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  1. I just need your opinion and let others know which truck is better to use In my opinion Mercedes trucks are very affordable and have a lot of fuel. In the other hand they aren't very fast. They also look gorgeous especially the New Actros! DAF trucks are good but the cockpit... mmh not that good. Scania and Volvo are very efficient but they cost a lot! Iveco trucks aren't very performing but I like the Hi-Way style and curves haha. Renault trucks are neither very bad or very good. But I have to say that the cockpit is good!
  2. 9 TIPS FOR CD ROAD The road goes from Calais to Duisburg and is 450 km long. Usually it can be very crowded and busy. And if you are someone who likes traffic, this might be the right place to drive. Here are my tips. BE PATIENT: Might sound very confusing as a tip but trust me... You need a lot of patience since many truckers are trolling and/or ramming just for fun and to ruin everyone else's experience. QUICKSAVE: In case you get involved in an accident you can load the last autosave (Every 5 mins). It's very useful, but not as useful as quicksaving: First set a keybind for quicksave in settings. Then when you feel something really bad is going to happen, you press the key to quicksave. It will spawn you in the position where you quicksaved with 10 sec of ghost mode. Please do yourself and others a favour... Before quicksaving pull over and then you can quicksave. If you quicksave in the middle of the road, you'll spawn in the middle of it and other players can easily think you are not in ghost mode and therefore they'll swerve and probably crash. (Doesn't work with external contracts). DON'TGO FASTER THAN 80-90 KM/H: Usually there are traffic jams in this road. If you go fast and there's a queue of people, you probably wo't have enough time and space to come to a stop. Therefore you'll crash into the trucker in front of you (and probably you'll get recorded and banned :P). DON'T HORN INSISTENTLY DURING TRAFFIC: It's annoying and won't help the traffic to flow and as a matter of fact people will get bothered and may even rec you! USE HAZARD LIGHTS WHEN YOU ARE THE LAST IN A QUEUE: It's not necessary but it's a nice way to tell the player behind you that there's a traffic jam ahead. PRETEND THAT THE ROAD IS LIKE ANY OTHER ROAD IN GAME: Drive normally. when you need to stop you can pull over and let the others go. Follow the rules and the signs. Use the blinkers... IF YOU GET BORED READ THE CHAT: Sometimes chat can be silly, funny and all s**t going on at the same time :P. BE NICE (OR BAD) TO OTHERS: If someone got rammed don't horn him (it's not his fault!). If someone wants to enter the road let him in. If someone uses high beam on you because you are "slow" tell them to go to play arcade mode. If someone is begging pardon because he accidentaly crashed with you, just write "no problem", "it's okay" and so on. CB RADIO: The CB radio is basically the voice chat. If you are easily bothered by people blowing on their mics, people speaking a language that you don't know, people blasting bass boosted music or just hearing voices you can turn it off in the multiplayer settings. IN THE ROAD YOU CAN FIND: 3 Gas Stations 1 Train crossing Many intersections Lots of curves (some are a bit dangerous) A lot of people This is the first content I upload. I'm sorry if grammar isn't the best. Happy trucking and have a nice day
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