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  1. I've not found any good routes, I'm quite new aswell. But I like driving with my friends, just some music on, driving threw West Balkan DLC is a vibe by itself.
  2. You can always support them by becoming a patreon. which means you'll support them so they can stay free for the public
  3. Cold for sure. You can do something about cold. Whenever you are warm you can't just take your clothes off Car or motorcycle?
  4. Hey! As I was recently searching for a template that people use on there steering wheel. I found out that there is not that much information about what people use for binds on the steering wheel. So I decided I made my own template and you can use it or change it to your liking. I'm using a Logitech G29 and these are my binds on the wheel (I don't know the official names): Shifter left: Blinker left Shifter right: Blinker right Dpad up: Hazard lights on/off Dpad left: Left window down Dpad right: Left window up Dpad down: hand brake : Change light mode : Horn : Signal with headlight : Confirm / sleep / refuel / toll etc.. L2: Cruise control on L3: Flashing lights on/off R2: windshield wipers speed R3: connect/disconnect load +: Cruise control speed up -: Cruise control speed down Red wheel to the right: Cockpit view Red wheel to the left: Change dashboard ↵: Motor on/off Share: Change camera view Option: pause menu PS: Interieur zoom
  5. Anyone into Take 2 of This or That? Take your pick and ask a new question...... I'll start: Pepsi or Coke?
  6. I'm still looking for something that doesn't eat my PC like medal.
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