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  1. Hauling even in the hardest conditions



    1. pofii


      Great photo and truck :love:

  2. Happy Birthday ?

  3. Happy Birthday Forceous! ?

  4. As Granite said SP with mods is tedious with all the issues it comes with but definitely not boring. For me I find modded SP more immersive and you get to actually experience the feeling of trucking, and there is still stuff happening in front of you all the time. In TMP though unless you're in the busy areas driving on an empty highway at 110km/h can be a bit meh. I used to always play on TMP, but when I decided to give SP a shot I found it to be boring as well but after sticking with it a bit, watching people playing SP with the crispy graphic, sound mods and modded trucks (way before the 1.40 update which introduced the new lighting, oh and before save editing as well) I managed to fall in love with it.
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    1. Forceous


      Thank you for the follow too!

  6. Congratulations mate!

    1. PallePuh


      Thanks buddy, happy to be in the team ❤️

  7. Forceous

    750 hP truck

    I generally go for a low HP engine as I mostly deliver light cargo, but whenever I decide to go for heavy cargo I upgrade to a 6x2 or 8x2 chassis (depends on the truck) and max engine power.
  8. Congratulations!

  9. Thanks for the follow

    1. Forceous


      No problem, you too!

  10. On ultra settings it drops to as much as 10fps or below in Calais, game becomes a slideshow xD
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    1. Forceous


      No worries, thank you for the follow as well!

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