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  1. I have not yet explored 1.42, but I hope you see the changes, the truth is, something a little more interesting
  2. They are well placed, but the problem is that you see a lot of traffic in the heavy hours, and it is difficult to get out, but in the same way they are fine so that they follow the rules
  3. Thank you for the follow!

  4. The truck I like the most about the ATS is the kenworth, MACK
  5. Gracias por seguirme! 💯

  6. Thank you for the Follow 

  7. I always use spotify, very easy and with a great variety of music
  8. I love Russia, I want it to come out as soon as possible, I think I will keep it in the city of Russia hehe
  9. As soon as I started playing I used the volvo haha, I have always used it, and because for me it is very fast Next question for the next player What do you think of Euro Truck Simulator 2?
  10. Yes I saw it, but I have not basically tried it yet, since I have not had time
  11. I agree with you, there are many tools to use, and especially the cameras, we can take spectacular photos and incomparable, I am very grateful for all the work that SCS and TMP have done
  12. Hoy es nuestro aniversario en la empresa de logística col, y estoy muy feliz de celebrar este aniversario. ☺️

    1. .Pedro.


      Happy Anniversary #1year ❤️

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