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  1. Dear @[HUN] MajestyXD, I don't know for sure what causes your problem, but if the suggestion above didn't solved your problem, I would recommend to create a new profile in-game. Years ago I had an another problem with my steering wheel and I also contacted ETS2 support and they didn't found a working solution, however, I found it Kind Regards, LogRol
  2. Dear @[ETS2MCG] CloudInfinity, As you have quoted the rule which points out C-D road, in my opinion you can take convoys there if not a lot of people participating in your convoy. Picture that you are the "leader" of the convoy with 20 trucks behind you at C-D road. It could cause a lot of mess I think. But if you are going with only a few peoples I think it's okay. Kind Regards, LogRol
  3. Dear members here, You would never think, but I've got the solution with my brother. Solution: Starting ETS2/ETS2MP with DirectX11. Thank you everyone who tried to help me, thanks again //This topic can be moved to Solved Topics. Kind Regards, LogRol
  4. Dear @Inklink, I'm sorry to hear that you had ran out of ALL possible solutions from your knowledge. I've already created a support ticket. Hope somebody knows more about my problem Thank you very much for your help here @Inklink, I appreciate it very much! I don't know, but if yes, please, staff members, could you leave this forum ticket opened if somebody has a guess? Thank you Kind Regards, LogRol
  5. Dear @Inklink, Yes, I reinstalled the complete AMD driver software, because there is no way to reinstall ReLive only. Unfortunately this doesn't solved my problem. Still the refreshing cursor exits. Kind Regards, LogRol
  6. Dear @Inklink, Yes, I have everything up to date in connection with AMD GPU and AMD ReLive. Built-in Windows 10 media player: (Movies+TV): https://ibb.co/dMw9JNw Windows Media Player: https://ibb.co/DGSzdh3 MPC-HC: https://ibb.co/fHSzwNK That's all the media player softwares installed on my computer. Current situation: When I start my computer and try to record something with AMD ReLive it creates the unopenable file. If I stop the recording, nothing happen with the file. After that if I start the recording, it creates nothing, but the cursor always indicate refreshing in 2 second cycle, like: [Refreshing cursor] - after 1-2 seconds - [Normal cursor] - after 1-2 seconds: [Refreshing cursor] and this loops. Also the application doesn't indicate that I'm recording, only at the first time. If I close "AMD Radeon: Desktop Overlay" in the task manager this actions stops. Translations: Built-in WIN 10 media player: Title: This file cannot played Desciption: This file cannot played. Maybe the file type is not supported, or it's extension is wrong, or the file is corrupted. Windows Media Player: Description: Windows Media Player detected an error while trying to play the file. MPC-HC: At the bottom: The file cannot be displayed. Kind Regards, LogRol
  7. Dear @Inklink, Yes, I'm completly sure that all settings are correct. From now on, it also doesn't record/create anything. Here is the error: https://ibb.co/fHSzwNK "A fájl nem megjeleníthető." means that the video cannot be displayed. For example: corrupted file. Kind Regards, LogRol
  8. Dear @Inklink, The link you have sent me doesn't gave a solution. I'm sorry to hear that you had ran out of possible solutions. But, there is also could be an another solution: Trying to get work AMD ReLive. When I start a recording with it it doesn't create any files, but if I want to save a clip from the previous 60 seconds it creates an unopenable video. Can we try to fix that? As maybe all possible suggestions where suggested to me, and none of them worked, I think I'm going to make a support ticket also. Thank you very much for your suggestions, @Inklink, I appreciate it. Kind Regards, LogRol
  9. Dear @Inklink, I have created a new video about my problem: (I tried to synchronize the recordings, but it isn't the best. Sorry.) The top left recoding was created by OBS, and the bottom right was created with XSplit. Kind Regards, LogRol
  10. Dear @Inklink, I reinstalled my windows and also updated my AMD software. A lot of new features appeared on it, but, it only makes unopenable recodings. Also it have a clip recoding feature, but I cannot figure out how to use that. The Windows 10 DVR still says my computer doesn't meet the system requirements. Kind Regards, LogRol
  11. Dear @Inklink, Ah, maybe this could be a problem, since I have a pending Windows install. I live in Hungary. I will do the update now. Kind Regards, LogRol
  12. Dear @Inklink, Sure, here it is:https://ibb.co/F7bghhm "A számítógépe nem felel meg a rendszerkövetelményeknek." means my computer doesn't meet the system requirements. And as you can see, all options are disabled which connects to Windows 10 DVR Recording. I don't want to pay for these types of softwares, maybe, my problem still could exist on paid ones also. Kind Regards, LogRol
  13. Dear @Inklink, On the webpage when I clicked to "Visit Site" button throwing the following error: From now on, you suggest to search for other recoding softwares which has capibility for clip recording? I will try to find a good one Actually, I also could try to use Windows 10 DVR recoding "system" but it says my computer is not supported or what else. Maybe can we try to make that thing working? Kind Regards, LogRol
  14. Dear @Inklink, I got the following error: https://ibb.co/82LxFxj "rendszerkövetelmények" means system requirements. "Az NVIDIA telepítő nem tudja folytatni" means NVIDIA installer cannot continue. Kind Regards, LogRol
  15. Dear @Inklink, I have already reinstalled OBS, and as I said before I just downloaded "Medal" in the past few days. Side note: This problem does not happens on XSplit. From this, I used XSplit in order to record, but I wanted to have a recorder which has ability to record clips. Since OBS has this feature, I tried it. I remember that this problem appeared a very long time ago, but since I found XSplit I didn't take care about it. But now I have to in order to use clip feature. Unfortunately XSplit doesn't have clip feature. Kind Regards, LogRol
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