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  1. Congrats ❤️ 

    1. issam0707


      Thank you :D


  2. Hey! I really like the route Bergen - Oslo. Its because it got some really nice views and roads to drive on. Its also in Norway, where I live King Regards; Gullbrann
  3. Gullbrann

    Daf to Volvo

    Theres usually much at the steam workshop. Sadly it won't work in multiplayer, but it's worth a try in Single player. King Regards: Gullbrann
  4. Great post! Will definitely use this in my further journey at TruckersMP. King regards: Gullbrann
  5. The best radio station I've ever worked for.
  6. The 100 km/h is more than enough. This is a simulation game. If you want to be driving faster, use the arcade server. I think the best is to drive under 100 km/h. Following the traffic rules and speedlimit is a thing that makes this game so fun.
  7. Hey!


    It would be nice if ETS2C would get a mobile app for IOS and Android.

    Message me back about what you think of this idea.


    King Regards:

  8. Hi there! I think this rules is one of the most known rule on TruckersMP. The rule is something like "common sence" and I think most people know it. This doesn't mean everyone are following it, but they should. King Reagrds: Gullbrann
  9. We're close to christmas! ❤️


  10. Hi there! I would recommend you to play on Arcade servers if you want to go fast. If you want to go realistic, you can play on the simulation servers. King regards: Gullbrann
  11. Hi there! It looks really cool, and are wondering how the players in multiplayer will handle it when it comes out. Looking forward to this. King Regards: Gullbrann
  12. Hi there! I will for sure buy the DLC, because I'm a big fan of ETS2. The videoes of the DLC looks so far so good. I'm really hyped to explore the new roads. If I where you, I would buy it. King Regards: Gullbrann
  13. Hi there! The roles such as "Veteran driver I", and "II" is just a role on the forum on how many forum posts you have. So in my mind, I don't think this would work. Anyways, nice thread to be honest. King Regards: Gullbrann
  14. Awesome! Keep it going!
  15. Hello again. There is a thread at the forum, showing how to get your Patreon role. Please take a look at it here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/598 King Regards: Gullbrann
  16. Hello there! Currently I’m owning almost all the DLC’s. The ones I’m missing is arround 10 of the paintjobs. In American Truck Simulator I am owning everyone of them. King Regards: Gullbrann
  17. Hello there! I will be plasing my HQ somewhere in Norway, because Norway is a really great please to discover. I also live in Norway, so thats why King Regards: Gullbrann
  18. Hello there! If your Patreon rank hasn’t been given to you, you can feel free to create a support ticket over here: https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets King Regards: Gullbrann
  19. Hello! I prefer to drive with the steering wheel on the left side because I’m from Norway. In Norway it is normal with the wheel on left side. :) King Regards: Gullbrann
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