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  9. I don't see your point in why the reporter should see the ban length given here? One way to mitigate this would be in the report system when the Game Moderator leaves their message, it will say the correct time to leave the ban evidence. If it's a temporary ban - 3 months. If it's something else it would tell you the evidence to be active permanently.
  10. I hope for the sake of all the theories out there, that something is released to inform you and us as to why these changes have happened as I am a Support Manager I cannot tell you the detailed specifics nor can a team member. The reasonable reasoning here would be, we do not need to know how long X user's ban is if they want it private - if they would like for you to know the specifics they will make their profile public, ban-lengths by GMs are given out to certain guidelines and are followed strictly (as they are monitored actually for those that cannot believe that. ) However, let's wait for a detailed response from the correct department here and hopefully this will satisfy any curiosities. For a person that is a big advocate on "intelligent" posts, if the Game Moderator is driving and see's someone crash in front of them do you think that they are going to check their profile and then issue the ban? They will issue the punishment to make sure it is in accordance to guidelines and then complete any necessary changes after.
  11. 3v's comment is related to when punishments are given in game those will be punishments adhering to the punishment guidelines. As GMs cannot see a users profile whilst being in game bans needs to be reviewed after to see if there are any history bans or additional violations by said user. Which is why they may be wrong and not because El Reja is calling others liars. Once again throughout this topic, there is limited things that you are able to see or unaware of, hence are jumping on the bandwagon and coming to the most absurd conclusion.
  12. Rico

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  13. What is more ironic in this topic is the small amount of people who are heavily criticising this are the ones who do not have activity at all in game and talking about gameplay experience Also the big problem here is, which a lot of people seem to be missing out and quickly jumping on the bandwagon, is that BIG changes take time for you to see the real difference this has made. The report decrease and the reduction of days allowed to report someone are mitigators and will all play into a bigger role with new changes in the near future. Another few points that were raised here, was that of course you are going to see a massive influx of activity over the summer period, and reports spiking up and the possibility of less Game Moderators/Report Moderators due to holidays and so forth. Let time do it's thing, and let's stop jumping to conclusions before you are able to see results.
  14. Staff members will never get fired for expressing their own opinions.... they are free to say whatever they want to say on our platforms regarding changes that have been announced. So, I do not see where this is coming from. The other statements present a false misrepresentation, and definitely not the case and can be misleading to the wider public with comments such as these
  15. Rico

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    [SUPPORT + TRANSLATOR + MEDIA] @Crestune~ has been removed from the Support Team due to not meeting the activity requirements, however will remain in Translation & Media team.
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