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  1. Hello . Exactly, turn off all mods before starting the game.
  2. Hello . Such a server will be available from 4 to 15 May. To celebrate the 6th anniversary of TruckersMP. I wish you a good game. Greetings !
  3. Thank you for the follow! ;)

  4. Hello. In my opinion, the best brands are: Scania, Volvo and Daf. Because I like them the most. Greetings !
  5. Hello. Perhaps because ets is older than ATS, and everybody would rather travel Europe than America ... Greetings !
  6. Hello. I think a Ford F-MAX would be a good idea for me. Regards .
  7. Hello . I have never used it, but I heard about it heh .... but I don't think I will take it for now Regards !
  8. Hello. My favorite dlc is Italia because I am always delighted with views and landscapes. I really like to go there. Greetings !
  9. Hey . It's best if you don't block the roads or anything, because it usually results in a penalty. Unless it is an official event and tmp employees are blocking the way. Regards!
  10. Mr. Meitt in the right place hehe 😁😎🚔

  11. Hello . Well, let me tell you that you have raised a very interesting topic .... I think that everyone should read it and everyone will find it useful. Best regards and width!
  12. Hello . I have been playing ets mp since 2017, i.e. 3 years over .... and I probably never get bored of it ... Regards
  13. Hello. In my opinion, the best is Spring Mod, because it introduces beautiful landscapes to the game, and then you want to play. Regards .
  14. Hello . In my opinion, my hardest achievement to achieve is discovering the entire map 100%. And I think that is difficult for others too. Regards !
  15. Hello I do not see the need to add to the game something you have proposed, because this role is played by the game moderators and the event team, and only they should perform such a function. Regards
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