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  1. On the one hand, I think that you are right. The rewards should only be rewarded to those helping in the Community Goal. However, these are Community Rewards. As a community, we should be counting as one. And for that reason, everyone should be able to use the rewards now. This is kind of about helping each other. And we had to work together as a community to reach this goal. If only the ones helping in the Event would recieve the rewards, this would split the community and we don't want that.
  2. The Skoda Cars are a very interesting addition to the game. They add another level of gameplay with a different kind of vehicles apart from trucks. They are fast in accelleration and they have a small turning angle. However, I have come accross a few problems with these cars. One thing is that it is very easy to tip over with these cars. If you are driving 110 and you steer just a little to hard, you instantly flip like 3 times. Another problem is, that these cars behave very very very strange in collisions. They have a very weird hitbox. When a truck and a car collide, the car often wins. And what I have realised: The cars are often used to annoy other players. They are very easy to miss on the road and their weird hitbox and fast acceleration are used to annoy other players that just want to enjoy the game. Even if you don't have the intentions of annoying other players, speed feels different in these cars. 110 looks slower in a car than it looks in a truck. This leads to overestimation of your own abilities and therefore leads to accidents as well. So I think that the cars are a good addition and it was a good idea to add a popular Singleplayer Mod into the Multiplayer. However, I would maybe look into the hitboxes and the problems mentioned above.
  3. I dont think that you have acted against the rules. However, I also do not think that you have reacted very good. It was not clear that the guy was gonna leave you the space to change the lanes and you just "pressed" yourelf into the gap. This behavior can be annoying to someone who always has to let others in. I would have waited for a clear signal that I can change the lanes. It also seemed like there were no other drivers interested in going straight at the left lane. So you would have had time until the end of the lane to merge with the other. And if there is no gap until then: You are the one merging in so you have to wait. I think that you could have acted better and the other guy could have acted better as well.
  4. Thanks for the follow :woah:

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