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  1. @Sparky_Sct not possible for use on TruckersMP
  2. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Add a mod to get small virtual mirror

    Hello, We are not able to add 3rd party mods to TruckersMP, so this suggestion is not able to be done. Rejected
  3. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Addon for Scout

    Hello, We do not plan to add an alternate steering wheel to the Scout car. Rejected
  4. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Skoda car optimalization

    Hello, Some of your suggestions here, mainly those regarding the transmission have happened since your post was made; however the mirror and rpm redline were not changed and there are no plans to in the near future. Rejected
  5. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Brake car boosting 

    Hello, The car's brakes have been improved since this suggestion was made. Accepted
  6. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Window mod

    Hello, This is not possible at present, so therefore i cannot accept your suggestion. Rejected
  7. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Better Car Sounds

    Hello, We do not plan to add any additional sounds to the car. Rejected
  8. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]European Truck Simulator 2 Replaces Popular City Roads

    Hello, We do not plan to alter the map to simply make a different highly busy area. Rejected
  9. Forerunner

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @CroTruckTMP has returned to the Add-On Team. Welcome back!
  10. Beta update released - "The one about everything" - 1.4.0b Main Features- -Complete overhaul of the entire mod -Cross-truck parts are now in their usual places (bullbars are found in the bullbar menu for example) -Trailer Customisation modified the same way as trucks -Badges and similar can now be changed -Support for Krone DLC -Fixed Scania Grill Bugs -Fixed Daf Grill Bugs -Support for ETS2 and ATS 1.32.x.x Known missing features- -Light mod (LEDs on roofbar) is not included in this version Notice- The files for this version are locked, attempting to open them will say they are corrupt; these files work in the game with no issues. Screenshots- Download links in main post.
  11. Forerunner

    New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

    @nitrodax777 i know the issue, once i've got some other stuff released i plan to update this topic and the paint kit
  12. For those who are users of my Additional Customization mod, here is a progress update:



    • Completely overhauled the truck customization, now parts are found in the usual places (for example, sideskirts from other trucks are found on the sideskirt dot)
    • Engines, Transmissions and sounds are now the only parts in the list from the old versions
    • Scania and Daf grills are now fully select-able, no more having a part of the grill being unchangeable


    • Engine HP badges and such are now also in the parts list from the old versions
    • Trailer customization has been upgraded the same way as trucks
    • Ability to mix box trailer body types, for example a curtain sider and a reefer in a b-double
    • Krone DLC


    About the release:

    I hope to release a "preview build" of the truck side of this version (1.4.0) in the next few days, however the trailer side will not be released until 1.32 is supported by the TruckersMP Client. Please do not private message me asking for early access to any part of this mod - it will be denied. The files in the main release and the truck preview will be locked. 


    One last note:

    The current file count for AC 1.4 (this version) is 41,286, so AC has now gone over the 40 thousand file mark.

  13. Forerunner

    TruckersMP Team

    [TRIAL GAME MODERATOR OBSERVER] @LSPD Gamer has joined the Add-On Team
  14. Forerunner

    TruckersMP Team

    [Add-On Team] @CroTruck has left the team due to personal reasons. We thank him for the work he has put in.
  15. Forerunner

    TruckersMP Team

    [Player] @CroTruck joins the TruckersMP Team in the Add-On Team