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  1. congrats!🎉

    1. MHT_



  2. Congrats! Stan🎉

    1. .Stan


      Thank you!

  3. This happened to me too, I tried many things at the time, one way to recover it is to log out of the game and log back in, it will recover it, if it doesn't work you can try a few more times (I hope this method of mine will help you)
  4. happy birthday! 🎂

    1. Ali.


      Thank youuuu :HaulieLove:

  5. happy birthday!🎂

  6. ATS and ETS2 have their own advantages and disadvantages, ATS is younger than ETS2 is the main one, I personally feel that the details of ATS are a bit better than ETS2, in the tmp server European players account for the majority so ATS server people are not as many as ETS2, I personally like European trucks, American trucks have long noses driving American trucks feels like a walking container
  7. You can calculate the arrival time of point A and point B at the intersection with your friend a few hours before the event, for example, if point A and point B start at the same time and both people are cruising at 50km/h, if route A arrives at the intersection first, then route B will have to speed up to 60km/h or higher for the next experiment, try a few more times, it will solve the problem (my personal opinion)
  8. congrats!🎉

  9. congrats!🎉

    1. Caernage


      Thanks Banshuai6!

  10. I am looking forward to the bus, it will allow more people to play new tricks and will attract more people to play tmp
  11. congrats!🎉

    1. ZaroMW


      Thank you so much 🙂 ❤️

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