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Community Answers

  1. Sorry to see you go friend hope you return soon ❤️

  2. I will miss you Forerunner, have had many fun times with you and you probably do not even know me, but in Real Ops V9, I made you wreck a giant truck with a load because I lagged 🤣  Everyone had a laugh - except my license - but I will miss you. You have done SO much for this community and I look up to you for when I apply to Support when I am old enough.  I pray that whatever is going on in your life, it goes smoothly and I hope that I may see you in the future. 🙂


    With love and health, 
    Mirage2357 {ESP}

  3. Sorry to see you go Forerunner, take care mate! Waddle On!

  4. Take Care Forerunner, it was nice working with you and having you as a leader. Good luck on your future endeavors, we will miss you.

  5. Take care buddy, it was a pleasure having you on the team.

  6. We'll miss you

  7. So sad to hear your leaving news,thank you for what you have done for TruckersMP,miss you.❤️

  8. We go miss you Forerunner! Keep safe! 🥺

  9. Omggggg, Sad To See You Go, Take A Care Yourself 😥🤧💖

  10. Sad to you see you leave, we will for sure miss you. 😢

  11. Thank you for the hard work you had put in TMP I hope you will be back soon.

  12. We will miss you

  13. We will miss you! 😭

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