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  1. Promods is the best for online and offline only, but if you want to go more in offline you can combine Promods with RoExtended, Southern Region and Rusmap. It results in a beautiful game, and they're all quality maps.
  2. I really love the new map feature, handy one. Hopefully more great features come soon
  3. 30 fps while in large traffic is pretty normal. Other PCs suffer when they meet large traffic with FPS going as low as 10fps. Judging from the TMP map you're in Calais (unless the map lied to me) which is a pretty busy city, so performance loss is more than normal there because of the amount of trucks.
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  5. 1. Scania, Scania for life. In my opinion it's the best truck brand with beautiful designs. 2. Scania S, I've been driving that thing since it came out and to this day I'm still driving it. 3. 4x2, 540 HP V8 and 12 speed gearbox.
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  7. As I've told you on Discord, photoshop god
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