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  1. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Save editing is a method to edit the content in the game. It's mostly used to place items into places and models they by default cannot be placed on. Save editing, like the name says, is editing in which you modify the save files of the game. The save files include the information of what kind of items your truck has on it and where they are placed. By telling the game through a save file that you've, e.g. Renault Racing paint job on a Scania truck, you can bypass the limitation set in the game by default, the limit being that Renault Racing paint job can only be placed on a Renault truck. In case you want to try save editing yourself, you can view a section we have that is dedicated for save editing guides. What is allowed and what is not is explained in a quite detailed manner in the TruckersMP rules (§3). There you can see all the rules we have regarding save editing. There is a good reasoning behind save editing limitations. When you enter the game all the items you have on your vehicle need to be synced to the server and then loaded onto a fellow player's computer. That way they can see your vehicle properly. If you place, for example 100 horns into every item slot your truck has, that causes quite a load for a fellow player's computer to handle. Now imagine that you're in a busy area where your FPS count is already low, then add to that an excessive amount of items on every single truck. The load is overwhelming for even high-end PC's. Also, save editing that has gone way wrong may cause straight out game crashes to user's when the game is attempting to load a poorly edited truck. I wish I managed to enlighten you about save editing with my response. Regards, Ampelmann
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