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  1. New Singleplayer mod preview:





    137t for the 0-4-6-0 and 126t for the 0-8-0. The trailer is 25.8M and is based off the "Nuclear" trailer from 18 Wheels Of Steel American Long Haul, yes the axles do steer.

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    2. Digital


      Just needs a bit of blue and you're good to go.






    3. ThatCrazyPillow


      ^That would be awesome if that could be added haha!

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  2. Picture of the Month: October

    @KmunBiene Maximum of 2 pictures per user, please remove extra images over this limit.
  3. ! Trucks !

    My 2 mp trucks (paints have changed on the right-hand one since this screenshot):
  4. Congrats and good luck :)

  5. Congrats good luck :) Hope you do well

  6. Congratulations and good luck ;) 

  7. congrats on Media, interesting team change :)

  8. congratulations

  9. Well, turns out ETS2 only supports 9 steering axles on a trailer. found out after I made a 280t load that uses a trailer with 16: WJk4kEi.png 



    now need to change the axles around to get all 16 for weight reasons, some wont steer though.

    1. iHobbit


      I do believe that is the definition of madness XD But it looks sick!

    2. Spieker [GER]

      Spieker [GER]

      lol I ran into the exakt same problem recently. Glad to see it was not my mistake lol

  10. Painted Trailer Mod Tool

    Major Update: -Windows Forms UI added (tool was rebuilt in order to do this) -Fixed bugs with the Willig Fuel Tanker -Added "Override Trailer" feature - make only 1 type of painted trailer appear -Changed calculations to ensure colours appear correctly. -Moved source, files and license to GitHub.
  11. Trailer Mod Creator

    Trailer Mod Creator by Forerunner Overview: This is a simple tool which allows for easy creation of trailer mods, such as empty trailers and hybrid trailers. This tool will not affect doubles/triples in any way, shape or form. When using this tool for MP purposes, please follow the rules here (IPB doesn't centre topic previews): I, Forerunner, am not responsible for anything that happens while using this mod or a trailer from this mod; this includes bans from TruckersMP or game crashes in singleplayer. Crashes should not happen, as by the time you are in MP they are no different to normal un-modded trailers, I've stated to follow the rules. Image of UI: How to use: 1. Download the tool and place the .exe in your mod folder 2. Run the tool, fill in all 3 boxes 3. Press "Build Trailer Mod" A few example trailers (this can also be used to get normal trailers to appear more often): "Novelty" trailers: Download: Link to latest build: Link to source and licence: