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  1. This is very helpful!!! thanks for sharing with us.
  2. Congratulations Gullbrann, wish you luck in GM Team! 💝

  3. Happy birthday bud! 💝🎂

  4. I like night drives quite a lot, and this is one thing this game does better than almost all others that I've played. The feeling of being all alone in the middle of nowhere, it's relaxing and allows me to think in peace and quiet. The night in the game is fantastic and especially when I turn off the lights, keep the DRL on, parking at the viewpoint. I actually get the game feeling of being placid and dreamy. When you see the distant street lights of the hill is wonderful, because you know, even if it is just a simulation, the experience with night drive brings you a close to the real feeling.
  5. It's a great and very useful guide, thanks for sharing with us!!
  6. Congratulations Mhmet, good luck with your training period. 💝

  7. Congratulations, wish you luck in the team. 💝

  8. Congrats Diesel!!!! 💝

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