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  1. Krewlex

    Racing Championship - Spring 2019 (Results!)

    Being a sort of "eye in the sky" on Stream was awesome to do. Covering the event from that view. Really enjoyed it, the stream did too!
  2. good afternoon

  3. Happy every day;)

  4. Hey Krewlex! Have a nice Evening! :P:thisisfine:

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    2. Chris2306


      I am a little Bit sick but is everything okay:P

    3. Krewlex


      Ah :/ Well, hope you get better soon of course.

    4. Chris2306


      Thank You! :thisisfine::wub:

  5. hi


    1. Krewlex
    2. Alex S

      Alex S

      You have a beautiful car

  6. I saw you now, Congratz, Admeeeeen! :):wub:

  7. Maybe a little late, but congratz with your promotion! :D

  8. You... You... Youuuuuuuuu! :))


    1. Krewlex


      its'a meeeeeeeeeee

    2. izm07


      Congrats man, i'm really happy to see you as gmtl. Good luck. <3

  9. Congratulations mate! :D

  10. Congrats @Krewlex Leader Game Mod :love:

  11. Congrats :wub: 

  12. Well done krew on getting your new role ^^

  13. Hey Krew!


    You totally deserve it bud, been doing well on streaming and the Admeeen convoys! :)