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  1. Happy Birthday ❤️🙂 

  2. OMG!! That's very clever. How could I not have thought of that? I think you misunderstood the situation, I am not complaining about a subject here, I am giving ideas and suggestions to make the game better. if I feel like driving in heavy traffic, I'll drive in C-D, if not, I'll drive on another route.
  3. Congrats. ✌️🥳

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  4. Congrats❤️

  5. Suggestion Name: Traffic on the Railway line Suggestion Description:Avoiding long queues on the railway Any example images: No Why should it be added?:Reducing and streamlining traffic on the railway Hello Truckers Mp, as it is known, there is a traffic problem on the Calais - Duisburg railway.I have an idea that will eliminate traffic. When the number of players on the server is 2000 people or less, the railway can continue to operate normally. When the number of players on the server exceeds 2000, the railway can be automatically deactivated and remain open all the time, so that there may be no congestion on the railway during the game hours of the game. I do not know if an automatic system can be integrated, but when the number on the server drops below 2000, the railway can be activated again.
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  8. It was a long awaited update.petrol station is really a very good idea and great thanks.
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