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  1. Forerunner

    Special Transport Rule Reminder

    @plinio_lisboa it is not a mod. It is a bug caused by an issue with the Schwarzmuller DLC replacements - the black "box" you are seeing is the shadow model, it does not have collision either. It is nothing to do with a VTC or a mod.
  2. Forerunner

    Special Transport Rule Reminder

    This is a bug, not a mod. It is a bug with the replacements models for the Schwarzmuller DLC trailers - we are working to resolve the issue.
  3. Forerunner

    TruckersMP Team

    [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Pillow_ has stepped down to Game Moderator due to personal reasons. We thank him for his work as a Community Manager.
  4. To clear up any rumors regarding SCS's latest blog post, I am not one of the "warned" modders mentioned and my unofficial mod is still available for download. The main issue highlighted in the SCS blog post is about mods bypassing the DLC, Steam Inventory or World of Trucks requirements - my mod has never done this, in fact the code which creates most of the files for the mod actively "blacklists" files related to any of those things for this very reason.


    In short: no, I have not been warned by SCS.

  5. I don't suppose you could edit the addon_hookups horns so they have truck horns instead of the sounds they come with, for example the roar horn has the scania streamline horn sound instead? Honestly i would love that but its probably impossible. 

    1. Forerunner


      Technically, that is possible - as proven by mods in SP which have done custom horns

    2. ScaniaFan89


      Could you do that or would it not work in MP 

  6. Hi, a question about why the mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1692043273)  does not appear on the truckersmp and it tells me that the mod is not detected,  instead in single player it works perfectly wrong something in the installation?


  7. As of last night, all DLC Support packages for Additional Customisation are released.


    Main download:



    Full list:


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    2. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      Thank you ,sir:D

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant Thx :D Wondering tho what about the High Power Cargo pack (the Yacht, Helicopter etc) and the car trailers from the differeant country DLC's?

    4. Agirterror02


      Hi, a question about why the mod does not appear on the truckersmp and it tells me that the mod is not detected instead in single player it works perfectly wrong something in the installation?


  8. Beta update released - "The one about more trailers" - 1.6.0b Main features: -Triple trailers -Company trailers in dealer -Singles -Doubles -B-Doubles -Triples -B-Triples -HCTs DLC support files coming soon Please get the Steam Workshop link from the main post.
  9. Additional Customisation 1.6.0 Beta for 1.34 is now out!



    • Triple trailers
    • Company trailers in dealer
      • Singles
      • Doubles
      • B-Doubles
      • Triples
      • B-Triples
      • HCTs

    DLC Supports coming soon



  10. Forerunner

    Rule Update – Q1 2019

    @S p a r k i e They are indeed allowed: ^taken by me, I am in the red triple
  11. Forerunner

    Why cars have air presure??

    Hello, This is not something that we are able to change as the Scout car is technically a truck. //Rejected
  12. Forerunner

    Double Trailer Restricted Sign

    Hello, This suggestion would require editing the map on a permanent basis, which would cause issues between updates if/when SCS change the map. //Rejected
  13. Forerunner

    Driveable AI traffic cars

    Hello, As there is another topic with this same suggestion currently open, I will move this one to the rejected section, however this is still an open-for-discussion here:
  14. Forerunner

    Allow AI models to be used

    Hello, This is not as simple to do as it seems, as many of the AI cars models will cause a crash to desktop if you try using them in the upgrade menu. It is also worth noting that just swapping the chassis will mean the Scout sounds, interior etc are still in use, as seen in the Escort vans used by the event team or the vehicles from Real Operations; all of which are highly imperfect to the point where the vehicles from Real Operations rarely moved during the event, with one vehicle not being used at all. These vehicles also required a very odd method in order to work, which can lead to issues during updates - with Real Operations vehicles that is not an issue as they are only used on specific occasions, whereas a player-usable one needs to be able to be in constant use.
  15. Forerunner

    Community Paintjobs

    Hello, This suggestion is not feasible to add for multiple reasons, mainly stemming from game updates, as such I will move this to rejected. //Rejected