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  1. Good morning NeonLeon Hi, I hope you have a nice day 🙂 -RunneR

  2. Thanks for your follow! :mlg_doge: I appreciate that 

  3. Good morning everyone! 


    I hope all of you have / will have an amazing weekend  :mlg_doge: You will probably not hear that much from me as I'll spend my whole weekend at the airport ✈️

    What are your plans for today and tomorrow? 



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    2. [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      [VIVA CC] JTrocks55

      WOOW ❤️ Beautiful Photo and enjoy your Saturday Neon ❤️ 

    3. [VTCSL] GIHAN G9
    4. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      are u looking over us at duisburg 😍🤩 watching the flying trucks  hahaha  jks

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  6. Hey everyone!


    This is just a small announcement to let you know that there finally is a Knowledge Base Article for interested individuals who want to join the TruckersMP Team https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1019 

    It includes many useful information, covers many questions applicants ask themselves, for example what the tasks of our "Human Resources Team" is, how our recruiting system and process works, how an interview works, how you can prepare yourself properly, etc. I spent much time writing it up and tried to be as transparent as possible with you, so feel free to check it out ❤️





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    2. MarkON


      it's interesting

    3. QANNA


      Thank you so much for your big effort! 



      Thank you for the information Neon :wub:

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    Old but Gold ❤

    w/ @Lasse @MatzeOnTour


    I would also like to dedicate this status update to the developers of TruckersMP who are continuously working on ingame, website and forum features, even though many people, unfortunately, don't appreciate the work they're doing. Every department of TruckersMP has its own tasks and the project's success depends on the interaction of all departmens among themselves. However, without the developers in the first place, this whole project would not exist or wouldn't continue any longer. Within the years of playing this game I made an unbelievably big number of friends and had so much fun with them, which would never have been possible without the commitment and effort of the developers who are ensuring that the project keeps running for more than 6 years already. It's also not only the support of each new ETS2/ATS update that makes the work of the developers so important, there are also many other systems the community uses on a daily basis, the VTC system, the feedback/ban appeal system, the support system, the application system, and so on, just to name a few of them. We have to face these things and many people should ask themselves whether they should really complain about the duration a big update needs in order to be implemented instead of being grateful that we can even enjoy this game together and play on another version when a certain update is not supported. I won't tag each developer individually here but you guys have my biggest respect! I'm thankful for everything you guys did in the past and I will patiently wait as long as you need for future updates and features because I know how difficult your job is ❤️




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  13. Happy Birthday :mlg_doge:❤️

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