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  1. Merhaba, Eğer iki ekran kullanıyorsanız, oyunu alt tab’a atmadan önce esc ile ana menüye dönmenizi öneririm. Böylelikle alt tab yapmadan önce oyununuzu durdurmuş olacaksınız. Saygılarımla, Next7
  2. Hello @Barbaros. Of course we are accepting guests. We'll have public participants in our event. Feel free to join us!
  3. Welcome to Wolves - BTR - Gökbörü Brotherhood Convoy Convoy Details Date: 26th of September 2020 Start Time: 17:00 UTC End Time: 19:00 UTC Starting Location: Amsterdam - Port Destination: Stuttgart - Tree DLC: Doesn't Matter Route: https://ibb.co/k1SD19N ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/87804/next7-amsterdam-sea-port We are happy to announce that we will celebrate our brotherhood with a trio brotherhood convoy on 26th of September at 17:00 UTC. We are honored to invite the TruckersMP community to this beautiful event. Our journey will start in Amsterdam and will finish in Stuttgart. We are honored to invite the TruckersMP community to this beautiful event. If you want to join please let me know. I would like to thank my brothers @mdshahid6540 and @[GökBörü] !Berk! for their friendship. I hope we can show our brotherhood to the entire community. Server settings Max Players: 800 AFK kick: Disabled Speed limiter: Disabled Collisions: Activated Cars for players: Yes (Only For TruckersMP staffs and Event Staffs) Event Rules --> As a participant all TMP rules must be followed. --> Do not block or mislead other participants. --> Do NOT overtake. (Convoy Control, Event Supervisors & Authorized Media are only allowed to overtake on roads with a central reservation barrier. Overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 event staff members at a time.) --> The wrong side of the road can be used to overtake by Event team and authorized Media only in accordance with the rule above. --> Convoy Control can block the junction to lead people the right way. This will be done within the save. --> All participants must use a trailer. --> If you are known to cause lag, please remain at the back of the convoy. --> Please refrain from bringing double/triple trailers or any heavy cargo trailer that may result in slowing down the convoy. --> Respect all participants and enjoy the convoy. --> Convoy participants must only leave the starting location when instructed to do so in an orderly (one by one) manner. --> Only TruckersMP staffs and Event Staffs can take PILOT car. Other participants cannot take PILOT cars. --> Free Roaming is not allowed on the event server at all times. Wolves™ VTC Information Discord: https://discord.gg/JpBWvPt Website: https://wolvesvtcs.wordpress.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wolvesvtc/ Bangladeshi Truckers Revolution VTC Information Discord: https://discord.gg/eYBQQMx Website: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/735 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BDtruckers Gökbörü™ VTC Information Discord: https://discord.gg/WN5Esy6 Website: https://gokborutm.pb.online/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gokborutm_2019/ We hope to see you there! Best Regards, Next7 Event Manager of Wolves™ VTC
  4. Vay be bir serüven daha sona erdi. ❤️ 🙄

  5. Sad to see you leave 😪❤️ 

  6. Sad to see you leave the staff 😢
    i wish you all the best in your life and for everything else ! ❤️
    We will miss you a lot

    1. Next7


      Thank you mate I will miss you too ❤️


  7. Sad to see you leave. No retired role?

    1. Next7


      Thank you ❤️

  8. Merhaba @[ÖZKURT]Doruk_YT, Gerekli cevaplar yukarıda verilmiştir. Sormak istediğiniz başka bir soru yoksa onayınız ile beraber konuyu kapatacağız. Cevabınızı bekliyoruz. Saygılarımla, Next7 TruckersMP Support
  9. Merhaba @omercaan11, Gerekli cevap verilmiştir. Sorununuz hala devam ediyor mu? Saygılarımla Next7 TruckersMP Support
  10. Problem çözüldü. //Kilitlendi ve Çözülmüş Konulara taşındı.
  11. Merhaba @[ÖZKURT]Doruk_YT, Yukarıdaki arkadaşın paylaştıklarına ek olarak çeşitli rehberler mevcuttur. Aşağıda linkini paylaştığım kısımdaki rehberlere göz atmanızı öneririm: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/486-diğer/ Saygılarımla, Next7 TruckersMP Support
  12. Hello @Tiger1126 We are glad to hear that your question has been answered. Thank you, to all who participated. Have a great day! Sincerely, Next7 TruckersMP - Support //Locked and Moved to Solved.
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    menu crasht

    //Moved to Dutch Archive
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