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  1. Hello @farshad78 how is everything? Make sure you have the game up to date, just like TruckersMP. Because it is promods, it is necessary that you update to the latest version so that there is no error. I also recommend that you verify the integrity of the game files. If the error still persists, reinstall the game, TMP and promods.
  2. Hello @foxim46 how is everything? I'm glad you made your first post on the TMP Forum. Feel free to ask your questions and share your experiences with us. To answer your question, the answer is yes. TMP servers currently support the most current version of ProMods.
  3. I already used. It is perfect for taking pictures with the winter theme. But the physics of the game changes. It's good to play Offline, but to play TruckersMP, I consider it a risk. Because you can lose control of the truck/car/bus driving and accidentally hit a person. Now if you're going to play in a low-traffic area, it's worth taking the risk.
  4. I'm a lot of the moment. Some days I like to drive a Volto, another day a MAN and so on. But the truck brand I always drive and like the most is Scania, without a doubt! Why I like Scania, I'm not sure haha, but I prefer to drive this brand. Trucks are beautiful.
  5. ¿Hola @[TMD] JEAN [ARG] todo bien? Primero, bienvenido al foro de TruckersMP. Estamos encantados de tenerle aquí. Bueno, no pude entender lo que quisiste decir, pero creo que comentaste para que VTC tenga un foro para mostrarlo mejor. En mi opinión, no es necesario, porque el sistema VTC de TMP ya tiene varias opciones donde, en la página oficial de VTC, puede publicar texto, publicar fotos, compartirlas y otras cosas interesantes. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre cómo configurar su página de VTC, le recomiendo que eche un vistazo a la 'Base de conocimientos' en la sección 'Empresas virtuales de camiones'. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base Podrás seleccionar mejor tu idioma para que puedas entenderlo mejor.
  6. Really. They are always trying to bring something new to the players and work hard to keep everything going! Congratulations to everyone who is part of said project!
  7. I believe that other users who answered before me have already spoken, but it's good to remember. There is a server that does not have a speed limit of 110km/h, which is Arcade (I believe its speed limit is 150km/h). In it, you can play and run like there was no tomorrow (irony)
  8. Hi @BlankJello! Well if you did everything and the error still persists, ok! Have you tried reinstalling the TruckersMP launcher? Have you checked the ingridity of the game files through Steam? If you've already done this, I recommend that you join the TruckersMP support chat via discord. If the issue still persists, you can open a support ticket on the TMP website.
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