleted all because 2 people had to ruin it. Thanks!

  7. oi oi savloy

  8. Oi oi sausage 

  9. What do the players see that dont have heavy cargo? Just curious 

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    2. [VIVA HH] Kravatie

      [VIVA HH] Kravatie



      did @Forerunner make that?

    3. Irishleprechaun


      your avatar xD @Kravatie I love it :D

    4. Forerunner


      @Kravatie yes I did. check my latest status update.

  10. Kak on tuda idet, nadeyus', chto vy poluchili vashi ogni, truby, dubabrites i vashi Redbulls poppin v techeniye nochi

    1. SlavaH


      Tang On Bang

    2. jacoblovekw


      bang the tang :troll:

  11. Havent played in mp in months, just started to play again and that duisburg road is actually the biggest joke.

  12. Happy Birthday comrade. ;)   

  13. Happy Birthday Jacob, Have A Good One! ;)

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