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  1. We will be rejecting this as we do not put NCZ on such places, and if we allow it for one place then there will be request to add it for many more.
  2. We do not see the need for this, hence why we will be rejecting it.
  3. At this moment, this issues does not exist anymore as we support the new paintjobs/DLC when there is support for the newest game version.
  4. Could you please try to explain it better, as we do not understand what you mean.
  5. Smoky

    Tab menu

    Accepted. We won't change the tab key itself, but we will be adding a search function.
  6. This would create an unnecessary high load on the servers. Especially if multiple people execute this, which would be a possibility as the command won't be locked to a limited amount of people who can execute it. If this would be done in servers with thousand(s) of people, it won't end up well.
  7. Accepted. There will also be a dropdown list to select whether to prioritize the dot colour for Steam friend over the colour for VTC members or the other way around.
  8. We do not see the need for this. As you are suggesting this for Arcade servers, you can literally park on the road. This would lead to unexpected behaviour of trucks.
  9. Hello, We recently had our 7th anniversary, which has been a blast. We thank every single one of you who has been here with us the past years or recently joined. I have planned 2021 to be the year of major changes. The year where we will focus on changing how TruckersMP works (internally) and providing certain highly-requested features to you. Maybe you remember that we had our 2020 Christmas video where I appeared at the end of the video showing multiple pictures in the back. People quickly started decoding the top image and found out what it meant. With th
  10. It was your birthday 3 days ago. I've just realized... Happy Birthday Smoky! ♥

  11. I think you should release more positions so that drivers can also work for TMP,

  12. Smoky

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR + EVENT TEAM] @Coolio85 has been promoted to Event Manager. [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER] @Bastet. has been promoted to Senior Community Moderation Manager.
  13. Rejected, the suggestion does not make much sense to us. If you're stuck, tipped over, ... it will not be fixed by disconnecting as you'll still be in the same position. Teleporting to the service is the solution for this. Also if you disconnect, there is no way to reconnect and it does not seem viable to create a reconnect feature anytime soon.
  14. I'm accepting this as probably this car will be part of the alternating vehicles at some point. Not sure if we can support custom colour and underglow, it depends on the model.
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