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  1. How’s everyone’s day going? ;)

  2. Rico.

    Is this normal?

    Hello there, i believe the right thing to do is send a report in and he will be dealt with accordingly, this type of behaviour shouldn’t be encouraged at all or suppported. ~Rico
  3. Happy Birthday, Rico.!:love:

  4. Happy Birthday Rico.

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  5. It used to be the Mercedes 8x4 but I now think it’s the New Man Euro 6
  6. Hi there, in my opinion I believe that the Scania S has everything that you are looking for, it looks nice, it has a lot of customisation that you can do and engines and sounds etc, there are other trucks which are also nice such as the Volvo and New Mercedes Actros however have very few customisation but you can always use Save editing if you are quite familiar with that. Best Regards, Rico
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    Congrats Joe <3

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  8. Congrats on your new role <3

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  11.                                                                         Another Great convoy :wub:@IethaI, @MattTM, @davidd, @AgentDaxon, @Nectarine, @Endy_, SGT Gingerbeard


                                                                        Also a sweet little little drive with some ex-LGO Drivers @MattTM, @CBaccari and Herp


  12. Rico.

    Last remnants of once a good place

    First of all I wouldn't recommend convoying on EU2 as its full of trollers therefore if you want to take this game seriously then either play on EU1 or EU3 where its less busy and where convoys normally take place. Game moderators cannot handle that many players, therefore I wouldn't recommend playing on EU2 in that case.
  13.                                                                                                                                                                                        Good Night <3    


  14. when you go across humps you tend to get a little bit of damage and normally when you brake really hard due to overspeeding its something normal and you cant really do much about it, so a little bit of damage will always be there
  15. Rico.


    yep some people get the wrong idea of a simulation game, so they believe this is some racing game or something xD