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  1. Hi there, I just handled a suggestion exactly the same as yours. We’ve put that one on hold because we currently have plans to create something like this, but due to the complexity of the project, as well as the availability of our developers, we cannot go forward with this suggestion. We placed the other one on hold - so this one will be rejected solely for organizational purposes, as well as to prevent duplicates.
  2. Hey there, Thank you for this suggestion. We understand that it is a tedious process sometimes, especially for those who have internet connection issues and whatnot. However, it takes just 30 seconds to reconnect, which we deem a very little amount of time. Furthermore, from my understanding, there would be no way for this command to work after you are disconnected from the server.
  3. Hey, Thank you for creating this suggestion. We already have this feature - /follow - that allows you to do just that. Since it has already been done (long) ago I'll mark this as completed.
  4. Hey there, Thank you for creating this suggestion. Currently, we are not going to proceed further with this because we currently have quite a bit of pending projects for our Add-On Team as well as our Developers. In the future we may reconsider this when there is less to do for them.
  5. Hello, is high-speed reversing the right way
    in the game?


    1. xBestBBx


      Hi there,


      If you are asking if reversing down the correct way of travel is allowed, then the answer to that is no, it is not. 🙂

  6. Hi there, Thank you for creating this suggestion. At this time we are not looking for any new mods that are not made by our Add-On team. We will be rejecting this suggestion because of that, but we appreciate you creating it nonetheless.
  7. Hi there, SCS has released the experimental beta for 1.50, which includes a heavily revamped Duisburg and Dusseldorf. With this, we are content with the changes and can safely say that once we support 1.50, TruckersMPs modifications of the area will get removed, and will finally use the base map for the area.
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