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  7. Hey everyone! 


    Thank you so much for attending my birthday convoy on the 17/05/! It was a big success and your participation meant a lot to me. 95 people of you joined. 

    The support you give me is the motivation for me to keep doing as I do. Feel free to check my new blog post and the photos here 

    If you want to get more information about ConSec, please visit their website here https://convoy-security.de/   (Thanks again @Chris I Camox)


    It was also impressing to see so many people from different vtcs, OHA Mafia, RLC, Chris Maximus Logistik, ... just to list a few


    On behalf of everyone who was involved in the planning, thank you so much for your support! 


    oh & @BL4CK$K1LL thank you for creating the invitation picture, you're one of the best guys I've met so far and always there if I need help - awesome!

  8. NeonLeon

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    [PLAYER] @Ryotaink joins the team as Translator. Welcome!
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  10. admin why I have a ban because of the fact that I only controlled the route and did not let others go quickly if the admin sees the situation on the server quickly, and yes I apologize very much for my deed and would like you to unban me! I think you will understand I have a difficult situation in my life. I ask you very much that the ban be removed!

    Аннотация 2019-05-24 230211.png

    1. JJay




      Forum is not proper place to talk about bans and things related with bans.

      As we can see you had an inappropriate tag and that's why you have been banned. Change your tag and then appeal your ban.

      You need to be patient because Game Moderators have a lot of work to do. He will answer as soon as possible.


      This topic should help you:


      So all what you need to do is that you must change your tag.

      If you have more questions contact with me via private message.


      Kind Regards



      // Locked

  11. Happy birthday,:wub:

  12. Happy birthday!:wub:

  13. Sorry, I could not come earlier. 
    I Congratulations on your birthday
    (unfortunately already passed)

  14. Alles gute zu deinem heutigen Geburtstag, Leon <3 Ich wünsche dir alles erdenklich gute für dich und deine weitere Zukunft - wie auch immer sie aussehen mag :)

  15. Happy birthday. mate