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  1. @Girts please read the "How-To-Use" section on the original post.
  2. @ikheeteric this is not a bug, please read the "how-to-use" and "FAQ" sections
  3. @Mr.Jhony Please provide a crash log etc so that the issue can be sorted, it is much more helpful to both you and other users of the mod.
  4. How often do you replace your truck in-game?

    I sometimes use alternate trucks, but my main truck hasn't changed since August 2016. Its a hybrid truck, and has been used at multiple events including leading the 2016 and 2017 official Christmas convoys: unfortunately i have no way to get an accurate mileage, as the vehicle spent a lot of its time moving between game versions and games (mainly for double trailers or roadtrains). In the past i'd change truck a lot, but since i created that truck the only other trucks that get used are only used for a short term before i go back to this truck.
  5. Anyone remember the SCS blog post about ATS Special Transport?


    Well i recreated the test trailer:







    After just one turn, i can say that these will be more challenging than ETS2 Special Transport:


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. The_Falcon


      Waiting for this

    3. doorgapmonster


      Nice, now you can test it.

    4. Carl_116


      I would love to test it

  6. @Explosive_Oof Yes, download the ATS beta (1.2.1b) version
  7. I'm thinking of doing a Q&A livestream somewhen, who would be interested in that?

  8. Which of these do you guys think is better? (2 ATS trucks)


    Roadtrain Hauler:



    Log Hauler:



    Both designs are based from (and made using parts from) vehicles in Extreme Trucker 2 (SCS software) that were used for the same purpose.


    Please let me know which you think is better.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. JackLad


      Road train all the way.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Log Hauler (don't like the hood pipes tho :P)

    4. Caricature


      Log hauler without the hood pipes as well - too punkish/pimpy for me :P

  9. @[TPL-07] CommanderCobra not an issue with the mod. that truck was modified before using this mod in such a way that it is now using the Volvo paints; the canopy paintjob is odd in that it is mapped differently on most trucks which causes that issue.
  10. Decided to revisit one of my old singleplayer mods. I made this before 1.28 came out, using an ATS-ETS2 hybrid to get the original screenshot, but since then this mod was just left and new mods were made.


    Original version:



    New Version:




    This isn't just a set of fixes and improvements, this is a complete re-build which adds paint support and fixes the handling so that this combination will go anywhere a single trailer will. It may get released however it depends on a few things.

  11. Please provide more information and/or example images @[TPL-07] CommanderCobra
  12. Mods in TruckersMP

    i said "in a similar folder", look in shared/mods
  13. Mods in TruckersMP

    change .mp to .scs. you also need skoka_car_shared.mp or similar which is also in a similar folder
  14. Happy Birtthday :)

    All Good for You!