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  1. Happy birthday mate! :) 

  2. Congratulations and welcome in the team! :wub:

  3. Congratulations brother

  4. That's it! Congratulations! B)

  5. NeonLeon

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    starting at 1 again because of the reply of Albert
  6. NeonLeon

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Short number to 25 which is the last short for now [my comments doesn't count]
  7. ty for the follow homie

  8. Our vtc is live streaming on Twitch :) Go  take a look and have a great evening with my boss <3



    1. [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      Your boss is looking nice:D

    2. NeonLeon


      Thank you, I will tell him your compliments ;) 

  9. Congratulations mate! Well deserved :)



    1. iHobbit


      thanks, neon, good luck as well. As i see you are a TGMO  :mlg_doge:

    2. XinBao^
  10. NeonLeon

    Der Berliner Flughafen Transport sucht Mitarbeiter

    Wir suchen weiterhin Verstärkung für unser Team! Schaut vorbei!
  11. NeonLeon

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Current record: 10 // Current number: 5 I won't short the goal for now since it has to be a little challenge Have fun further! [my comments don't count]