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  1. Hey there! I really like to deliver cargo to Bergen, as thats my home city IRL. Italy is also a nice place to drive, as it got some really nice sceneries. I would recommend to check it out.
  2. Congrats mate! 🥳

    1. Mılo.


      Thank you Gullbrann! :D

  3. Hey there! I get your point of view, and understand why you want this. However this function to report people in-game makes it much easier in many ways. 1. You don't need to have a decent pc to record your evidence. 2. You don't need to spend much time uploading the evidence, and report the incident on the forums. 3. The website report system is heavily filled with reports these days, which makes it even more full if you ain't able to report this in-game straight away. 4. If there is rulebreakers on an event server, these can be handled just second
  4. Event Day! [ @RookieCookie @VeLociTy XTRoLl @Cyberskilzz ]
  5. 1 day to go! [ @RookieCookie @VeLociTy XTRoLl @Cyberskilzz ]
  6. Valtox power! @Raymond_
  7. Congrats mate! ❤️


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      Mr. Calvin

      Thank you Gullbrann! ❤️:D

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      Thank you :)

  9. Congrats! 🥳

  10. Thanks to @aviatoroscar and @[VIVA] Partydoos for hosting Courage Covoys yesterday! Looking forward for the next one My Cinematic video will be edited and uploaded soon
  11. Welcome to my media corner! I will be posting pictures and videos of the events I'm Media Team on. Stay tuned!
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  13. Congrats! :D


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