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  1. Merry 5th Anniversary within the Team. They grow up so fast 😭

  2. It's been a good while since i've done one of these 😳, I decided to revisit Hanover! XALNbtE.png

    1. pofii


      Nice photo 🙂 

  3. Cool beans, Congrats my boi 

    1. Supreme_TMP


      Thank You bro 😉

  4. Holy, This is a long time coming my dude! Definitely didn't expect it. You deserve this so much, I'm happy for you! ❤️ 

  5. Heey thank you for your follow 😊!

    1. .Andy.


      No problem! 

  6. Ain't no way! Thought you was done. Glad to see you back after so long. 

    1. Supreme_TMP


      Good to still see you around :HaulieLove:

  7. Cheers lad  look after ya sen 


  8. Happy Birthday my friend FeelsBirthdayMan Hope you enjoy your day ❤️ 

  9. Oh wow you're back! Throw back to 2019 or something, we drove quite a lot. Glad to see you back my friend! 

    1. v8Smokin


      Thank you! I'm sure we will drive again sometime ?

  10. Holy, Glad to see you back! Glad to see you on the team again! 

    1. -VOYVODA-


      thank you so much legend ❤️

  11. Have been loving doubles recently! Also learning to reverse them at the end of jobs. Seems very fun Ht9D6B9.png

    1. Fezz98


      Perfect, we'll all sit and watch next time no pressure ?


    2. .Andy.


      Can be a little difficult. But otherwise fun to do ? 

    3. Changas!


      BigFan of you, if you park it in reverse?

  12. Congrats my boi ❤️ 

  13. Had a lovely drive with my boi @TheYeeter Always good to have some company on the road! S5Xogbv.png

  14. Oh man, American Truck Simulator is getting quite addictive recently! 0Cx5UBd.png


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