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  1. no creo pero existen una gran de persona que le gusta jugar con mods de mapas, camiones y buses, como ejemplo mapa eeaa es un excelente mapa de puras carreteras secundarias y tierras pero en promods tenemos el segundo lugar mas poblado que es kirkenes esto es apenas el principio pero truckersmp no va a morir por se un multijugador mas globalizado mientras que el modo convoy solo existen 8 slot maximo y en truckersmp mas de 4.000 jugadores depende el server que uno ingrese. att: Quiber
  2. cool DAF best 🤟


  3. Quiber

    FIFA or PES

    you know that FIFA is the best although it stresses when losing JAJAJA
  4. Quiber

    FIFA or PES

    Which do you think would be the best, I personally prefer FIFA for its playability and the servers that are more stable
  5. hay un un pequeño retraso en el juego y eso los veo tanto en sim1 o 2 que la persona la tengo a 20m pero dice que estoy a 25m hay un problema en la distancia desde la version 1.40 se ve eso y en arcade hay una diferencia de 20m eso fuera bueno que mejore porque en la versión 1.39 posteriores se veía mas estable como una opinión personal.
  6. gta v online is very good hopefully a next gta is better than the current one or improves the current one as new dlc or expansion map.
  7. The 12 gearbox is very good but in the simulation issue it is better to use 6 because of the issue that is limited to 110km, for personal opinion I use 6 gearbox.
  8. I use steering wheel it is much better in H for acceleration if it changes a lot and more when you have a Volvo or scannia with 730 or 750 it accelerates those trucks faster.
  9. when someone half bumps it and flies worst of all some leaves the map xd
  10. It depends on me personally 110 km each one walks as he can as long as respect is on the route with others
  11. well windows xp was such an optimized system if windows xp still existed it was the best optimized operating system because windows 10 consumes a lot of resources, hopefully windows 11 is an optimized system for all of us.
  12. If it makes you choose an operating system which of all windows would you choose - I think windows xp was the best.
  13. the good thing about all that truckersmp update the mod.
  14. I remember gta san andreas was the best of everything until gta v came out, it improved a lot, hopefully gta 6 is the best of all gta.
  15. download version there is a new update steam still releases the 1.41 incompatible mod
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