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  1. Hi. It is difficult for me to say which truck has the fastest acceleration. Depending on how you modify the vehicle, it will have acceleration ... it's up to you. However, in my opinion, the best option is Scania or Ranault T. Width! Regards
  2. Hi. I am definitely cautious and slow when it comes to driving any kind of vehicle.
  3. Hi. When I play single, I try to follow the traffic rules as in the case of TruckersMP, if I see that it is safe on the road, then I overtake and usually follow the vehicles. Regards
  4. Hi. Personally, I prefer to use the automatic transmission because I don't have to think about changing gears and I can be focused on driving.
  5. Hello. My favorite color is red and silver.
  6. Hello. I agree with you ... some players are not reading TruckersMP regulations. And then it is as it is .... Regards.
  7. Hello. There is no rule for this ... people are different and they have different ideas ... you can only report them for misconduct and that's it. Regards.
  8. caramba2412

    Report Time

    Hello. It should take 2-3 days or faster, but it can also take up to a week. Regards
  9. Hello. However, I would prefer that there was more money .... but if there is more experience it is also good. Regards
  10. Hello. In my opinion the sounds of passenger cars are good, but they could be improved a bit. Regards
  11. Hello. That's right, if you can afford the most powerful engine and fuel then there will be no problem with that. Regards.
  12. Hello. If you notice people who break the traffic rules, report it where necessary. And they will be punished. Regards.
  13. Hello. My favorite landmark is: Øresund Bridge between København and Malmö in Scandinavia. Regards
  14. Hello, in my opinion passenger cars are supposed to diversify the gameplay. I like to drive cars myself. They are equally obliged to take traffic regulations into account. If you see someone breaking the rules, please report it. Greetings
  15. Hello. My favorite route in ets is: Palermo - Sank Petersburg. Regards.
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