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  1. Congrats mate! :D


    1. DeyDoNN


      Thank you!! ❤️ 🍻

  2. Gullbrann

    Overtake C-D

    Hey! Normally I'm just driving behind. I don't really like to overtake. It may cause accidents etc. King Regards: Gullbrann
  3. Good luck! I will ofcourse be there
  4. Hey there! I personally love to travel through the roads of Iceland, but I also love the Quarry road at Kirkenes.
  5. Hey there! I personally love to take cargo from Bergen to Oslo. I don't care what company it is, but the roads from Bergen to Oslo is just so nice. Better check them out yourself! I also took a picture from that route near christmas. Have a look at it -> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/672768793126371329/678985607929790494/ets2_20191222_101306_00.png King Regards: Gullbrann
  6. Congrats! :D


  7. Congrats! :D


  8. Congrats ❤️ 

    1. issam0707


      Thank you :D


  9. Hey! I really like the route Bergen - Oslo. Its because it got some really nice views and roads to drive on. Its also in Norway, where I live King Regards; Gullbrann
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