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  1. Speed engine

    Check in your Gameplay settings that a button marked "Speed Limiter" (or Truck Limiter) is not enabled. This makes you stay at 90km/h. There's a similar option in the Tab menu.
  2. Welcome back! :D

  3. Question Regarding Reports

    You can make 11 reports. If you do 11 at once, it'll go down to 0. If any of those 11 are Accepted, you'll be "given" a point, so your max will then be 12. This is to prevent report spamming and allows proper reports to be accepted.
  4. Can't really pinpoint one thing, but the ability to drive with a vast amount of other people all having the same intentions and aims - to just drive and have fun. Coolest for me generally, weeellll.. I did a KappaPride formation of colours with a bunch of others in cars, each a different colour. That was damn cool.
  5. Truckersmp and Italia DLC

    If the entire map was like the C-D road, you'd feel lucky that not many people are in Italia! Many possibilities though, it's a very large area to discover with lots of country roads. It is fully supported in TMP but as mentioned above, there are likely still dozens that do not own the DLC.
  6. better fps

    If the issue happens when in a resolution larger than your laptop, you can set it to Fullscreen on there, or manually to 1368x768. 1280x720 would work fine as well. I do think it's because you're setting it to a higher resolution than the screen can show.
  7. In can't update TruckersMP

    An option is to find the file it mentions, and delete the core file. Don't worry, it won't break anything. Once you've done that, load up the Launcher and it'll automatically reinstall the file for you. Should work after that.
  8. Sup ? ... Community Contributor ..I guess now you are SPECIAL !

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  13. What song are you currently listening to?

    From my Spotify playlist, this just started playing - amazing tune:
  14. Screenshots!

    Was testing around with what my setup can do, after some experiments, turns out I can rescale my monitor to "appear" in 4k. My first reaction was to take screenshots in 4k in a few games, so I did. One of which was, of course, the lovely Eurotruck.
  15. Defo a good Contributor here ;) 

    Congrats Man! You deserve it

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