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  1. Additional Customisation is making a return. New mod, new way of it working; take a look:


    Where the old version needed over 40 Thousand files to do what it did, this version can do all of that and more - with only 3568 files including DLC compatibility! This is still being worked on and there is no set release date. It will be released as is, and use of it will be at your own risk - you will need to make sure you comply with the rules yourself.


    Please leave your thoughts below, any improvement suggestions or similar will be appreciated

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    2. Mert 	​​

      Mert  ​​

      i just wished before clicking the notification!! OMG keep it up bro. :tmp:  :mlg_doge:

    3. Shen Yang

      Shen Yang

      We Love your work on !

    4. AlmightyAlfo


      Can't possibly wait to put those double pipes from the Mercedes Tuning Pack on my Scania S730 ❤️


      Thank you Forerunner in advance for your hard work!

  2. Whatever happens with the save files, modified trucks and trailers fro MP will not end. You can make a mod for a truck dealer (or trailer dealer now) which adds a hybrid truck or modified trailer and buy it that way, thats in fact how i got started. The modding is the same, just then the game adds it into the save for you.
  3. A little personal announcement to make


    As of now, I have effectively "retired" from the save editing scene. I have been a part of the save editing community since 2016, when it was still relatively little known within the wider TruckersMP community however other than the occasional personal mod I simply don't save edit anymore. Since 2016 I have tried, not always successfully, to make save editing more accessible and better; "Ultimate MP Truck Customisation", "Additional Customisation" and of course local only "/home" mods which I was the original creator of. The save editing community and their support towards me over these nearly 4 years has been amazing.


    I am not leaving TruckersMP completely, but I will no longer be actively save editing except the occasional personal mods.


    You will still be able to see me driving on TruckersMP with my normal truck, which has stayed with me since August 2016



  4. Hello @Baby on Board, The trucks seen is allowed under the save editing rules and therefore is allowed to be used in TruckersMP, however the only way to make it is with save editing for which topics can be found on the forums. Kind Regards, Forerunner As a side note, The mod was not "taken down", I myself manually opted to remove it
  5. I don't usually drive "J-Spec" trucks to be honest, but I am liking these two new additions to my fleet,




    1. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Nice Photo Forerunner👍

    2. [KR] Vogue

      [KR] Vogue

      Nice job!!  forerunner.^^👍

  6. Liking the new tuning pack, a lot of very nice customisation parts. Already updated and heavily reworked one of my trucks from 2016 with the new parts:



    The truck had been sitting in storage for literally the last 3 years, but now it will finally see some use again. Last time I drove this truck was with a double like this as well, though the trailers from that have since been scrapped (removed from the game by SCS, the ETS1 Reefer).

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    2. Forerunner


      That mod is no longer available, and will not be returning

    3. LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      LSTVTC l Brad l CEO

      I always loved that truck with those colours, still looks good to the day :P

    4. Ady Man

      Ady Man

      Perfect 👍

  7. With myself no longer releasing any save editing related mods, there is no reason for my old website to remain. As of today, my old website has been deleted.

  8. This trailer is indeed against the rules, for 2 reasons: -§3.3 - Floating and clipping parts -§3.4 - Trailer combinations (that is a drawbar rear chassis, clearly a changed combination) Thank you for tagging me.
  9. Since people did seem interested in the 2 trucks from Real Operations (which are not in use at all on MP now, by anyone), here are some images showing them on their own:


    Lead truck (driven):








    Push truck (trailer), still with link bar fitted:








    The push truck is not drive-able at all and is just a trailer. Both trucks had similar cosmetic upgrades, the main difference being the much larger fuel tanks on the lead truck, which were only cosmetic and did not change the actual fuel capacity.

  10. Parked up after Real Operations V7, a very nice event in my view. Time for these 2 trucks to go into storage, not sure when or if they will be seen on the roads of MP again:



    If people want me to, I'll upload some more screenshots showing both trucks in more detail; comment below if you want that.

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    2. Forerunner


      @ScaniaFan89 such mods for the ST dlc exist, but the issues of width still exist. On the occasion of real ops, take into account that it was literally surrounded by other staff to ensure no collisions happened

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      more screenshots yes pls :)

    4. [OBL] D1 KIWI

      [OBL] D1 KIWI

      I wish the Air Cleaners were MP allowed :(

  11. An unlikely sight - An original ETS2 "Valiant" alongside a next gen Scania



    The Valiant and trailer were extracted from earlier builds of ETS2, 1.0.5b and 1.26 respectively.

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    2. SgtBreadStick


      woah, imagine if the original Valiant was still in ETS2 & MP, boy that would be funny haha. Can't be any worse than Majestic, but that's pretty good work managing to port it over to 1.35 like that.

    3. Forerunner


      @SgtBreadStick I've ported all of the original ETS2 trucks in their original condition, and the original ETS2 trailers including the ETS1 trailers. All in a day believe it or not. And none of it has replaced any of the updated vehicles either.

    4. DriveYourWay
  12. Today I have stepped down from the role of Vice Project Manager. I have worked tirelessly in this role to make TruckersMP as amazing as possible. I am going to continue as the Add-On Developer (Formerly Add-On Manager) to provide game content for the community. While I am leaving shortly after the recent update having a mixed reception, it is not the reason for me stepping down - And I do so with no shame and with pride for the work I have done to better TruckersMP.

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    2. [GS] Alexandr(54RUS)

      [GS] Alexandr(54RUS)


    3. XxXhmβoyHuNXxX


      where is this mod?

    4. CAMSHAFT#1


      Thank you Forerunner for ALL you have done & hope that the pressure hasn't been too great as I know how frustrating that job can be. Without you at the helm will prob. not be the same and you will be missed. But hope that you can still be around to provide the help that is needed on the staff. You will ALWAYS be in my mind the SII KING!! Without your tireless efforts, TMP would not be were it is today. Take care friend & never loose the pride you have because you deserve it. Hope you all the best.

      Best regards,


  13. Well, it has been some time since I last posted screenshots of an individual mod instead of just Additional Customisation. So lets change that:



    A customised Kenworth W900 - Rear mounted exhausts, modified bullbar, raised air intakes, bonnet mounted horns, treadplate rear fenders.






    And the best part,



    Local-only modding of accessories is still restricted, no changes have been made to the autokick. The above, is not accessory based.


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    2. szykaro23


      Amazing truck :love:

    3. Zephyr777


      @Forerunner alright. sounds reasonable. if this means /home is basically phased out for this new method, would the old rules still apply where you cant touch core components of the truck like cabins, chassis, etc? or is there a completely different set of rules of what can and cannot be used here other than basic accessories? im just trying to gauge what ill be working with once you make a tutorial. and im also guessing trailer accessories will function the same way.

    4. Forerunner


      @nitrodax777 it is impossible to do cabins, chassis etc with this - just basic parts (so basically cosmetics). Trailers can work the same way but are more awkward

  14. Is it possible to bring the navigation voice "petra" from the Steam Workshop to multiplayer?



    1. El1teZombiezHD


      No Mods will be added.


      Plus 1.35 isn't supported by TMP yet.

    2. [DHT] doufti

      [DHT] doufti

      @El1teZombiezHD ok thx  :)


  15. Hello! The game was updated to

    You can  upgrade the mods for steam at the new version 1.35...

    1. Forerunner


      My mods are not being updated for 1.35

    2. Shen Yang

      Shen Yang

      can you update it to  ?

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