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Community Answers

  1. @MousemanLVI'm The Cat and You're The Mouse..


    ..now deal with it..





  2. So you guys shouldn't be expecting appreciation from everyone.


    But don't be afraid to be the real yourselves, no matter what they say. :wesmart:


    Some will love you, while the others will hate you.


    But does it really matter?


    .as long as you know what you're doing, gonna be all purrrfect.. :thisisfine:


    P.S. and btw, Xris is weird enough, don't be like him. :troll:

  3. Nope, you're not a Red wolfie.


    You're a yellow one.


    ...and I'm no longer a wolfie..


    I'm a kitten.




    1. RedWolf [CZ]
    2. ~ Xris Aurora ~

      ~ Xris Aurora ~

      ..looong time nooo taaalk..


      aaaaand I'm yet about to get back to what they call active trucking... 👀


      ..Just, being lazy and compacent these days.


      @Doggo.gotta wake me up, asap. :mlg_doge:

  4. Thnk you very much for the follow ❤️ sweet kitty 🙂 

    1. ~ Xris Aurora ~

      ~ Xris Aurora ~

      Remember, you can't predict my next step.




  5. TMP is a Recban community, gg to all of us and our best efforts of keeping it clean from reckless minds. @Ulogknows what I mean.
  6. Now you know my real name and my family name, gg to you.


    Xris or just Chris, first name.


    Aurora, family name.


    ..tell me who are the real you, if you wanna..




  7. Yeah, with just one sentence. What's TMP as project and as community, from your trucker's point of view? Curious about it.
  8. Gentle rudeman is still here, 


    and still alive,


    But what happened to my gaming habits?


    ..dunno, guess there's something called reality.




  9. Now to answer your question, I like staying up really late at night , so late that I hit those early morning times and still being wide awake. Next question: ..how do you like spending your weekends the most?
  10. Auto, cause I like it simplier and lazier. Question to @PallePuhor someone else: What's your most favourite sport of all?
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