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    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hello! I am a developer in my VTC, and I also use that API endpoint provided by TruckersMP. As far as I know, it can only return coordinates instead of city names, so unfortunately this is not possible by the api in itself. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  3. Hello, This is because that the TruckersMP Team has a team specialized for this, the Game Moderation Team. They are monitoring the game servers and issuing the right punishments "out of the box", instead of having to deal with the reports created on the website system. At the moment, the web report system is not overloaded, however, it is not convenient for the Game Moderation Team to handle loads of reports. Just think that every 100th active member in the TruckersMP community would start to report everything happening at a popular area - perfect chaos. If you are just thinking about just using the freecam, with that in itself there is zero problem. Only if you start to create web reports on the TruckersMP website recorded with freecam continuously, as rule §1.4 says. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  4. Hello, Username changes are issued without any prior notification. This was due to that you used an inappropriate username which is against the rules. Unfortunately you will have to wait for 2 weeks until you can change your username. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  5. Suggestion Name: Kick a player if too much report is tried to be created aginst a player Suggestion Description: If a person is being reported for too many times on game servers in a short period, than the player could be kicked (or temporarily blocked playing on the servers) to avoid further disruption of a simulation server, leading to much better experience for users. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Unfortunately in this game there are a lot of players who aren't following the rules, and obviously they usually do these violations intentionally at a popular area in the game. For exampe, a person going on the highway on the wrong side of the road is really dangerous, and if several players would report that player, the player would be temporarily blocked to join the servers leading to a much safer experience for avarage users. //Idea by @Ivonole
  6. Hello, This mod would only work in singleplayer (as on TruckersMP, only special mods are allowed, the other 3rd party mods which are not supported by TruckersMP are disabled) however after you used this mod you can freely join TruckersMP as this is only a local "cheat", not affected by TruckersMP in any way. Check out the rule about hacking for more information: Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  7. Suggestion Name: Private parking for Patreon subscribers Suggestion Description: As how there is a parking reserved for TruckersMP staff only in the TruckersMP HQ City, I think that a parking only reserved for Patreon's would also be a nice idea. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I belive that it could make a little bit of addition to our perks.
  8. Hello, Currently there is no variable for that, however, you can easily check that if you compare the expiration date and the current date. If it has at least 1 year difference, than the ban is not active. Obviously if the ban reason is @BANBYMISTAKE, than the ban is also not active whether 1 year passed or not. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  9. Hello, I am also using TruckersMP API and noticed this behaviour. I'm not sure how this works but I belive that the active variable is just that the ban is valid or not. So in case of a BANBYMISTAKE ban, that should be false. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  10. Hello, Try starting TruckersMP with administrator permissions. I had the same issue back in the time and ever since than I use TruckersMP with administrator permissions, no errors. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  11. Hello, Currently the API is not working correctly. Unfortunately you cannot really do much in this situation, you will need to wait until the issue is resolved. You could try to login multiple times but this "solution" is definitly not a real solution, just maybe a way how to try to play with the game. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  12. Hello, Using this kind of cheat is only local and not affected in any way of TruckersMP, so due to this reason you are free to use such tool to edit your XP and your money. Please check out the TruckersMP rules for more info: https://truckersmp.com/rules Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  13. Hello, This most likely happened because your video was too long. You can do the following in such a situation: -If it is a YouTube video, when you are at the collision or what you want to report, pause the video, than on the video player right click and there will be an option something like "Copy the URL which contains the current timestamp". This will create a link and you can paste this link into the report evidence. This link if opened should automatically jump the video where you clicked the button (at what timestamp) -If it's a video where you are not sure how to do this, you can just easily type in the evidence section when it happens in the video, for example: 0:23, which means that the collision or what you want to report is at 23 seconds into the video. I hope you can understand this. Note that this should be done if your video exceeds 2 minutes in length. Here is an example: https://youtu.be/_MM_7RRx2IU?t=91 If you click this YouTube link, it should open at around 1:30. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
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