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  1. Happy birthday Cowie 🎉🥳🎂🎁❤️
    Hopefully you have a nice birthday and someone will bring you a present with your second C that got lost som:kappa:ewhere 

  2. Happy birthday RB 🥳🎂🎉🎁❤️

  3. Suggestion Name: change in the truck job dispatcher Suggestion Description: Be able to search for a city or company in the Job Dispatcher with the keyboard. Any example images: Not needed Why should it be added?: Since there are a lot of cities (especially on promods) and when people want to create a new job, it takes some time to search for the city people want to drive to. Mostly, if you search for a city, you don't find it right away, so it would be easier to search for a city. (sorry for my bad english xD)
  4. I must inform you that you are absolutely right @LincolnVanLincolnius
  5. :thetorpedoisokayge:? Hai Fast-rider :feelswow:

    1. Fast-rider


      :YEP: :TheTorpedoisOkayge: Ello Admeen :FeelsWowMan: 

  6. 1. It isn’t morning any more 2. This morning wasn’t good at all
  7. Thanks for the follow ❤️

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