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  1. Good morning @jamarcus, How are you? It's true, I'm sad to see this low rating, however, note one thing, TMP has also never had much interest (at least that I know of) in promoting more reviews on this same platform, so we can't take it 100%. We can also see that the TMP community is constantly growing and also, of course, shrinking, in the sense that more people are angry about bans etc., so they end up leaving the community. That said, I don't take that rate 100%, because in any community/business there are frustrated people, in this case, there will always be both sides of the coin. Let's keep up the good work TMP! Thank you TMP team! Regards and Good KMs
  2. Congrats, Julia! 🥳

    1. JuliaWlbk


      thank you!

  3. Congrats, Nic! ❤️ 

    1. NicqsiZAccent


      Thank you 💖

  4. Good afternoon @Lash_777, How are you? Congratulations, excellent tutorial! More topics like this. Regards and Good KMs
  5. Good afternoon @Beau...., How are you? The SCS has a lot of work ahead of it, whether in the ATS or the ETS. Even so, I believe they're doing their best to give us players the best possible experience and gameplay. SCS, let's go! Regards and Good KMs
  6. Congrats, Ryan! ❤️ 

    1. Ryαn


      Thank you very much, I appreciate it 

  7. Good morning @/!\/!\ Sabrina - AI, How are you? Congratulations on the quality of this topic. Thanks for contributing to everyone's knowledge. Regards and Good KMs
  8. Good afternoon @VodaPlay_The_MD_Driver, How are you? I don't know anything specific about why TMP hasn't updated to the new version yet, however, from what I've been researching and reading, a lot of the game's programming has changed. In addition, ProMods has also had problems with the new ETS update, so, as you can see, there could be many reasons, but, as I said earlier in another thread, I believe that the TMP team is committed and determined to deliver this much-talked-about update, requested by the community, in the shortest possible time and with the best possible quality. In short, we only know one thing for sure, we have to wait patiently for an announcement from the TMP team. Regards and Good KMs
  9. Good afternoon @dahv, How are you? Welcome to the TruckersMP family, I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as possible. As several players have already said, there is still no certainty as to when the respective update will be made, however, I am aware that the TMP developers are doing their best so that we (players) have the best possible experience and gameplay. I'm also sure that as soon as they have news for us (the community), they will do so immediately. I hope to see you soon on the TMP servers. Regards and Good KMs
  10. Hi @JayEvs23, How are you? I'm sad that this is happening to your game. Since a player has already had the same or similar problem, I'm leaving below the topic with the solution that that same player validated, since it solved his problem. Even so, if it hasn't solved your problem, just update this thread. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards and Good KMs
  11. Welcome to the TruckersMP family ❤️ .


    Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

  12. Welcome to the TruckersMP family ❤️ . 


    Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

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