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  1. Hai Krew image.png.32e460360f1a255890199b9435b291e5.png

  2. Krewlexa group :peepoChristmas:


    1. kultrex


      Krewlexa group? Seriously? LMFAO

  3. How have I only just seen this thread? Memories of another server I did this with. Aw, whoops.
  4. Here's me and Krewlex, chilling during his stream convoy today! Thanks for the hilarious stream man :D





  5. Ladies and gentlemen, please drop a F for Krewlex.





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    2. KhaosHammer


      ^ But that's not realistic to see a truck stop within 25m 😕

    3. ScaniaFan89
  6. From September 2016. I had earlier photos but sadly cleared a bunch out, from 2015 and earlier. Oh well. This was one of many convoys attended with a few friends and a streamer at the time. These people are still around, and Samiz (far left) is a moderator and frequent visitor of my current livestreams, which goes to show how far things have come. RedPotato (middle) was also a close friend at the time, and is a fellow livestreamer, currently. All clearly a fan of one specific truck brand.
  7. Krewlex


    Lucky news, MP works even when doing the small update. The only downside, for now, is others will see a white-skinned trailer. Trailers seem to be regular box shape though.
  8. RTX 2080. Overkill for games like this but ironically 400% Scaling uses quite a bit of it. Why? Weird magic. Who knows.
  9. WHAA Happy Birthday!

  10. Krewlex! How are you feeling today?

  11. Hiya mate just wanna say I miss u.

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