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  1. image.png.d07e7a002fc6f9a05dd206ad58af5829.pngimage.png.788f223ac1a6f51d4c0d64e87ff38e2f.png


    It's time to celebrate P.V.E birthday, maybe you don't know us but it's time to get together! But first of all, do you think you have what it takes to win?

    The P.V.E Anniversary offers some challenges, we offer a drag strip, a circuit race and many other things!

    The event will be on the 20th August, so make a note of it in a safe place so you don't forget this great event.

    Our goal? To bring together hundreds of truckers, each bringing their own experience to compete for the one and only title of tournament champion.
    In addition, we want to spend one of the most beautiful birthdays in enjoy, fun but also we offer you competition, prizes, so do not miss this event, on the 20th August!

    Please note that the entire event, from start to finish, will take place in TruckersMP HQ, so use whatever means you have to get there!

    The event consists in 3 parts:

    Each with its own challenge. For each round, you will be able to watch the racers, you will see some won but some failed unfortunately...

    What are you waiting for to register? Go for it!
    You must be available for the entire event to enter!


    Here are the requirements and instructions on how to enter:

    • Be available from 15:00 UTC - https://notime.zone/NSgwmMqRmg4zn
    • Able to understand English (to read event instructions).
    • Listen to the instructions of the organisers.
    • Connect to the P.V.E 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY server.
    • Ensure your truck is fully fuelled, serviced, and prepared for the first event.
    • Respect all the rules of TruckersMP and of the event.
      The last requirement is the most important, have fun!

    Please note that all the above rules are valid for the all duration of the event.


    The first event will consist of drag races, with two players competing in each race.

    The drag race consists of stopping in time in front of the speed hump without touching it, the first of the two to get closest to the speed hump wins, the other is unfortunately eliminated.

    Two players will be selected from the queue (first come, first served) to participate in a drag race. The number of qualified players depends on the number of participants. For example, if 100 players participate, only half of them will qualify, which means that only the fastest player in each race will qualify.
    Once all races are completed, the 50 fastest players will qualify for the next round. Then, several rounds will be held in such a way as to allow a correct number of players to arrive for the next race (100 > 50 > 25...)

    If you didn't qualify, you may still have a chance! If a qualified player does not show up for their event, we will randomly select a second player, if you are online.


    The second event will be a timed race, only one person at a time will participate.

    If you have made it this far, you are one of the last remaining qualifiers, congratulations!

    This race consists of reversing your trailer in a predefined course, beware, the race is timed! Do it fast but not too fast either to avoid the following penalties:

           - 5 seconds more on the timer if the wheels of your trailer touch the pavement.


    The 3rd is the last race! If you have reached this point, it's already good but it's not the moment to relax!
    Survive this round to be crowned the Tournament Champion!

    The last race is a race of speed, ready, set, go!


    Rewards for the race:

    • For the 4th and 5th place, P.V.E invites you to join its discord, a gift awaits you!


    • 3rd Place - 5 EUR Steam Gift Card + Exclusive champion reward on our discord.
    • 2nd Place - 5 EUR Steam Gift Card + Customisation DLC of your choice + Exclusive champion reward on our discord.


    • Exclusive champion reward on our discord.
    • 10 EUR Steam gift card.

    Rewards for the best VTC attendance

    • 10 EUR Steam gift card.

    Rewards for the best looking truck

    • Exclusive champion reward on our discord.
    • 10 EUR Steam gift card.

    P.V.E Family ❤️

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