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  1. Hello again. There is a thread at the forum, showing how to get your Patreon role. Please take a look at it here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/598 King Regards: Gullbrann
  2. Hello there! Currently I’m owning almost all the DLC’s. The ones I’m missing is arround 10 of the paintjobs. In American Truck Simulator I am owning everyone of them. King Regards: Gullbrann
  3. Hello there! I will be plasing my HQ somewhere in Norway, because Norway is a really great please to discover. I also live in Norway, so thats why King Regards: Gullbrann
  4. Hello there! If your Patreon rank hasn’t been given to you, you can feel free to create a support ticket over here: https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets King Regards: Gullbrann
  5. Hello! I prefer to drive with the steering wheel on the left side because I’m from Norway. In Norway it is normal with the wheel on left side. :) King Regards: Gullbrann
  6. I think the new DLC will be really cool!
  7. Normally I will report them if it's obvious that they are making you crash etc. but when people say "sorry" I am more like "ok, you did a mistake, you learned from this", and I will not report them. That's what I think, and I am agreeing with you.
  8. Maby like triple trailers with different cargoes on it, so you don't need to save-edit.
  9. I am just wondering if you have done 10/10 and 3/5 on the other goal, can you do the other goal finished by driving the event cargoes to the next cities?
  10. Gullbrann


    This money "hack" won't affect any gameplay or other players as said before. This money "hack" is used for the people that want more money so they can do like a bit more of what they want, like buy new trucks, etc. If you want to get the money from your self you are fine to do that, if you want.
  11. In my opinion, I like to drive in the speed limit, because I feel that it makes the game much more fun when you are following the rules. Maby the players that are driving too fast don't like to "drive" simulation as we do?
  12. This post is really nice to read before driving from Calais to Duisburg. Now I know some of the "better" routes and got more alternatives before starting to drive. Thanks for the post.
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