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  1. w/ @Krewlex - Tagged along with LondonController on ProMods! WGscEeJ.png

  2. Thank you for following 

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      Same to you too! Thank you for following me back.

  3. Follow for follow ay? :kappa:Appreciate you sir

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      Always a follow for follow 😉

  4. Happy Birthday boss man! Hope you have a good day! 

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      Thanks :))

  5. heyy saw you check my profile out saying hi to get to know more in the TMP Community

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      ive added stuff since you dropped by I'm fairly new to the forum side so had nothing put up 🙂



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      No worries 😄 Forum is fairly easy to use/Navigate.

    4. xLucky15Britx


      yeah still figuring it out to be active on here 

  6. Hello, how are u today

    1. .Andy.


      I'm doing alright, thank you, how are you?

  7. Happy Birthday! 🥳🎉🎂

  8. Happy birthday

  9. Happy Birthday 🎉

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. The suggestion i have made, does not have that. You are referring to chat being within chat from other people, With your chat not open. With that you can have the background. However, i mean the background when chat is actively open.
  12. Suggestion Name: Enable Collisions for Arcade server ETS2/ATS Suggestion Description: Arcade is the only server where no rules apply, Other than Insulting & hacking at most. The idea of Arcade is do as you please. Driving the wrong way, Reckless behaviour, speeding etc. Comparing TruckersMP's annual Freeroam server the idea would the same. You can ram players, Block for only a certain amount of time, Speed, be reckless etc. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: The reason it should be added is to give the arcade feel. The idea of arcade is to let yourself free. Be able to mess around with friends or other people and not have to worry about being banned, A similar feeling towards TMP freeroam servers.
  13. Suggestion Name: Allow Chat background to be toggled or remove entirely. Suggestion Description: Currently there is an option regarding background for active chat messages without chat open. However when chat is open there is a background, The idea is the remove the background that is seen when the chat is open. Any example images: N/A Why it should be added: Those who type while driving may not be able to see the road due to the background of the chat making the road darker, For night time this may be difficult to see.
  14. Thank you for following Sir Nubless DinkDonk I appreciate you ❤️ 

  15. To add on to Dominik's post. Every current staff member on the team is voluntary, Meaning they are not paid for doing this. The report page does also mention what the load is like regarding reports,support tickets and i believe Feedback tickets. Reports can take a while depending on the amount of load on the website. In-Game reports are generally less likely to be looked at based one 2 reasons. 1. A lot of Game Moderators may just want to drive and relax, 2. Reports on the Admin Panel have a limit of 100, If there are 2 people actively looking through reports they won't get through all of it. Reports also time out after a certain period of time if not claimed. Which is why when a report times out, you are prompted to report a player on the Website with the evidence. No matter how long it takes the report will be looked at eventually.
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