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  1. I have almost the same, and I have 60 non stop. You'll be fine,
  2. Let's join the fun! Happy birthday ;) 

  3. I have Christmas songs stuck in my head already... Great... :P 

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    2. Noxii


      AW YEAH Christmas songs! :) Should live in Sweden cuz in December the radio station Mix Megapol starts playing christmas songs 24/7 until christmas, btw got 2 good songs for you! :P



    3. xBestBBx


      Yeah, I've heard that about Sweden. I really want to go, need to wait until school stuff is over and will go most likely and visit my 'across the pond' friends over in England, and might visit Sweden just for the songs and sights! :):wub:



    4. Noxii


      You should, the old town in Stockholm is amazing especially around christmas time with the smell, all the lights and everything. :) 

  4. Congrats on the promotion, well deserved bud. :)

  5. New rank: Trial Admin

    I don't think so, but I may be wrong. I think they just do web reports.
  6. Ayeeee, happy birthday mah dude. Have a good one Hamit :D

  7. Hmmmm... Where abouts in Canada do ya live in? :P Happy birthday Sko!

    1. sko0923


      Ontario. Thank you! :) 

    2. xBestBBx


      So we live in the same timezone then, nice! 

    3. sko0923


      Yeah hah, my birthday here is actually in just over 3 hours. I am just going with the flow for the guys living in Europe :) 

  8. Sooooo rip... Guess I'll join the train, so Happy Birthday Mirrland :P 

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! 

  10. I hope all Americans have a good Labor Day! :D

  11. Aye, happy birthday to the big man. ;) 

  12. Welcome back Bonnm :)

    1. Bonnm


      Thank you! :P 

  13. Happy birthday :D