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  1. Hencewhy i said send them scattering. There will always be a replacement. I suspect Dortmund-Cologne to be possible spot. Heck, even the upcoming Switzerland revamp is sure to add potential. Since some mountain roads will probably be just like ProMods Quarry Road. There's only a few members of SCS in TMP's Discord. Though i suspect you'll be banned for pinging them unnecessarily. Trolls are the ones who has given CD the reputation it has today. That's why i'm awaiting the revamp to see the official outcome. They could make the road from Calais go towards a different city, make it a highway, remove it altogether, or make dead end with a fuel station. It does matter. Paid DLC's are way less likely to have trolls. None of them venture to Berlin or Travemunde.
  2. I love your suggestion title. But here's where you contradict yourself. You want it to use all the DLC maps. But you don't want it to use West Balkans because you don't own it. Like said above, it's not our fault you don't have it yet. They have done events in other areas. Have to watch the Official Events section for when they post the next one.
  3. Imagine pinging a bot whose job is to only show off the new posts in a new forum topic. Got news for you. They still have to finish revamping Germany. They also have to do Belgium & Netherlands at some point. I just hope that the revamps eliminate the road only leaving the cities. Send all the trolls scattering for a replacement.
  4. Funny how you have suddenly swapped to the majority side.
  5. The image speaks for itself. Expect nothing else until SCS gets to it.
  6. Everyone has a TMP ID. You failed to do /pinfo id (aka /pinfo 1862). Which would of gave you that info. Or better yet, open TAB, settings, enable "Show TMP ID". Also, why are your graphics on super low. Makes me want to hurl.
  7. The time aspect gives you 3 hours at a time to do the job before subtracting 0.2 off the multiplier. Which adds up to 50 hours before you get no bonus. And remember, time goes at a slower rate on the server then it does in single player. As long as the player can handle 110 and do a safe pass, it's fine by me if they want to get their full multiplier. Otherwise, not doing the job won't reward the time bonus. And when you want the levels for better things, you'll want all the bonuses and help you can get.
  8. We both have similar suggestions. I submitted this June 2021. Which got rejected for being a "duplicate". Another concept i came up with Sept 2022. And then i had this idea in Oct 2022. Which was to make the port road a one way from the highway. Use the layout of the city to be the rework of the city. Have a revamped one way to and from the train. Using the western most exit as another way into the city. And a potential middle highway exit into the city. Where gas and repair are the focus.
  9. @blabberbeak That's a good idea for the spawn rates. As none of the trolls are going to venture into the paid expansion areas. Therefore, i have a solution. Make the overall spawning percent of AI based on map location and player population. That way, it gets evenly distributed. Maybe even check road direction of the traffic (Example: If a convoy of 10 is going west, spawn less but if it's just you going east, spawn more).
  10. Suggestion Name: Leveling System for TMP Accounts in game Suggestion Description: I am basing my idea off Phasmophobia's Ascension update & COD/Battlefield Leveling Systems. With how the game is setup currently, new accounts just need 2 hours to be able to join and a money cheat to buy a Skoda & Repair all the damage they inflict on their car. And we all know a certain Compact Disc where this thrives daily. How the leveling system works in those mentioned games. As you complete games, earning both money and experience, you level up as the experience has a gradual incline to achieve to allow the next level to be unlocked. Additionally, things are locked until you reach said level. Once you reach the max level in a tier, you can prestige to gain a tier and do it all over again. The idea i'm proposing to TMP. Generate each account a server locked profile and deny access to previous profiles. This puts everyone on the same level. Prompt the account which Truck Brand they would like to drive. This gives them a low spec truck. The first gearbox, the first engine, the first tire option, and so fourth. Give everybody the same starting city in the free part of the map (Map Expansions only add area's to visit). Take the Quick Job aspect but apply the trailer as Freight Market. This allows players to drive the map but will have an attached trailer. The player must deliver the trailer to the destination and drop it. Each trailer has a bonus multiplier. It's an incentive and an added reward for completion. > Damage. x5: 0%. x4: 1% to 15%. x3: 16% to 40%. x2: 41% to 75%. x1: 76% to 99%. x0: 100%. > Time. The faster you complete the job, the more you get. Up to x10.0, with 0.2 dropping for every 3 IRL hours passed. If you want to arrive 20 years from now, no bonus. If the player decides not to complete the job and just drives around, if the player gets in debt, they are given 48 hours to fix it. If not, a 2 week ban. Once the ban is up, their money is reset to $0. > The ban can't be appealed. 7 repeats until the player wants to make progress. As the player accumulates enough experience, they level up. Each level up can allow something the player can use. > Level 2: Owned Skins are unlocked. Has access to a new cargo type (Fragile Cargo). New Truck Part (A Better Engine). > Level 3: New Truck Part (A Better Tire). New Cargo Type (Heavy). > You get the idea. Make each level reward the player with something that can make the new level for like something different, but not giving top tier items until Level 70 at early levels. Once the player reaches Level 100, they have the option to prestige. Or to keep on earning money. Experience stops coming at Level 100. Upon Prestiging, the player gains a tier and is reset to Level 1. Which will reset their vehicle back to stock to repeat the leveling process. 10 & 11 repeat until a max is met. An icon of the prestige level is put on the player's name and in the tab list. > Players can still be reported for a driving infraction. Debt is a surefire ban. > Being in debt in the current game only takes your assets equal to the debt amount. Which might not even be the troll vehicle. Skoda isn't unlocked until Prestige 20. Staff get the Police Car at Prestige 0, Level 1. Because Staff won't abuse it. > The bus isn't unlocked until Prestige 3. > Alternating Vehicles aren't unlocked until: Normal (Prestige 20). Patron (Prestige 7). Any example images: This is Battlefield Hardline's Prestige Icons. Which uses suits from a deck of cards. This is Phasmophobia's Prestige. > The concept is that the tiers are based on things about the game itself. TMP can use truck brands, trailers, cargos, and other things about the game and the platform. A higher tier could be about CD. The Max Tier could be cooler looking TMP Logo (Maybe Golden?). Why should it be added?: By adding this system, it has perks: If they don't want the ban from being in debt, they will drive better and actually make progress. The base game kinda has this system in place. But there's really nothing to show for your progress and dedication. Whether you're level 5 or level 5 million. There's really no incentive to keep doing jobs once you reach good money and have everything you want. At that point, it's just a visual for CD Traffic. Or, for a VTC Job Log. Trolls may reconsider going Doomsday Mode when their server save is also bound to the same steam account.
  11. Have you even driven a Skoda in your entire career? It's not the car that's the problem. It's the driver behind the wheel. Because only the driver can drive reckless and get a 2 week ban.
  12. I like the concept of having AI vehicles. Especially in desolate areas of the map that the CD players just don't want to drive to. AI vehicles are more lightweight to being pushed by players then player vehicles do. The AI will make CD even laggier. Especially if the vehicles are client sided. g_traffic 10 is what CD is during peak hours. g_traffic 0 is what being kicked/rest of the map is.
  13. You can still make suggestions. That's what this area of the forum is for. However, most of the ideas that have been posted about revamping CD and making it safer have failed to been implemented. The reason TMP isn't doing anything as a whole is because they know that the "majority" will cause outrage and stop playing. Which is equal to very low population numbers. Something that TMP would have to undo to please the majority. Additionally, it would also lower the workload of reports to levels they haven't seen since ETS2MP (Former name of TMP). This is Sim 1's Stat Tracker since day 1 showing data for every week. Around 2017 is when CD was born and grew into the popularity you see today. I don't remembered what happened in 2021 that caused the majority of the population to not play. That's basically the gist of CD Suggestions. You can make as many great ideas as you want to improve the traffic, decrease accidents, and try to make the drivers better. But the end result is that TMP staff are owned by the majority of the community.
  14. Sorry. I can't write a suggestion for anyone but myself. I gave you pointers for what to include in your suggestion. It is up to you and your experiences to write out that suggestion. Ping Locale Lag That's all i'm giving you for your suggestion. Best of luck.
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