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  1. Congrats mate! ❤️


    1. Mr. Calvin

      Mr. Calvin

      Thank you Gullbrann! ❤️:D

  2. Congrats! 🥳

    1. Shayrin


      Thank you.

  3. Congrats! :D


    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Thank you :)

  4. Congrats! 🥳

  5. Welcome back! :D


  6. Thanks to @aviatoroscar and @[VIVA] Partydoos for hosting Courage Covoys yesterday! Looking forward for the next one My Cinematic video will be edited and uploaded soon
  7. Welcome to my media corner! I will be posting pictures and videos of the events I'm Media Team on. Stay tuned!
  8. Congrats! :D


  9. Congrats! :D


    1. Ali.


      Thank you ❤️ 

  10. Welcome back! :)

  11. Welcome back! ❤️


    1. MHT_


      Thank you very much! ❤️

  12. Decided to make me a new forum banner.

    What do you all think? :D


    TruckersMP Forum Banner (5).jpg

    1. Martin_RMJ


      Looks amazing Gull! I love it! :D 


      pls make me one thx ❤️ 


    2. RB1988


      Very smart! Can I hire you to design one for me? ;)

    3. Gullbrann


      @RB1988haha. Sure :P


  13. Congrats! ❤️


    1. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      Thank you!

  14. Hello there! Are you running via WLAN or LAN? If your connection is usually good, maybe it is unstable or you are just living too far away from the servers. You can also try to teleport to another garage before joining the game (not any city like Calais or Duisburg).
  15. Congrats! :D


    1. Whitelodge


      Thank you :) 

  16. Welcome back! :D


    1. Racyen


      Thank you

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