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      Game versions updated - It's time to downgrade!   08/16/17

      Once again a new version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator have been released. If you wish to carry on playing TruckersMP, for the time being you will need to downgrade your game versions to   ETS2: "temporary_1_27 - 1.27.x for incompatible mods" ATS: "temporary_1_6 - 1.6.x for incompatible mods"   Use the following to learn how to downgrade:      Thanks!


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  1. Welcome back Bonnm :)

    1. Bonnm


      Thank you! :P 

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. That time of the year ay? :troll: Happy birthday. :)

    1. Bandero


      I'll be young for ever ever ever... :troll: Thanks! :)

  4. Well, I'll start it off. Congrats on Trial Support :D

    1. xBestBBx


      Sorry, I should rephrase that. Not trial support, SUPPORT.

  5. Happy birthday mate. :D:)

    1. Artical DAN

      Artical DAN

      Thanks! Still have 4 hours till my birthday here though lol

  6. FIRST!!! Happy birthday! :D

  7. Oi, gg on the promotion. You now have a higher rank. I shall run now. :troll:

    1. Merengue4ever


      Wow well deserved Promotion mate :D Congrats ♥

  8. That was quick :troll:

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    2. xBestBBx


      Yes. Strange isn't it? :P

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^


      was saying this morning you were never coming back ;) couple of hours later - your back :lol:

    4. Rekoil_


      I'll explain it a bit later.

  9. Tag your friends who don't care... @Anriandor :troll:


  10. Gotta love the banter going on in the TMP Discord :troll:


  11. Happy Birthday :D

  12. @Anriandor come on man, again? I thought I told you... :troll:


    1. Anriandor


      Haha, I did it purposely because I knew you would be triggered :P

      And I told you, I have got your profile in my bookmarks :)

    2. xBestBBx


      Haha, I wasn't triggered. And I know you have my profile on bookmarks :P

  13. Welcome back :)

  14. I'm taking a break from the forums I think. All this drama has been too much.

    1. C?nnell


      Things will get better soon!

    2. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      @xBestBBx its only Drama if you react to it ;)