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  1. Happy birthday, mate! Don't consume too much the you know what. 🍻 💚

  2. Psst... Just paste the link in your post and it should automagically embed:
  3. Tagging along. When I'm driving alone and someone catches up to me, but instead of flying past me as I do below 90 km/h they tag along. Often it turns out that we are heading the same way for hundreds of kilometres. We drive together in silence until it's time to part ways and wish each other a good journey. I too tag along when someone is driving roughly the same speed as me, although I rarely get to be the one.
  4. I'm afraid your truck fails to meet many criteria specified in the topic rules.
  5. This is a great discussion you've started. I'm getting my 6 years on TruckersMP full next summer. I don't think I can reliably say the culture of greeting each other has deteriorated over the years. What I've noticed is the cultural differences between ETS2 MP and ATS MP. On ATS CB is more commonly used to greet others and wish them a nice journey than horn or lights, which are more common on ETS2. Even one journalist that drove on ATS to get in touch with people from the USA during this pandemic instantly took notice of the way people greeted each other. I won't be linking the article because
  6. I already use most of these settings, but there are definitely some things I'll need to try. To contribute to this thread, I recently got a wheel and I did not like how the steering felt in the game. I found an improved steering algorithm from Reddit. It greatly changed how the steering feels, especially on the highways. The idea is that it makes the steering less sensitive in the centre and the sensitivity increases the more you turn. The only downside is that the wheel turns really fast to full lock within the last 30° or so, but it hasn't bothered me. The Reddit post explains th
  7. I want to apologize how I said I would label everyone who drives in the C-D area the same and the comparison I used of moderating the area. I understand that many of you drive there just because there's a lot of traffic and you're more likely to see familiar faces. I loved that aspect of the road myself some years ago, but got frustrated of all the trouble there is and I doubt there's any other solution to them than the road no longer existing. In my position I should be able to argue politely, not end up insulting anyone. In the end, the things should argue, not the people. I am g
  8. That was a thing a long time ago, but it was removed, because players did not like it.
  9. I think you missed a number there. No wait, you didn't. My bad! Carry on.
  10. I delivered some hope with @Noxii of all people. :kappa:






    We got there sans damage, so perhaps we aren't that hopeless drivers after all.

    1. Λ S L Λ N

      Λ S L Λ N

      Beautiful ❤️ 

    2. [TCS-VTC]*015*liushang


      :90:More slowly,more hopeful:kappa:Nice photo!

  11. Keep in mind that this topic was made before double trailers. Back then there was only high power cargo back that really required more horsepower from your truck. This is more about hauling the average loads than heavy machinery and such. If you want to do jobs that require more power, you can always have a truck dedicated for that. In real life you rarely do several different jobs with one truck.
  12. Just some pictures I edited.



















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