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  1. Not posted in quite a while, but enjoyed driving this truck at Real Operations once again:



    Its the same old truck that I started driving in August 2016 (it was made about a month earlier), its changed a bit since then but its still going. Unfortunately because of moving it between profiles, games, game versions etc I will never know the mileage I have driven it for. It has been used at many events, including the first and latest Real Operations events, Christmas convoy 2016/2017 and many more. Some may recognise it from the login screen when launching TruckersMP as an image with this truck was on there for some time.


    Over the next few evenings, and this weekend, I'll be driving this truck again normally - If wanted I'll post here where I'll be starting if anyone wants to join.


    Image of the same truck from August 2016 (I can't remember which city this image was taken in, anyone happen to have any ideas?):


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    2. Forerunner


      The paintjob has changed slightly. I was in various VTCs in 2016/2017 so it was repainted for those and now has returned its original paint, but I revised the grey a bit; the red has never changed and never will. The paintjob accessory actually changed as well, which lowered the stripes and avoided the issue seen in the old image where the Mercedes chassis meets the Volvo cab on the corners.

    3. MarkON


      Today it is difficult to imagine TruckersMP without these two thing: this truck and heavy haul during Real Operations, which have become legends without a doubt!


      ps. Do you prefer heavy cargo or rather other cargo when traveling on the simulation server?

    4. Forerunner


      @MarkON When on normal servers I generally prefer a double or even a triple sometimes, specifically a custom local modded set of box trailers made to look like the old ETS1 reefer trailers that were removed in 1.30 as this truck always used one until then. This truck with its original trailer appear in the official video for the TruckersMP Christmas Convoy 2017, the filming for that was actually the last time I ever got to drive with the original trailer on TruckersMP.


      Here's an image of the truck with its original trailer, back in the days of Viking Transport in late 2016:


      Might take it for a drive in this paint again someday.

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