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  1. Went for a spin in ATS with @Shayrin. Thanks for the drive!













    1. Alon.



    2. Shayrin


      Nice pictures :wub:

  2. Eipä taida voida ylikuormata kärryä muuten kuin tallennustiedostoja sorkkimalla, eikä siihenkään varmaan vaaka reagoi.
  3. Thanks for the late night ribbon drive, bois @EHHVTC - Ollie @Moh_











  4. Thanks for the drive last night! Had a blast. @Noxii, @WarMaz, @[RLC CC] vladdis611 (not pictured), @Whitelodge (not pictured), @3ventic and @[RLC] Lasse (not pictured)











    You too @[AHL] Aek177, even though you refused to join our Reno cult. :kappa:


    Let me finish this blog post with words a wise man once said...

    "i have GREEN LIGHT!"

    ~ Wise man, 2019

    1. Lasse


      My light was greener than yours!

    2. Noxii


      He was easily the wisest man of the year so far, we should vote for him for President of the universe 2020.

  5. This picture dates back to 7th of November 2015. I'm parked somewhere in Scandinavia, at a hotel on the border of Norway and Sweden, if I recall correctly. The truck behind on the left is my cousin's. He was the one to introduce me to ETS2 few months before the picture was taken and together we begun exploring the multiplayer servers. It's been a while from when we last had the time to drive together, which is unfortunate, but luckily multiplayer came together with a community. Over the years I've found plenty of new driving companions, some from the like-minded people on the forums and some from passerby in-game.
  6. Hi there! Would this be the person you are looking for: @NightSword^ ? If you're looking for a staff member in the future, this page could come handy: https://truckersmp.com/team I hope I could help!
  7. @jakeelwood Kannattaa videoida sääntöjä rikkovia pelaajia ja lähettää reportteja TMP:n nettisivuilla. Toisin kuin pelin reportit ne eivät koskaan poistu järjestelmästä ennen kuin ne on tarkastettu. Rohkenen epäillä, että pelimoderaattorit eivät ole mukana rikkomassa sääntöjä. Vahinkoja saattaa tapahtua, mutta en jaksa uskoa, että tarkoituksella olisivat sääntöjä rikkoneet. Jos näin on, valita heistä todistein palautejärjestelmään niin asialle voidaan tehdä jotakin.
  8. Hey peeps! I was discussing speeding and fines with a friend when this thought popped up in my head. How many people are aware that their car speedometers do not quite show the real speed? They're designed to show speed slightly faster than the speed you're actually driving to stay on the safer side, so to say. It would be very questionable situation, if you ended up getting a speeding ticket because of the inaccuracy of your car's speedometer, and hence they are rather made inaccurate by making them show faster speed than real speed. How inaccurate the speedometer is varies between car models and brands, some speedometers have next to no difference to real speed, some can lie as much as 5 km/h (~3 mph) or more. While two cars are driving the speed limit according to their speedometer, one may be going a little faster than the other. Due to this it's beneficial that you check how inaccurate your speedometer is. It can be done using a GPS device, for example your phone or satnav. Just make sure the signal is good, so you can get trustworthy readings. Once you memorize how inaccurate your speedometer is, you can easily compensate that. You may argue that you wouldn't trust GPS, but modern day global positioning system and devices that use it are very accurate, frighteningly so. I'm sure many of you had heard of this before, given that people reading these forums have an interest in vehicles. This is just to satisfy my seemingly endless curiosity. Do you think that this is an utter lie or conspiracy to get you a speeding fine? Are you frustrated that people can't even drive as fast as allowed? Be my guest and discuss it!
  9. It was missing little something :kappa:



  10. Happy Birthday!! :D 

  11. Happy birthday

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Thank you! ^_^

  12. Happy birthday, mate!

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Thanks, mate!

  13. Happy birthday my friend ! 

    Don't drink behind the wheel, because the police will get caught, and penalty you will get

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Thank you!

      Not a habit of mine in real life at least. :kappa:

  14. Hope you'll have an awesome day celebrating your birthday!

    1. DerAmpelmann


      Thank you for the wishes! :D

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