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  1. Gotta love the banter going on in the TMP Discord :troll:


  2. @Anriandor come on man, again? I thought I told you... :troll:


    1. Anriandor


      Haha, I did it purposely because I knew you would be triggered :P

      And I told you, I have got your profile in my bookmarks :)

    2. xBestBBx


      Haha, I wasn't triggered. And I know you have my profile on bookmarks :P

  3. I'm taking a break from the forums I think. All this drama has been too much.

    1. C?nnell


      Things will get better soon!

    2. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      @xBestBBx its only Drama if you react to it ;)

  4.  Great night tonight. Thanks for the fun, couldn't have been better without these guys; @Texas Transports LLC @Smalley - Truckers.FM @Sgt_Tailor @KhaosHammer_BF


    If I didn't get your name, I'm sorry, it's been a hell of a night.


    o/ all.

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    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Thank you for joining and hope we can do this again tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for joining and obeying the rules. You guys are awesome thank you!

    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      The day you see me violating a rule is the day you can call the police because I have been kidnapped or murdered and someone else is controlling my account. lol

    4. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      will keep that in mind LOL

  5. Thanks for the follow man. I finally got through that mess. WOW you talk about slow and wrecks all over the place Jesus Christ

    1. xBestBBx


      You passed me and I honked, I was the Gold Renault :troll:

    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      Ah well I man I was not ignoring you just so many people around and honking and what not I was trying to make it through the war zone alive and in one piece LOL

  6. Why you always stalking @Anriandor :troll:


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    2. xBestBBx


      To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if he actually had my profile stashed somewhere on his PC. @DerAmpelmann



      You have a point, you are a moderator. But, I'll only give you this time. @Anriandor:troll:

    3. KhaosHammer_BF


      @Anriandor You should tell him that you have his profile as your desktop wallpaper. We all know it.:troll:

    4. xBestBBx


      Wouldn't be surprised.. I mean he's not gonna lie, right? ;)

  7. By the way, I know I'm late, but thanks for the follow. :D

  8. Was fun talking with you and @verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG) tonight. I'm turning off my PC for the night and gonna go out with friends and have some fun until like 3 AM. We all know what that means. :troll:

    1. verbeekrj2903(NL/ENG)


      good night sleep well :D

    2. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC


  9. Time to change your information on here, to tell that you're now official. :troll:

  10. ^ I have what I call my 'Convoy Truck'. 4x2, so I can have the max fuel
  11. Sad times in the UK. I hope and pray that everyone is okay. #PrayForLondon 

  12.  Screenshot_5.png.7142207a17657edd4a4f15e3881fc754.png


    Now now, @Natedoggg457, no impersonating :troll: 

  13. I love how I'm embarrassed. (not really, I am being sarcastic.) Me being American, being embarrassed by a fellow American is not fun. Not saying names, but I'm sure all of the people know who I'm talking about. Can we all stop this? I'm really thinking about leaving TruckersMP because of this stuff. It's really getting out of hand. Moderators have been doing their best. But something else needs to be done.