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  1. Nah, HGV and IFMP are different. The members working on each may have blended at times, and some are now part of our team, but they were different projects working towards making an alternative MP. IFMP is indeed not much now, and somewhat over the internet, though they may have a discord and such.
  2. You seem to be drifting off course with that reply, as it contains a lot of assumptions. The audience on Facebook does contain many loyal players of TMP and the games themselves, but it's nothing to purely go by in terms of opinions. The same sometimes goes for the replies on Twitter. Bans for connection issues can be Appealed, same way anything you feel is not correct, can be. Many indeed have updated, and switched to Convoy. I am not saying that's an issue. That's alright. People can choose what to play. It's always a few people that go "this is better, that is it". Opinions, yes. Not facts. Personally, I have not tried Convoy yet. I may do at some point to give my own thoughts, but what it has so far is good, for smaller collections of players to enjoy themselves. See the difference? The HGVMP thing, you seem to have made up a lot of that. They provided reasons why they stepped down, they're found somewhere online now, as it was a year or so ago. SCS may have had this plan for a while. No one "sent" the idea. Seems this draws that to a close, before it goes further off topic.
  3. I understand what you're trying to say, but these are old points. It is quite odd. The entire reason there are less players, is due to those that have had their games auto-update, or they manually did it to try the new version, then realised they couldn't get back on TMP. That is it. Yes, many are happy for Convoy. I am too. It's a cool idea to have a smaller MP with friends. The reporting "delay" as you say does seem to be subjective, as you'd need to notice and report such issues if you actually have examples of them. Too many mention these random things and they do not match what actually happens. We had a "monopoly" by being the only MP at the time. Obviously, the creators themselves could make one. HGVMP did try, and managed something, but respectfully stepped down. There was/is another, which has yet to do so. Technically, "SCS" won't give any bans at all, that is the point of a private, "local" MP. The only ones with the ability to ban, would be the people hosting your session. At no point am I suggesting not to play Convoy, because it's a great alternative. But, that is all it is. Both work, both will work. We do indeed make TMP what it is, collectively. Such thoughts are fine to be voiced.
  4. For sure, if people are reported and banned quick, it means there's no much of a backlog. That would make sense given the current player count due to the update issues. It can indeed add up to people getting quite long bans. It would require a lot of work if that was to change. Many, including myself, play the game because this is here. Many seem to attribute whatever happens to us, rather than simply going to play the game itself.
  5. There's always one like this, I suppose. A permanent ban can easily be avoided. The idea is to at least behave, and it shouldn't be given. This is why we give several chances. If they blow through them all, how is that on us? They can't play TMP again, indeed, but they can play the game itself. Don't forget, we're only a Multiplayer Mod. If SCS increases their player caps to such levels you suggest, they'll need their own moderation teams. I'm sure people will complain about that too. Mwl has mentioned that these things will be worked on, and you're still commenting on it.
  6. PauseChamp in the chat, boys.
  7. To me, it varies. These games are so good that you could listen to either Lo-Fi or Drum & Bass and feel two completely different vibes.
  8. Happy Birthday Krewlex 🥳💜

  9. Happy birthday Krewlex, keep up the good work ❤️ 

  10. Happy Birthday best admeen and streamer!! 🎉 ❤️ 

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