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  1. How have I only just seen this thread? Memories of another server I did this with. Aw, whoops.
  2. From September 2016. I had earlier photos but sadly cleared a bunch out, from 2015 and earlier. Oh well. This was one of many convoys attended with a few friends and a streamer at the time. These people are still around, and Samiz (far left) is a moderator and frequent visitor of my current livestreams, which goes to show how far things have come. RedPotato (middle) was also a close friend at the time, and is a fellow livestreamer, currently. All clearly a fan of one specific truck brand.
  3. Krewlex


    Lucky news, MP works even when doing the small update. The only downside, for now, is others will see a white-skinned trailer. Trailers seem to be regular box shape though.
  4. RTX 2080. Overkill for games like this but ironically 400% Scaling uses quite a bit of it. Why? Weird magic. Who knows.
  5. WHAA Happy Birthday!

  6. Being a sort of "eye in the sky" on Stream was awesome to do. Covering the event from that view. Really enjoyed it, the stream did too!
  7. This one is interesting. We don't fully know why a particular road is busy, but it just is. All sorts of people gather there, either to attempt their delivery route or join in with the traffic (which is rather strange to do when it can last for hours). At times it would be smarter to avoid said areas and use alternate routes. For the example of a specific road, there's a highway leading underneath. It seems people already use this diversion, and some of the congestion has already lead down there. With 1.32 mentioned, as Germany is being tweaked, maybe the traffic will move further into Germany rather than sitting on the road which happens to have the last section of it into the German side. It is visibly different when checking in the Beta, but of course plenty more to explore than just this. For the most part, the rules are being obeyed better than most would think. Most of the traffic seen especially at the middle intersection is purely just traffic. A handful of it from time to time end up being the overtakers and other troublemakers. Beacons should be turned off indeed. Those that mention the insane lag certainly don't help themselves by smothering the truck in lights. It looks flashy indeed but, bit overdone.
  8. It's definitely an improvement, watching it move smoother. Y'all can hopefully deliver/collect your jobs a bit quicker now!
  9. FeelsBadMan

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      @Anriandor I hope you will come back and give him your best wishes

  10. Not sure why it was removed that quick, but I assume it didn't stop the usual reckless users continuing their habits.
  11. Indeed this should slow a lot of people down. We all know "simulation" is obviously when you drive your precious cargo as if you're on GTA or Need for Speed... Come on guys, simulation!
  12. I like the idea, but in a way, you must think why someone would play with lag in the first place - or at least sufficient lag to have them teleporting around. On their screen I'd assume it looks fine, so maybe they don't always notice it. The ping limit tries to prevent that but some with 200+ start rubberbanding. As others have said, the main issue is working out when the ghost mode would end. If it's consistent lag, theoretically it wouldn't end.. right?
  13. Check in your Gameplay settings that a button marked "Speed Limiter" (or Truck Limiter) is not enabled. This makes you stay at 90km/h. There's a similar option in the Tab menu.
  14. You can make 11 reports. If you do 11 at once, it'll go down to 0. If any of those 11 are Accepted, you'll be "given" a point, so your max will then be 12. This is to prevent report spamming and allows proper reports to be accepted.
  15. If the issue happens when in a resolution larger than your laptop, you can set it to Fullscreen on there, or manually to 1368x768. 1280x720 would work fine as well. I do think it's because you're setting it to a higher resolution than the screen can show.
  16. An option is to find the file it mentions, and delete the core file. Don't worry, it won't break anything. Once you've done that, load up the Launcher and it'll automatically reinstall the file for you. Should work after that.
  17. Ohhohoho very nice man, good job!

  18. Mirko! Hhohohoh congrats! :D

  19. Woah man, the big boy is growing up! Congrats :D 

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      Eheh thank you Krewlex! :P


      I'll still keep an eye on you in-game. :troll:

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      Oh thank you, much appreciated :troll:

  20. This would be useful, as many like myself would be worrying to get their engine started again if they got into an accident or just stalled their engine. An option here would be to pick a sound that isn't annoying at all. An alert perhaps but not a sustained sound like the horn or police siren. Both are so loud and often annoying.
  21. What do you mean hangs? The game lags for you or do the people not move on your screen? Traffic Jam?
  22. As said above, you can basically report for horn spamming if it goes on for much longer than a usual "beep". It is an annoying sound to hear, but you can also turn them off. Again to rival this, sometimes I'd like to have them on, but not to that extent. Another issue which could arise if you had it off, there's a visual bug that often happens where the horn icon is next to someone's name but the horn isn't on. They're also not even holding the button when this happens, I am unsure if someone has been reported by mistake for this, thinking it's on, but be careful if you do see people. In short, reporting it is easier, and if it gets too noisy when in a traffic jam, just untick that box and it'll be nice and quiet again!
  23. Never seen that before o.O Some wizardry going on there! The only possibility is the fact that the gift trailers don't appear as such in MP, so hitboxes and how they move will be slightly different, but damn... still plenty of space between you.
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