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  1. Well, that's 45 minutes not entirely wasted: <video>



    No practical use yet, but it works.

    1. LordBenji


      That works for painted trailers xD but one thing I'd love SCS to do is to add RGB values in the color picker, which shouldn't be too hard to do in my opinion, even though they have a formula for handling those RGB colors...

  2. Some images from the 1.32 beta:




    1. Matt #CarLadMatt

      Matt #CarLadMatt

      Looks pretty. 

      New type of refrigerated trailer there I take it.

      Looking forward to it the more I see ;) 

    2. European Federation

      European Federation

      very good construction of the truck:)

    3. XxXhm?oyHuNXxX


      this how?

      the trailer and truck

  3. Update on the status of this mod: While the beta version of 1.3.0 is available for ETS2, there is no ATS version and multiple bugs have been found in the beta (as expected, its a beta). Until the after public release of the 1.32 game versions, there will be no new builds of this mod released; the mod is getting changed around to allow for more customization on trucks, filter usage, documentation and so on and it may be possible to extend it to trailers as well.
  4. Orange predator strobe beacon

    Hello, An orange single beacon and orange LED lights for pilot cars, are both planned to be implemented in the Scout Car rework; information can be found here: As these are already planned in another suggestion, I will move this to rejected.
  5. TruckersMP Team

    [Add-On Team] @EG0611 has left the team. We thank him for his work, it is very much appreciated.
  6. More trailers for the Scout Cars

    Hello, Thank you for your suggestion, however we currently do not have any plans to add additional trailers for the Scout car. Rejected.
  7. @Darrell. the beat version of the update is already released. See the main post and the update release post for info.
  8. @-jos read the instructions on use and the update release post - it explains it @ScaniaFan89 nothing on those images is not allowed, the LEDs may be placed there. Please re-read rule 3.1
  9. Hello players, We are currently looking for new and skilled people to join our add-on team, making new in-game content for the TruckersMP community. Requirements: To be registered on the forum for at least 1 month, Good knowledge of English (For communication reasons), Min. 50 useful posts, GitHub Account (Free version), Good behavior both on the forum and in-game, Be capable of working as a team, even if you are working on different tasks, No recent Forum or Game punishments, Knowledge of one, or more, of the following: 3d modelling (using "Blender" software), Texture creation, Animation (using "Blender" software), Map Editing (using the map editor built into Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator), Units (also known as definition files used by Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator); Comfortable asking for assistance if something is not working right, Willingness to try new ways of doing things (problem solving), Examples of your previous modifications (for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator) or proof of your ability in one of the above fields, for example 3d modelling; *Please note that some of these requirements may be exempted in cases of people with exceptional skill in one of the required fields. If you want to apply, please do so here: End date: 14/08/2018
  10. Improve Scour car brakes

    Hello, An improvement to the Scout car brakes is being worked on as part of a rework of the Scout by the Add-On Team. More details can be found here: Moving this topic to accepted.
  11. Custom Modding Guide, Rule 3.4 - (Updated: 04/04/2018)

    @LordBenji No, i haven't missed a step. You have tried to do something additional that is not necessary. Follow the tutorial strictly with the tutorial files and it will work. Your *.tobj is broken as you changed the length of the path but did not change the path length byte. The byte you highlighted is the length byte, its is a single byte in hex. 0x18 would fix it.
  12. TruckersMP Team

    [Add-On Team] @theHarven has left the team due to lack of time
  13. @The_Falcon The instructions on the initial post of this mod explain how to remove the cost as well as why it is there. Please read the main post fully.
  14. TruckersMP Team

    [Community Moderator] @Lasse_ moves to the Add-On Team and remains in the Event Team
  15. New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

    @Mark3287 /home is how the game references the "documents\euro truck simulator 2" folder, they are the same folder. So your config.cfg is loaded by the game from "/home/config.cfg"