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  1. Hi, Smoky, please help me deal with the ban. My profile. https://truckersmp.com/user/4080857, the video is why it was banned, we decided to overtake and there was an admin who drove almost 130 km / h in the tab, he did not appear in the tab. My friend and I were banned for 2.5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUCcbzVlMbU&feature=youtu.be

  2. Smoky

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    [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Nataliia left the team due to personal reasons. We want to thank her for everything she has done to make the community better during the incredible 4 past years.
  3. Smoky

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    [COMMUNITY MODERATOR LEADER] [GAME MODERATOR] @.Christopher has been promoted to Community Moderation Manager.
  4. Smoky

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    [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Zirox has left the team due to personal reasons.
  5. Smoky

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    [TRANSLATION MANAGER] [EVENT TEAM] @Pillow left the Event Team but remains as Translation Manager.
  6. Smoky

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    [ADD-ON TEAM] @mdshahid6540 has been promoted to Add-On Manager.
  7. Exactly two years ago to this day, January 19th, you have taken over as the lead Project Manager from Scar.


    Since that time you have achieved a lot of things that have hugely benefitted the project and its community - some of the most important decisions included the introduction of the TruckersMP Patreon, as well as partnerships in October 2019, to contributing to the easing of Save Editing rules, and more recently, the appointment of several Project Coordinators, who have previously served as experienced upper staff members and can help to further drive along positive change in TruckersMP. 


    Therefore, I would like to serve my congratulations on reaching this milestone in your TruckersMP staff career, and I wish to see you through another year of Project Management.

  8. Accepted, we will look into this.
  9. This won't likely be done. Imagine there is 100 Patrons who want to join, then the benefit of being able to skip the queue won't make sense as it will just result in ... a queue of people who want to skip the queue being made. If this would be a 'priority queue' which needs to be emptied before the actual queue starts to empty, then people who are not a Patron will likely have to wait a longer time. I don't say 100% 'no' to this, we will discuss it in an internal meeting. I will reject it for now.
  10. We have discussed this internally in 2020. It is very hard to do this and would require a lot of time from our Developers. Though, it is something which could be beneficial. Question is, how would this work? If you /blockpm 123, how long should ID 123 be blocked? Forever, or until the player leaves the server? If the player returns with a different ID, then he won't be blocked anymore.
  11. Do you mean just accessories related to Patreon? Or a whole new interior?
  12. It seems hard/impossible to do it, we have looked for this a while ago. The forum software was updated, maybe it is possible now. We will inform you guys about it later.
  13. Accepted. There currently is already a skin for trucks. We will soon be looking into a skin for the scout car as well. Not sure if the caravan would work, but we're gonna look into it for sure.
  14. Accepted. A skin will be made after current add-on projects are finished.
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