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  1. Well, it has been some time since I last posted screenshots of an individual mod instead of just Additional Customisation. So lets change that:



    A customised Kenworth W900 - Rear mounted exhausts, modified bullbar, raised air intakes, bonnet mounted horns, treadplate rear fenders.






    And the best part,



    Local-only modding of accessories is still restricted, no changes have been made to the autokick. The above, is not accessory based.


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    2. szykaro23
    3. nitrodax777


      @Forerunner alright. sounds reasonable. if this means /home is basically phased out for this new method, would the old rules still apply where you cant touch core components of the truck like cabins, chassis, etc? or is there a completely different set of rules of what can and cannot be used here other than basic accessories? im just trying to gauge what ill be working with once you make a tutorial. and im also guessing trailer accessories will function the same way.

    4. Forerunner


      @nitrodax777 it is impossible to do cabins, chassis etc with this - just basic parts (so basically cosmetics). Trailers can work the same way but are more awkward

  2. It is unfortunately not that simple. The mod was not made by hand but in fact by code, which needed updating every version to cope with changes from SCS - so even handing the code over, which I am not prepared to do, would not solve the issue. The reason I updated it last time despite planning not to was that the replacement for this was taking longer than expected; this new "mod" (not really a mod in way tbh) is still not ready but much closer so its not worth the time it takes to do the update.
  3. Sorry, that is not relevant really. This is my own personal mod, not part of TruckersMP. It was removed from steam not because of some conspiracy against save editing but actually just because the mod has become too much of an issue for me to update to make it ok for users to use.
  4. The mod has been removed from the Steam Workshop. This was NOT the action of SCS or Steam, I have manually hidden the files from view. There are no plans to update the mod at this time.
  5. Is it possible to bring the navigation voice "petra" from the Steam Workshop to multiplayer?



    1. El1teZombiezHD


      No Mods will be added.


      Plus 1.35 isn't supported by TMP yet.

    2. doftuone


      @El1teZombiezHD ok thx  :)


  6. Hello! The game was updated to

    You can  upgrade the mods for steam at the new version 1.35...

    1. Forerunner


      My mods are not being updated for 1.35

    2. Shen Yang

      Shen Yang

      can you update it to  ?

  7. Hello Forerunner, I want to see if using the Michelin dolls in this position is prohibited or okay Mercedes-Benz-750-hp.jpg

  8. This mod will not be updated to the beta version. The beta version is intended for testing features and changes implemented by SCS, which could be hindered by a mod such as this, therefore it won't support beta versions.
  9. Forerunner

    Duplicated grills

    Hello, The rule means that you can have up to 3 (4 in the case of the Scania trucks) accessories ending in "_grill" - this is why the Scania is allowed more than others, as it has the additional "c_grill" slot. The rule is based on the number of these on the truck overall (not per slot) and the addon hookups used on the bars does not impact on how the rule is applied. Kind Regards, Forerunner Vice Project Manager
  10. Forerunner

    Bannable or Unbannable

    Hello, It is indeed bannable. Beacons are only permitted on the "r_grill" and LED strobe lights can only be on default slots. Kind Regards, Forerunner Vice Project Manager
  11. Forerunner

    Mercedes maintenance

    Hello, If you are asking about having a bullbar clipping through the front of the truck, it is allowed. Kind Regards, Forerunner Vice Project Manager
  12. Forerunner

    Is this allowed?

    Hello, From the image shown, it appears to be allowed though it does not show all parts of the truck. Kind Regards, Forerunner Vice Project Manager
  13. Forerunner

    Daf 105 V-Led. Allowed?

    Hello, This is allowed to be used in TruckersMP, thank you for checking with us. Kind Regards, Forerunner Vice Project Manager
  14. Forerunner

    Interieur and UI changes allowed?

    Hello, These mods are not able to be used within TruckersMP. Kind Regards, Forerunner Vice Project Manager