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  1. gif guide

    New version ( out for ATS. The update added new Steam achievements which means that downgrading to the supported version is impossible.
  2. gif guide

    New version ( out for ETS2. Because the update is for the new Steam achievements, downgrading to the supported version isn't possible.
  3. forum game

    Banned for impersonating Jaguar.
  4. Going for Assetto Corsa. Now if I had a wheel too...
  5. Does your friend have all the DLC? You can only see others use the DLC in TMP if you have it.
  6. I doubt they need all of their 80 employees to work on this project. SCS isn't as small company as you think. The idea seems interesting. Very fitting style to transport their set to shows across the Europe.
  7. forum game

    Banned because you returned.
  8. forum game

    Banned because you deserve it.
  9. 7.5/10 The small melodic part in the end saved the score YouTube
  10. Hello @Tank_248, Since you posted this in the suggestions section you're required to use the suggestion format: There are great amount of reports made daily in the report system and I do not know how you can tell what the admins are doing while they're online to say they "can't take time to look at the reports". I can assure you the reports are being looked at, but at the moment it can take some time. Please be patient. Ampelmann
  11. Hello @viksfar, I would firstly request you to use the suggestion format: Also, this suggestion has been made multiple times. I'm not sure if there is one identical suggestion open at the moment, but if there is you could have posted your thoughts there. The community is pretty much getting torn apart with cars. Some request to add more of them and some request to remove them like you. The best solution here seems to be in between: not adding more cars, but not removing them. If you feel like you cannot stand the cars in-game, you can always use the EU1 server. I know it's not as popular as EU2, but at least you get yourself some peace there. You could also try to avoid the high density areas there are in the Western Europe. For example Scandinavia is way more peaceful area to drive in. These are my thoughts on your suggestion. Ampelmann
  12. Hey FlamingGamer, There were plenty of moderators recruited recently, including me, and most of these moderators will eventually end up in the admin team. The process might be a bit slow, but that's for a good reason. During forum moderating work a new staff member can show they're capable of making correct decisions to keep up a good environment in the community. After a while it can be seen who are the right people to get a promotion to in-game admin and who won't be capable of serving the justice correctly. I'm quite sure most members of the community rather wait for the admin team to slowly expand than see the power being handed to unqualified people. The best thing you can do at the moment is to avoid the high density zones where you're likely to be a target of a perpetrator. If that fails, there is still the possibility of reporting.
  13. / Moved to help section
  14. I'm not completely against the idea, but in some countries the speed limit for cars is over 120 km/h, e.g. 130 km/h. Then there is also Germany and the autobahns without any speed limits. The speed limiter could be set to a bit higher speed, for instance 150 km/h. Speed limiting the cars wouldn't be too realistic feature to add to the mod, but neither do the players use the car realistically. I see where you're coming from with the suggestion, but I honestly don't think this would stop the reckless driving with the Scouts. +/- 1
  15. I see you can speak German a little bit,so lets speak german :D


    Hallo, wie geht es ihnen?




    1. DerAmpelmann


      Mir geht es gut, danke! Und dir?

    2. its4lex [GER]

      its4lex [GER]

      Mir geht es gut, danke der Nachfrage!

      Was machen Sie heute noch?

    3. DerAmpelmann


      Ich lese das Forum und ich spiele ETS2 später. Vielleicht...

      (Not sure if I got the words in right order nor if it makes any sense :D)