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  1. LogRol

    wrong id ban

    Hello, To answer your another question - the rule you have mentioned that the video must be recorded by yourself is §1.4 Reporting rules. That is sufficient when someone creates a report on the website. So this means you cannot just create a report with someone else's video. However admins have the right to ban you if they see you breaking the rules. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  2. Hello, As I can see, you received a permanent ban due to your inappropriate tag. You used the tag "Prime Logistics" but you clearly left the VTC almost a year ago. In order to have this ban removed from your account, you will need to change your TAG, not your username. Here is a short video how you can do that: https://youtu.be/-e_l3VXy9tQ The picture you can see is not how your username should be changed. It is a picture of you how you are using the inappropriate tag. Since the admin took the photo in a so called "DEMO" mode, where admins can rewatch reports, your username wasn't displayed to save server resources and instead only your TruckersMP ID is displayed, you can check it, that it is the same as your account. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  3. Hello, Looks like you enabled the console sucessfully. Did you also change uset g_developer to 1? Keep in mind that teleporting only works in Singleplayer, in TruckersMP you cannot use the teleport command. However, you can still travel to your garage's you bought. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  4. Hello, You can hire workers in TruckersMP just like in Singleplayer, nothing changes. You can do this just like how you would do it in singleplayer. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  5. Hello, I'm afraid that this is a normal procedure. Since the admin just recently banned you, you should wait for your ban evidence. Since you have filed an appeal requesting that, there is nothing much you can do at the moment. Regarding the increased punishment: Probably your ban appeal sent a notification to the admin, and he checked your profile, and since he saw that this ban was your 4th active ban, he modified it according to the rules. This would have happened at some point since this is how the rules say what happens if you have too much active bans. Also, seems like in your ban appeal, you said that he doesn't have proof. A history ban does not mean that no evidence will be added to your punishment. It just means that your ban is going to be longer. If the admin cannot provide evidence about the Inappropriate Overtaking, Reckless Driving offence, your punishment will be lifted. However, since he just extended it to be longer, that is not too likely. You just need to wait for a few days until he processes his videos and uploads it and sends it to you. It shouldn't take too long. However, note that TruckersMP staff members may have a slower response to everything due to the New Year. I beleive that is until the 8th of January, after that everything returns to normal. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  6. Hello, This is one of the most main issues TruckersMP has and they know about it. Probably due to some technical limitation(s), they didn't address this issue yet. Unfortunately, if for whatever reason you got reported, and the admin doesn't notice this, you can be banned. Although, after some experience reporting user's, most admins recognize that the issue was on their end, and they won't ban you. This issue is called "desync". If you have a recording from your game-play when this happened I would advise you to save that video to a safe location. In case you get punished, which is unlikely, you can prove your innocence with that video evidence and your ban will be removed if it turns out that it was desync. In the future I would advise you to always look at the TAB before leaving a no collision area when loading in. As how you have mentioned, one of the easiest way to recognize this that on the TAB the distance next to the players are 0.0 m. In that case, wait a few seconds until the trucks appear. If you are in a busy location, you can get suspicious when there is nobody there. I would double check always. Lastly, these informations are based on my experience as a player, not as an admin. The final decision about a ban is always decided by a TruckersMP staff, so these are just my experiences and what I can see through my reports. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  7. Suggestion Name: Make it possible to use local time at reports Suggestion Description: Allow on the reports page to use your local timezone which you every player can set in the settings. Any example images: Why should it be added?: This is exactly how it is at the event page currently, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue to implement this. It would make reporting much easier since the time of the incident has to be provided when creating a report. I think that if this could be enabled perhaps as an optional feature in the settings would be great.
  8. Suggestion Name: Make in-game clock at the TAB UTC Suggestion Description: Whenever you create a report, you have to provide the time when did the incident happen, so admins can verify whether the player was actually online at that time or not. There, us, player's need to provide an UTC time, whereas on the tab where a real-time clock can be enabled, it shows the local time. So either I think the in-game time should show UTC time instead of the local timezone, for better reference for us and also for the admins. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It would be easier to create reports and also for everyone to find out what was the time when an accident happened in a global timezone.
  9. Hello, Please try to redownload every files, there is a possibility that something got corrupt. You need to have the mods in this folder: Documents/ETS2MP/mod If you dont have such, you can create one. Here is a knowledge base topic for more help: https://truckersmp.com/kb/84 If winter mod still not works for you please send a picture of your Documents/ETS2MP/mod folder contents. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  10. Hello, Still, no chance. This is not specifically a hardware ban, but it might be possible that an another TruckersMP player would get flagged and banned permanently if they would use the same computer as you. I belive that the time for these data to be deleted is 3 month. You can check that in the Privacy Policy. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  11. Hello, If you have received a permanent ban to your account due to confirmed ban evading, there is no way for you to have any of your accounts unbanned. That's why the ban is called permanent, not by an accident. So your career at TruckersMP has come to an end, you will be never able to play on their servers again according to their rules. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  12. Hello, By visiting truckersmp.com and going to the knowledge base section, here is the topic I have found which will help you: https://truckersmp.com/kb/84 If there is something you do not understand feel free to ask and I'll try to help you Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  13. Hello, Permanent bans are called permanent for a reason. They can't be removed if it was issued on a valid basis, and seems like you did agree that you were in breach of ban evading rules. Given that you are not allowed to play on any of TruckersMP servers with any account and this cannot be changed. Optionally, you can play with SCS Convoy mode multiplayer, where the maximum is 8 players. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  14. Hello, You can read the difference in the reason on your profile why your ban was modified to permanent. There can be several cases, most likely due to ban evading. This is for you to find out at the reason next to the video you have sent us. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
  15. Hello, You cannot just simply delete your ticket. Just edit your comment if you can and say that your problem has been solved and they can finish your ticket. If you can edit your main comment, than they will be able to see it even before reading your message saving time. Let us know if this helped, Kind Regards, LogRol
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