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  1. For players who are waiting for Additional Customisation to be updated, here is a feature preview:


    Please do not ask where to download it, as it is not yet released as it is still being worked on.

    1. grundi2601


      SOOO awesome!!!! :love: Thank you for this link @Forerunner :wub:

  2. @Volt921 You can't open it, that is intentional. besides, even if you could open it the files are named in such a way that you couldn't find anything useful. And if your plan was to change it to work in the new version, you'll cause problems doing that.
  3. @TurklerRS I cannot make an update instantly, please have some patience - it will be supported in time
  4. Forerunner

    how to get different coloured rims??

    @P1NK Simply select the rims of the car and the colour selector will appear. There is no need for DLC.
  5. Forerunner

    New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

    @???? [54 RUS] no, you will be autokicked for it - if you bypass the autokick, you can/will be banned for bug abusing
  6. Just going for a drive in a TruckersMP Scout car, but with a 1.8 ton cargo:








    The cargo is a 10 1/4 inch gauge steam locomotive - even with the boiler empty, a locomotive like this would weigh around 1.8 to 2 tons.

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    2. BlackSkill


      Looks pretty good, it would be nice to see that cargo in MP ^^

    3. Forerunner


      @NotSoFancyFox there is no link - I made it and do not plan to release it.

    4. NotSoFancyFox


      @Forerunner Ok then, thanks for the answer.

  7. Forerunner

    Show Off Your Best Save Edited Trucks

    I couldn't not comment on this topic, nice to see the favorite trucks of other save editors. Save editing by hand will always give the best results in my experience over using AC, however the point of AC was not for experienced save editors; it was made primarily for those who want to start with truck modding for MP but don't know how to save edit yet. This is my truck, created back in August 2016 and has barely changed since then. It is still my main vehicle; its the one I used in the 2016 and 2017 Christmas convoys as well as for other events. It was never intended to look like a showtruck - the intention was a workhorse with only what it needs; no sideskirts, simple roofbar, basic bullbar (no chrome mesh). The only changes its had since it was created have been paints (VTCs and Christmas paints for the convoys) and a change from LHD to RHD. I also have a 2nd similar vehicle, however this is the more showtruck version - even though its not too different, it has some more stuff than the main one: This truck doesn't get used as much as it used to now though. Both trucks were originally paired with an ETS1 Reefer trailer with Thermo King cooler - since version 1.30 they both used the old "crowd" curtain sider trailers, but now that those were also removed they have been been fitted with reefer doubles (main with a b-double, secondary with a normal double) that have been painted and equipped to resemble the ETS1 Reefers.
  8. Forerunner

    New Save Editing - Discussion (many images)

    @nitrodax777 and @danielsoN` please read this: https://truckersmp.com/blog/127 and https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/55062-forerunner/&status=108211&type=status
  9. This is what this truck was built to do, liking 1.33 experimental already:


    1. BlackSkill
    2. HamitCanKilic


      ^yes 1.33 experimental beta. @BL4CK$K1LL
      Absolutely brilliant.  :love: @Forerunner


    3. nitrodax777


      whats 1.33 got in store for us?
      EDIT: NVM, i didnt realize there was a blog post containing information. wasnt sure where to find it at first. but other than general tweaking, seems like we're getting a few more overall ownable trailers and turnpikes. hopefully turnpikes come to ATS since the files for the 2 axle converter dolly are already there.

  10. This happens because the Scout car does not exist in singleplayer, so the game uses a fallback truck - in this case a Peterbilt
  11. Forerunner

    TruckersMP Team

    [Add-On Team] @Lasse_ has left the Add-On Team, he will remain in the Event Team. We thank him for the work he has contributed.
  12. About the change to "local-only" mods:


    Not all local-only mods are banned. To those of you who save edit yourselves, use of /home accessories is still permitted when used as a "vehicle_addon_accessory"; for non-save editors this means that the local only mods can only be cosmetic and cannot affect physics or sounds. So your custom lightbars, window logos, hologram GPS and similar are all still compatible, assuming they were made correctly - and even if they weren't they could be adjusted with relative ease.


    You can still make highly customized and good looking trucks, they won't be exactly the same as they may have been before the change though.


    Some trucks of mine to prove my point:



    In this example, the bullbar and fuel tanks are all a custom f_grill addon accessory - so are both still permitted for use.



    In this example, all of the custom work is applied as a sun visor addon accessory - so is still permitted for use



    Easily the most "extreme" example that springs to mind is this: without the local parts this is a Volvo cab on an old Mercedes Actros chassis (see spoiler below). The local parts used here attach to the sun visor and bullbar slots (depending on if its cab or chassis mounted) - the cab mounted model includes the stretched cab, beacon bar and front corner deflectors; the chassis mounted model includes the fuel tanks, exhausts (see spoiler below) and the Volvo chassis front, which hides the original Mercedes front. All together, this truck and the parts talked about create a convincing long frame 6x4 Volvo while still being permitted as all the custom work is of the addon accessory type.


    Other views:


    Before modifications:



    Rear View (showing the Mercedes chassis is still there):



    As proven here, good looking custom trucks can still be made and used in TruckersMP within the rules of the new auto-kick.


    Modding existed before I unveiled the use of /home - It existed before all /home parts were allowed - and it will continue to exist.

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    2. nitrodax777


      That I'm aware of as I do that already. Since what you said before about the autokicks don't affect me, then I'm fine to continue running how I am. The only thing left I have to figure out are addon slots for lights and whatnot. I know you're looking into trailers as well but the way SCS has it currently set up, I don't think there is a way to /home anything for a trailer. As soon as you disrupt the original data path it doesn't load. And I've been experimenting with both paintjobs and accessories with no success at all. (I also don't know how to make pictures big enough to fit so they always end up small)


    3. Forerunner


      Trailers are done the same way as trucks. i was "looking into trailers" in terms of /home around a year ago now. You can't do custom paintjobs at all now due to the auto kick

    4. nitrodax777


      Well I really wish they would update it to allow skins again. There aren't any trailer mods I can pull parts off of because the custom 53' is a standalone trailer and doesn't work off of the SCS base so I don't think any of those parts will align correctly on a normal trailer. Just gotta wait it out I guess.

  13. @Sparky_Sct not possible for use on TruckersMP
  14. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Add a mod to get small virtual mirror

    Hello, We are not able to add 3rd party mods to TruckersMP, so this suggestion is not able to be done. Rejected
  15. Forerunner

    [ADD-ON]Addon for Scout

    Hello, We do not plan to add an alternate steering wheel to the Scout car. Rejected