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  1. Hello, An economy system is, together with AI traffic, one of the major systems that we hope to bring to TruckersMP in the future. How this will exactly work, is something that is yet to be discussed. Regards
  2. Hello, We will probably bring traffic to all servers when we finish this feature. Sadly we cannot provide an ETA at the moment. Regards
  3. Hello, We hope to bring this feature to TruckersMP. We are currently struggling with technical difficulties to make this possible, but we will do what we can to bring this in the future Regards
  4. Hey, It is hard for me to imagine TruckersMP being in a 'completed' state. I feel like there will always be new things to add to the game. We want to create a Multiplayer environment where we can do more than only the 'basic trucking' experience. Look at, for example, our Real Ops events and themed events. We have a lot of tickets in the backlog to add nice features to the game, but sadly they all depend on this replication framework to be finished. It is not only AI traffic that depends on this. Our whole modification will use this system. As for what we can expect ... this is dangerous for me to say, as I do not want to make false promises. As you know, AI traffic is one of the most requested features and we really want to bring it. We also want to bring more VTC-related features and the possibility to use custom modifications. There are more things but I will just keep it to this at the moment If the current player base will like these things? Well, it is hard to say ... We have seen in the past when a lot of people like something, a big group of others will not like it. It is sadly impossible to please everyone, but we will obviously do everything we can to keep everyone happy. Regards
  5. I see you stalking my profile 🙂

    1. Smoky


      I was going through my notifications and saw you mentioned me :troll:

    2. Rebeloutlaw22


      Rec Ban for late reply. 
      Hello good sir hope you are well today. 

  6. ets2mp reason invalid accessory set detected vehicle  data not found?

  7. Hello, Custom skins are currently not supported. Bringing support from this comes with difficult technical challenges that we can sadly not combat at this moment. Though, custom skins are still planned for the future if our systems are ready for it. Regards
  8. Hello, We aim to allow certain types of mods to be used on our servers. Sadly, at this moment, our systems are not prepared for this to be possible. Game Developers are working every day on improving the current systems. We cannot provide an ETA for mod support. Regards
  9. Hello, It seems like it has not been reported before, Game Developers were not aware of this issue yet. I have made them aware and created a ticket for this to be fixed. Regards
  10. Hello, It is planned to support rigids at some point. It is unlikely that, for this, a 3rd party mod will be implemented. Regards
  11. Hello, I have just provided an answer to a similar question: Regards
  12. Hello, We are aware that this is one of the most requested features and we really want to bring this to TruckersMP. Lead Developer mwl4 is working hard every day on improving our current systems so we can restart implementing AI. Sadly we cannot provide an ETA for the implementation of AI traffic. Regards
  13. Hello, 

    i just got banned like 6 months ago for  §1.6 - Impersonation of any kind ... in that time i didnt know how to delete the tags out of the game. Now i did it and i would like to apply for unban. I love this game a lot and i dont want to just create a new account and pay this game again. I am missing it a lot. i could prove it by screenshot.

    Thank you for understanding, zenvo_17 .

    1. .Andy.


      Firstly, Check to see if you're able to make a ban appeal, Provide of a screenshot if your tag being changed. Appeal it here -> https://truckersmp.com/appeals

      If you're not able to make a ban appeal Make a feedback ticket here - https://truckersmp.com/feedback/ Under "Game Moderation Management"

    2. DatSpeed


      Hey @zenvo_17.

      As mentioned by .Andy., you should create an appeal for this matter.


      Asking for an un-ban via the status update system is not compatible.

      Therefore, I'll go ahead and lock this post.


      Kind regards,


  14. I'm a big fan of you. I hope we can go for a ride with you at Truckersmp one day. 🤗

  15. Happy Birthday:HaulieLove:

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