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  1. Wow, this is a really big step! I am late, but now i am telling you congrats and good luck forwards as CMM

    1. weezy


      Thank you ^-^

  2. Listening to music, chillin' trips, near to Leipzig, traveling to Italy. :P
    Just relaxing in my free time :lol:


    1. BlackSkill


      Hope you're having a great time ;) 

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photo and truck :wub:

  3. Happy birthday,
    Mr. Bobi !

    1. [LKW Tr.] bobi124

      [LKW Tr.] bobi124

      Thank you very much :wub:

  4. The second CMM left.. I will be sad about your departure from the team. I hope you will come back in the team sometime. So, my last words to you are: Good luck forwards!
    I saw you at some convoys as GameModerator>GameModeratorLeader, and i started following you after you got CMM, because i discovered the "Follow Member" button. :kappa:
    Down is a screenshot of the first time i saw you on Multiplayer as CMM and you told me: "You are lucky to see me on multiplayer, i rarely play it", so i wish you'll be back. You, Chris and Lorena are my favourite managers and you ll remain managers in my mind :love:


    1. Nataliia


      My beautiful iveco, hated by everyone xD 

      Thanks Raptor <3

      That follow button is still a mystery for me xD I cant find it anytime!


      I might be back in a future later, who knows. But thank you anyway! ^_^ 

  5. why... :(( I am really sad about your departure from the team...

    1. stilldre1976


      yeah agree great guy indeed good luck buddy in whatever you do next :)

  6. It is 4 A.M, but i am still playing ETS2 somewhere near to Karlskrona, Sweden. Just chillin'.


  7. InvisibleRaptor


  8. Somewhere in USA with the new Special Transport DLC for ATS! :wub:



  9. InvisibleRaptor


  10. InvisibleRaptor


    RoHarleyTrans Scurt istoric: Dupa o intamplare istorica in lumea multiplayer-ului, comunitatea RoHarleyTrans(RHT) a fost declarata desfiintata, si iata ca dupa un an de inactivitate am revenit in forta, haide si tu sa facem istorie si sa ajungem din nou, unde am fost candva, primim membrii de toate varstele! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Aceasta comunitate a fost infiintata de doi fondatori maturi, care se descurca in orice situatie. Staff-ul este reprezentat de unul serios si matur! De asemenea, suntem prezenti pe Facebook pe pagina noastra oficiala(click aici), unde vom posta poze de la convoaie. Avem un sistem unic de punctare, fiecare punct obtinut reprezinta o suma de bani virtuali, pe care ii puteti strange pentru a va cumpara un camion personal cu care veti face prezenta la urmatoarele convoaie. Primul camion pe care il veti avea, va fi Renault. Pentru a cumpara alt camion, ai nevoie de nivelul corespunzator si totodata de suma de bani necesara. Va putem oferi mult mai multe detalii pe adresa noastra de teamspeak3 de mai jos. Esti interesat? Contacteaza-ne! Date de contact: Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/RoHarleyTrans Forum: http://roharleytrans.eu/ Teamspeak3: ts.roharleytrans.eu
  11. InvisibleRaptor

    Problema cu soferii.

    Camionul nu trebuie sa fie folosit de tine, ci doar de soferul angajat.Teoretic daca el are camionul va trebui sa dea drumul la treaba.
  12. Good job friend! Congrats for your promotion! I am following you when you were CommunityModerator! Good work! :D

    1. weezy


      Thanks a lot! <3

  13. InvisibleRaptor

    Echipa TruckersMP [RO]

    [Actualizare 3.11.2018] Culorile gradelor au fost actualizate.
  14. Welcome back, friend! I am ready to protect your back!

    1. H U N T E R

      H U N T E R

      Thank you mate <3 <3

  15. InvisibleRaptor

    Echipa TruckersMP [RO]

    [Actualizare 28.10.2018] S-a actualizat lista membrilor.