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  1. siBXEwy.png


    Run away Krewlex :)

  2. How have I only just seen this thread? Memories of another server I did this with. Aw, whoops.
  3. Here's me and Krewlex, chilling during his stream convoy today! Thanks for the hilarious stream man :D





  4. Ladies and gentlemen, please drop a F for Krewlex.





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    2. KhaosHammer


      ^ But that's not realistic to see a truck stop within 25m 😕

    3. [Kobra] YusuFuuR
    4. ScaniaFan89
  5. From September 2016. I had earlier photos but sadly cleared a bunch out, from 2015 and earlier. Oh well. This was one of many convoys attended with a few friends and a streamer at the time. These people are still around, and Samiz (far left) is a moderator and frequent visitor of my current livestreams, which goes to show how far things have come. RedPotato (middle) was also a close friend at the time, and is a fellow livestreamer, currently. All clearly a fan of one specific truck brand.
  6. Krewlex


    Lucky news, MP works even when doing the small update. The only downside, for now, is others will see a white-skinned trailer. Trailers seem to be regular box shape though.
  7. RTX 2080. Overkill for games like this but ironically 400% Scaling uses quite a bit of it. Why? Weird magic. Who knows.
  8. WHAA Happy Birthday!

  9. Krewlex! How are you feeling today?

  10. Hiya mate just wanna say I miss u.

  11. Hello, Administrator. I'm a Chinese truck driver player. I will abide by the rules of the game and create a good environment for the game. Thank you for stopping the bad behavior of the game in time.May we be friends?

    1. ItsCodyyTM


      Thank you for contacting Krewlex via his Forum Page! Currently he is a tad with his AMAZING live streams. If you would like to talk to him then catch him in his stream at https://twitch.tv/krewlex

  12. Happy Birthday :wub:

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