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  1. Here is how I proceed. I approach at an intersection controlled by traffic light. 4 things can happen: Green light > I safely drive through the intersection; Green light turning yellow > I drive through if I don't have enough space to safely come to a stop, otherwise I do so; Red/yellow light turning green > I drive at low speed then speeding up once it turns green; Red light > If there is no one in the GPS, no one appears in tab > I drive through; Red light > Someone is in the GPS or in the tab > I come to a complete stop.
  2. I do think that the current position of chat can be sometimes distracting. This would definitely help having an easier communication via the chat.
  3. Thank you. The topic can now be closed.
  4. https://youtu.be/zHpGo0CxdmA The first time this happened it was yesterday, while I was driving in France. All of a sudden my game freezes, and on top of that it happened while I was in an intersection but hopefully there wasn't anyone nearby that I could have damaged. Unfortunately I don't have a rec for that. It really is frustrating. Anyways, I am running Windows 10 64bit and although my internet is not the best, I think it isn't the cause of the problem. Thank you.
  5. I have to admit, sometimes I don't turn on my indicators since no one is nearby and yes it is not really a good habit because then what could happen is that I don't use them at all. I really need to get rid of this habit, and definitely always indicate. Also, I don't trust others so much and expect the worst and as a matter of fact I try to hit rec whenever I see people on my tab list and eventually delete the rec if nothing happens.
  6. I really like the suggestion. Would turn out to be not so useful when there are loads of people cramped in a company, like in a convoy or at F7, I also like the idea given by others to have an on/off switch for people that want for any given reason turn it off.
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  8. This guide will surely come in handy for new truckers as well as people who never attended convoys. Convoys are really a cool way to make new friends as well! Regards, vldv44


    Doing the very last deliveries for this year 2020!



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  10. It actually doesn’t look like a bad idea. Maybe put it as optional? Like the season mods.
  11. Although it seems a good idea at first glance there can be some problems like: Many people starting their own VTC can’t get a chance to grow when bigger VTCs use this. It wouldn’t be a really great experience. Also, there are already enough ways to advertise. Lastly I’m pretty sure low end PCs could struggle to handle these in-game ads.
  12. Thank you! It will definitely make it easier to get the events running! Best regards, vldv44_
  13. Thank you! I'm sure I'll use these commands when I am on sp
  14. very interesting. I really like the fact that Volvos save some FPS if you have a low performance PC like mine.
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  18. Thank you! Didn’t know this and I’ve been playing for over a year now.
  19. Hello all! Thanks for reading and commenting on my topic. I noticed that many things need to be changed and I will happily make a reworked version of this guide.
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